15 Content Marketing Metrics Your own Platform Must Track

You’ ve probably read a million posts about content marketing by now, but with 88 percent of B2B marketers using the procedure every day and another seventy six percent planning to in the future, you’ d better start taking content marketing seriously. Your competitors are utilizing it, and you don’ big t want to fall behind.

But it’ s not enough to use content marketing and advertising. You have to use it properly.

Otherwise, what’ t the point? But using it correctly requires you to measure your content marketing’ s success in a meaningful way.

Tracking the success of your content marketing not only measures how effective it is but tells you what you need to improve. But in what metrics do you measure the success of your marketing?

More than 60% of entrepreneurs surveyed ranked “ leads” as the most important KPI just for measuring the success of their articles marketing program. However , while network marketing leads are important, they don’ capital t always give you the specific information you need to make your strategies better.

The main element is to find metrics which will lead to actual results plus improve your ROI. The more RETURN ON INVESTMENT you get from your marketing efforts, the more successful you will be when you get more out of doing less.

Let your own marketing drive your traffic and sales!

This guide will look at metrics that will measure the success of your content marketing. We will specifically be looking for metrics that provide you data-driven methods to improve and increase your ROI.

Social stocks

Social media is a significant hub meant for content marketing, and how frequently your content is shared is a great way to keep track of how involved your audience is with your content. Most social media platforms have got analytics that give you much of this information, but you may want to dive deeper.

An instrument like BuzzSumo can help you identify which topics and articles are being shared the most, providing context to what is being distributed and why. Of course , what tools you use and what information you gather depends on the targets of your content marketing campaign but what content is being shared is a fast way to estimate your success on the system.

Aided conversions

Assisted conversions can be found in Google Analytics and give you an idea of which channels a prospective client used before taking whatever action you want them to take. The closer to zero the inductive is, the better.

You are looking for someone consuming the least amount of your content while nevertheless performing the wanted motion. This metric shows that the particular piece of content they taken, specifically, drove them to your web site to give you a better sense showing how your marketing is working.

SERP ranking

SERP stands for social engines research page and measures how well Google thinks your content responds to a customer’ s search question. This particular ranking is, of course , very important as most people are not going to keep an eye out specifically for your content when they research Google for something.

Your SERP position can be broken down into various specific categories depending on your marketing goals and give you an idea of what content is driving the top of your funnel. In addition , because this metric tracks the connection between any client’ s query as well as your content, it gives you a much better idea of what your customers are looking for.


A pageview is a basic but important metric that tells you how often your page continues to be viewed. Although it does not inform you what action the customer got after viewing the page, it does give you some way of measuring how engaging the content can be.

You can look at just how often your page had been viewed or the average time people spend viewing your content. Either way, it gives you a place to begin when wondering about the efficiency of your content marketing.

Unique pageviews

Like pageviews, this is a fundamental metric to understand how often your articles is being engaged; however , as opposed to ordinary pageviews, this lets you know only when you are attracting brand new visitors. So , although client retention is more important, you’ll still want to find out when you obtain unique views.

Presumably, an increase in special pageviews means your new content marketing project is appealing. As new people visit your content, you have a hope of switching them into regular clients.

Customer retention

While you always want to be adding new customers, it is even more vital that you keep your old ones coming back. Retaining old customers is much cheaper than getting new ones, so to get a good RETURN ON INVESTMENT, you want as high of a customer retention rate as you can get.

By looking only at that metric, you’ ll obtain an idea of how often a consumer visits your content and how much time passes before they come back. This information will help you decide whenever to add new content to keep your old customer coming back.

Sales cycle velocity

It stands to reason that if your content marketing is working the way it is supposed to, you should visit a reduction in your “ time for you to sale. ” But , again, you can use analytics to track this particular or have your sales team list when first contact happens to when a sale occurs and compare that to your average “ time to sale. ”

Web pages per session

Pages per program track how many pages a viewer looks at in a provided session. By looking at this number over time, you can understand how enraging your content is.

If your pages per session stay high, your content has been successful at engaging clients. If low, it might be time for you to switch up your content marketing campaign.

CTR (click-through-rate)

CTR lets you know how keyword phrases and meta descriptions get people to click on your content . After all, your articles marketing can’ t be successful if no one can find it.

Creating meta titles and engaging descriptions is really a skillet all on its own. In case your CTR is low, you need to find someone who is better from getting people invested in your product.

Customer sentiment

The most accurate check of how people feel about a person is what they’ re stating about your product upon social media. Many apps will find any mention of your brand’ s name and alert you to what is said.

A true test of how well your content marketing will be working is if it’ ersus actually changing your audience’ s perspective. If you can call at your audience’ s esteem develop in real-time, you’ ll know your project has your desired effect.

Traffic sources

Traffic sources let you know where the traffic to your site is coming from, whether it’ s referrals, direct, or even from searches. Traffic resources ignore any traffic you are getting from paid ads so that you better understand how your articles marketing is driving traffic.

The analytic also give you an idea of what channel people are acquiring to your website. Whether they’ re fending you by word of mouth or keywords are good enough that people are finding you by way of a Google search.

Bounce rate

Looking at the disadvantages gives you as much information since the positives. For example , bounce price lets you know how many people still left your site without interacting.

Your engagement may be high, but if your bounce price is also high, people are visiting your site but not following by means of. When this happens, you need to retool your marketing measure to take exactly what action you’ d such as people to take more simple.

Article engagements

How and if a person handles your content reveals how productive your marketing campaign is. Remarks let you know that your customer cared enough about what you created to say something.

What your customers state helps you give new meaning to what your marketing campaign will look like. Similarly, a lack of comment may mean that your content isn’ big t creating enough of an impact to be commented on.

Pipeline efforts

It’ s great to have people at the top of your funnel, yet at some point, you want them to reduced the pipeline and become clients. Looking at pipeline contributions metrics helps you know how your training calls and EBooks drive traffic to your site.

The whole purpose of content marketing is to drive traffic to your site, when you aren’ t switching them, you need to rethink your strategy. Knowing how well your pipeline contribution works lets you know if you need to rework your marketing and advertising efforts.

Page depth

Page depth tells you how many pages people went to on a trip to your site. Additionally, it gives you an exciting way of examining the engagement produced by your content marketing.

Although, ultimately, you want your client to buy your product or service, a high page depth can give you an indication that the content is creating fascination with your product. Then you need to figure out how to convert that attention into sales.

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