13 Useful social media tools to try today

If you’ve been using social media marketing for the brand for a while, you might have started to realize that relying on just native apps is restricting. Add on another platform or a new team member as well as your workflow starts to clog up.

Social media tools are necessary for your brand to excel in its marketing objectives. Whether you’ re modifying photos or scheduling blogposts across multiple networks, they exist to make your job simpler. There are dozens of marketing tools available so you’re certain to find a few that provide what you need and budget.

Why you need social media marketing equipment

Social media marketing is more than composing and arranging posts and your tools should reflect that. Every stage of your social media marketing, from content curation to graphic style to analytics, needs some kind of software. Some tools cover multiple areas while others concentrate and excel in only 1.

Using social media marketing tools offers you some great advantages, such as:

  • Content ideation plus creation : Source your content and create or edit it.
  • Visuals and media editing : Film better videos, generate Instagram Tale templates plus make prettier gallery content.
  • Articles planning and scheduling : Organize your content calendar in a single place.
  • Monitoring, listening & analytics : Keep an eye on your brand name keywords. Tools also help you perform a rival analysis , see how the campaign performed and track your accounts’ progress as time passes.
  • Lead generation : Connect your product sales CRM to maximize the social media marketing benefit for sales.

How to decide which usually social media tools to use

Everyone has their own choices and needs when it comes to social internet marketing. To decide on which tools to utilize, you’ll need to take a look at a number of variables:

  • Time : Just how much time will it take to learn how to use this and how much time will you be needing to use it in general?
  • Cost : What’s your budget?
  • Goals : Really does the tool match up with your social media goals ?
  • Workflow fit : How much does this tool cover inside your workflow? Do you need an authorization process or multiple customers?

With all the above in mind, here are the very best social media tools we recommend. They’re divided up by way of a general purpose.

Content curation

Locating the best content to share for your brand is a balancing respond. These following tools the actual heavy lifting on articles curation by surfacing well-known topics and articles. Trendspotting for social networking content curation is an important portion of a marketing strategy.


Buzzsumo dashboard showing backlinks and shares to specific urls.

Purpose : Buzzsumo is designed with content marketing in mind. Its robust analysis tools provide you with the necessary details for deciding on which content and keywords to focus on. Not just does Buzzsumo share information on how hot a link is, it offers details on who and where it was shared.

Price : Free to $$$

Features : Surface articles that is already trending, study for content you’re taking into consideration, perform keyword research and identify key influencers.

Google Trends

Google Trends homepage

Purpose : Google Trends is a search engine that focuses on current and current trending events. Using information from Google’s search engine, this documents keywords that are trending in any particular location. Once you enter a keyword, you will find historical data and be able to plot them against various other keywords.

Price : Free

Features : Keyword research and graphs, displaying the current and most lately trending search results and topical trends for each year.


Example of the Feedly dashboard with multiple articles in a feed.

Purpose : Feedly helps you read the Internet. Subscribe to any kind of website that has an Feed and organize the rss feeds into different topics. Along with Leo, the AI analysis assistant, you can train it to focus on the topics and keywords you want. Paid plans offer the ability to follow newsletters and annotate articles for the fellow team members. Even better? It’s a Develop Social integration , so you can curate and read the content in Sprout and share it as a post, all without having leaving the Sprout application.

Cost : Free to $$

Features : Organize and read REALLY SIMPLY SYNDICATION feeds, AI assistant, monitor keywords across news sites and Reddit and share at ease with your team.

Content creation

Whether you’re filming with a expert camera or relying on your own smartphone features, content creation tools help make your posts more attractive. The type of content you article has a direct impact on your own social media performance.


Screenshot of the Animoto tool and music library.

Objective : Animoto helps you easily create videos from your phone or desktop. Using your own media or their stock library, adding elements such as music and text is never easier. The company also provides templates, plenty of tutorials as well as the option to customize for your brand on the paid plans.

Price : Free to $

Features : On the web video editor, stock collection, templates, video aspect ratio optimization, saved branding plus posting directly from Animoto to social media.


Example of the Venngage infographic tool.

Purpose : Venngage turns anyone straight into an infographic designing professional. With plenty of infographic templates available and a robust modifying tool, you’ll find yourself developing presentation and social media-ready graphics in no time. This is a great tool for those who find themselves in need of business graphics.

Price : Liberated to $

Features : Infographic templates, data import to turn in to graphs, brand kit, image and photo customization plus real-time collaboration.


Screenshot of the Unsplash homepage and search box.

Purpose : Unsplash offers expert photos for free, thanks to their particular community of photographers who seem to donate their work. Along with over two million hi-res images and a robust search engine, even the smallest of manufacturers will find something to use here. The Unsplash image license grants both commercial plus non-commercial use and while attribution is appreciated, it is not necessary.

Price : Free

Features : Large photo database, images are usually high-quality and high-resolution, free to use and download

Social media management, listening & publishing

Once your content is created, you still need to hit that post button. Social media management tools help you keep your content arranged, schedule posts, interact with accounts and track conversations close to your brand. The more platforms you have, the more necessary the tools are for your company.

Sprout Social

Screenshot of the Sprout Social message inbox.

Screenshot of the Sprout Social Listening Report.

Purpose : Sprout Social is more than a social media management platform. It’s an all-in-one solution for your social media needs: composing, scheduling, engagement, listening, campaign management and robust analytics reports . It’s perfect for the business controlling multiple platforms and to get agencies handling multiple brand accounts. Along with approval workflows for teams and message tagging, Sprout aims to take the difficulties out of your social media workflow while offering you presentation-ready reports.

Price : $$-$$$

Functions : Social media management, posting, listening, analytics, employee advocacy tools and campaign management.


Screenshot of the Kicksta dashboard.

Purpose : Kicksta is an Instagram growth device that works to organically raise your follower count. Instead of investing hours researching and getting together with potential follower accounts, you input accounts that are most similar to yours into Kicksta. The tool then functions auto-engage with those accounts’ followers by liking some of their posts. Because this is just not a follower buying service, there is no guarantee for an increased Instagram follower count . But with enough interaction, the likelihood that they will adhere to you increases.

Price : $$

Functions : Instagram account development (likelihood of new followers increases), hashtag generator and account engagement calculator.


Basic screenshot of the Socialflow dashboard showing engagement volume.

Objective : Socialflow is a posting software designed with media businesses in mind. Companies like CNN and BBC use it to distribute their best-performing content across multiple social networks. With a connected RSS feed and a predictive algorithm, it’ll publish when it thinks posts will have the most engagement and re-post the particular best-performing ones.

Price : $$$

Features : Publishing software with regard to high-volume content publishers, membership reminder engine for paying out subscribers and advertising content research.


Screenshot of the Sendible scheduling tool.

Purpose : Sendible is a social media management platform designed for agencies. It integrates with the major social media platforms, publishing platforms along with other useful collaborative tools like Google Drive. From one area, you can switch between brands, publish to multiple accounts, have an approval workflow and collaborate easily with your group.

Cost : $-$$$

Features : Social networking publishing, management, listening, cooperation tools and analytics.

Social media analytics

Social media analytics tools offer you a variety of data. They show how well your posts, along with campaigns, are performing, exactly what your competitors are doing and track keywords.

Competitor IQ

Screenshot of the RivalIQ analytics tool showing popular topics, post types and published messages of competitors.

Purpose : Rival IQ provides the ability to immediately benchmark your own post and profile overall performance against others. It’s ideal for tracking your competitors are doing and exactly what strategies are working for them. This particular social media competitive analysis tool highlights where your competitors are focusing their efforts, which includes comparing profile attributions like a bio or about statement.

Cost : $$$

Features : Rival analysis, industry benchmarking, network analytics, listening and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION tracking (title and meta tag).

Analisa. io

Screenshot of the Analisaio dashboard platform showing an overview of Airbnb's Instagram engagement performance.

Purpose : Analisa. io is an account analytics tool designed for Instagram and TikTok. It offers a variety of reports: Instagram user profile, Instagram profile and follower, Instagram hashtag, TikTok user profile and TikTok hashtag. The free analytics reports give you useful information on any accounts such as engagement rate and top posts. This tool is advantageous not just for your own accounts but also for competitor and hashtag analysis.

Price : Free to $$$

Features : Profile analytics reports for every public Instagram or TikTok account.


Screenshot of Storyheap's homepage.

Purpose : Storyheap is an analytics and marketing tool for Instagram and Snapchat Stories . Because it’s centered on Stories, there are a number of useful features in the area. From your dashboard, you can create, publish plus analyze stories. Instead of stressing that your story analytics will certainly disappear, Storyheap collects plus assembles all that data to suit your needs.

Price : $$-$$$

Features : Story publishing and analytics for Instagram and Snapchat, tales creation and team management.

Test out a brand new social media tool

Being a social media supervisor involves a lot more than publishing posts. Social media managers are a graphic designer, articles creator, sales and part customer care advocate rolled as one. To keep on top of all these obligations and tasks, social media tools are important and necessary.

Finding the right tools that will fit within your workflow plus proving your investments via ROI is a delicate dance. Make the decision process a little easier by subscribing to a Sprout Social demo .

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