11 Strategies to Market Your Podcast in 2020

Thinking of starting a podcast? In this blog post, we’ll explain to you why this can be a great station to add to your marketing strategies, and then walk you through 14 of the best strategies to marketplace your podcast for 2020 and beyond.

Why Start a Podcast

According to recent data, there are about 850, 000 total active podcasts offered across multiple channels and platforms.

Compared to the 31 mil channels on YouTube , this particular positions podcasting as an fantastic marketing channel for your company – plus, podcast listeners are reportedly more educated and richer , with nearly 1 / 2 of all total podcast listeners being college graduates plus earning a net income associated with $250, 000 annually.

What this means for your business is a market that is able to appreciate and recognize your expertise in your niche while also having higher tendency to spend on your products or services.

Though there are far less podcast marketers than you can find video online marketers , the challenge of expanding an engaged and quality listenership still stands. So, just how do you successfully market a podcast in 2020 to help grow your business?

Let’s take a look at these eleven best strategies.

11 Best Strategies to Market Your Podcast in 2020

  1. Create a dedicated podcast site or page
  2. Distribute your podcast across as many platforms
  3. Optimize for SEO
  4. Repurpose content into videos, pictures, and blog posts
  5. Turn podcasting episodes into YouTube videos
  6. Update your email marketing themes
  7. New podcast? Use the two-week ratings rule
  8. Mention other companies and entrepreneurs in your episodes
  9. Invite more noteworthy guests over time
  10. Give podcast guests promotional content for their episode
  11. Get yourself on other people’s podcasts

Create a dedicated podcasting site or page

By giving your podcasting a home in the digital space, you can curate all your episodes and content in one efficient place. Your podcast web page or site should consist of all the important information that interested listeners need to be able to strike Subscribe.

While many podcast listeners use smart phone apps to access episodes, it is best practice to sponsor your individual episodes together with a few show notes that are search engine-optimized. If you use WordPress, you can either find or develop a theme that makes sure your own audio content is front side and center, like in the particular example below.

Turn each episode directly into its own blog post highlighting your own audio.

Distribute your podcast throughout as many platforms

As podcasting has grown in popularity, several podcast systems have emerged. Some well-known podcast streaming services consist of Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and now even mega music-streaming assistance Spotify. To make sure you’re achieving as many of your target customers as possible, aim to publish your own podcast episodes across as many platforms as possible.

One simple way to do this is using Anchor. fm , which automatically distributes your content to several different platforms all at once.

Listing of Anchor. fm’s supported podcasting platforms for its one-click submission feature

Optimize for SEO

Even if people have in no way heard of your podcast, optimizing your podcast for search engines makes sure you can reach potential audiences who might be searching for content like yours.

The easiest way to improve for search is customizing your podcast title plus episodes to include keywords your target audience might use when looking for new podcasts or episodes. Sprinkle in specific keywords in your episode descriptions and possess notes.

An example of results from search term “small business” on Apple Podcasts

Repurpose articles into videos, images, and blog posts

After publishing your podcast shows, actively promote them across different platforms by repurposing your content . Not only does this allow you to reach your audience in other channels they frequent, it also frontloads more content concepts for your marketing calendar.

Here are a few ideas designed for repurposing podcast episodes:

  • Turn notable quotes into quote graphics for social media
  • Create a short blog post about a recent podcast topic you published
  • Make infographics that highlight details in your podcast episodes
  • Chop full shows into soundbites and distribute them as social media videos


Turn podcasting episodes into YouTube video clips

We described SEO in the previous few areas, but this step takes your search engine strategy even further. While Google is currently implementing ways to make podcasts easier to discover on search, it’s crucial to note that video is still preferred over audio content if a user types in a specific keyword phrase.

Therefore unless the user types within “podcast” in their search problem, your podcast might not appear as a search result. A good way to make the most of Google’s preference in order to video: turn your pod-casts into videos you upload to YouTube.

Image source: The Verge

Update your own email marketing templates

If you’ve already started building your email list , make sure your viewers knows about your podcast simply by updating your email templates to link out to your show.

So even if you send newsletters that will aren’t promoting new podcast episodes, you can still advertise awareness with a button or even dedicated section.

Link to your podcast inside your email footers. (Image supply: Hook Agency )

New podcast? Make use of the two-week ratings rule

If you haven’t launched your podcast yet, you do have a great chance to reach a wide sea of listeners simply by getting on Apple Podcasts’ New and Noteworthy section.

To get featured about this page, you need to show Apple your podcast is gaining traction even when it’s brand new – and for Apple, this means getting a ton of downloading and reviews in the very first two weeks your podcast goes live.

Here’s how you can get the most downloads plus reviews in your first two weeks:

  • Upload 4-8 episodes for your podcast launch. This way, users may listen to more than one episode that show off your expertise, improving your chances to get more subscribers and downloads right away.
  • Make every CTA to leave a review on iTunes. You can incentivize your existing audience by providing a freebie or benefit if they leave a review as soon as your podcast goes live.


Mention various other businesses and entrepreneurs inside your episodes

Occasionally you can get a free shoutout through notable people in your market by talking about them or their brand on your podcast. You can email them or even send them a link on the social media accounts to tell all of them exactly how you used them as an example for your podcast. When they liked what you said, they might just share the event to their network.

Invite more noteworthy guests over time

As time goes on, you want to invite guests to your podcast who can add quality value for listeners. This is a earn for everyone: you get access to your guests’ audience when they talk about their interview to their network, your guest can achieve your audience, and listeners can hear from extremely knowledgeable people on your podcast.

Give podcast guests promotional content for their episode

The best way practice when doing outreach marketing and getting in front of other people’s audiences, make it reasonably easy for your podcast guests to talk about their episode.

Share with them your social networking posts, image quotes, relevant links to listen, show information, and even optional copy that they can share to their own email lists or social media.

Get yourself on other people’s podcasts

Try to get interviewed on other people’s podcasts to broaden your reach and build-up your following. These are several things you should prepare when creating a pitch to get on someone’s podcast:

  • Pitch 1-2 subjects you can talk about in your episode. If it’s a similar topic to any episode the host has done before, explain what is going to make your episode various.
  • Promote your self. Podcast hosts need to know precisely why you’re worth including being a guest. Show them your website, significant features you’ve done, plus link to any video or even podcasts interviews you’ve already done so they have a feel of how you speak plus deliver.
  • Make it easy for them to reach out to you. Consider including a link to your work schedule or asking for theirs regarding when you can book your documenting session together.

Always include a Leave a Review CTA

As your podcast grows, motivate new listeners to keep a review by mentioning this particular in each episode. Clarify how leaving a review can help your show get discovered by more people who helping you in your niche, and even think about incentivizing reviews through a competition or exclusive freebie.

Your Turn

If you’re ready to become one of the top podcasters in your niche to get more leads plus sales, look no further than this guide to promote your podcast in 2020 and beyond. But remember your articles comes first, so concentrate on producing high-quality episodes before anything else. Once you do, you can be assured your podcast marketing strategy ROI scales itself.

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