20 Simple Ways To Boost Your Site traffic

increase web traffic

Request any marketer what they want for website and they’ll likely tell you more traffic and much more leads. Because you need more traffic in order to gain leads, we’re going to focus here on how you can use content marketing to increase web traffic.

So how do you actually do it?

There are lots of techniques out there for increasing website traffic, and we suggest you try out many of them. Some strategies work better than others depending on target audience, brand niche, area of expertise, or competition in your space. It’s up to you to know your brand name and what aligns best together with your content strategy.

We’ve compiled a list of 25 proven strategies to increase website traffic. Let’s take a look!

20 Ways to Increase Your Site traffic

Facebook and Twitter Remarketing

We know that social media is a great marketing tool for both B2C and B2B brands. You can take your social media ROI a step more by installing a monitoring pixel on your website to create remarketing audiences. You can do this for both Facebook and Twitter to keep engaging together with your web visitors on all those platforms after they’ve remaining your site.

Why is this important? Here’s the startling statistic: 95% of individuals who visit your website will not come back again. While this number may differ across brands and sectors, a quick look at your new vs . returning web visitors can confirm that the majority are not returners.

Remarketing through social networking is an important way for you to continue traveling interest and return web traffic that may ultimately convert into leads and sales .

Custom Audiences on Facebook and Twitter

Ready to throw out your email list? Give it a second chance with Facebook and Tweets! Upload your lists in order to Facebook and Twitter plus they’ll capture the interpersonal accounts attached to the email address you upload. This is a great way to connect with your customers on the mobile devices, where most people are spending 5-6 hrs every day.

Email List

Having an email checklist is one of the best ways to drive return traffic to your website. The reason being you’re marketing to a group of people (your subscriber list) that are already interested in your brand. With the right approach, e-mail marketing can be one of your top options for web traffic.

Here are some simple best practices to get started:

We recommend building your subscriber list as quickly as possible. Make it easy for web visitors to subscribe to your email list with a prominent button, link, or form. Use an email marketing tool like Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, or Constant Contact to help you track performance metrics out of your email marketing efforts.

Most of all, remember that your email newsletters should aim to be mini curated versions of your content for that week or month. While promotional text messages can certainly be included in your emails, they shouldn’t be the sole or primary focus. Always consider what your subscribers will discover valuable (your content) vs . what they will likely dismiss because spam (solely promotional content).

Twitter Credit cards

Tweets along with images receive 150% more retweets, 89% more loves, and 18% more click throughs than those without them. It goes without saying that you want to include pictures on your own social media posts, yet what about visitors who talk about your content? Tweets Cards are a way you can ensure every Twitter share of your site content automatically includes an image.

tweet with twitter card

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Fantastic Headlines

Did you know that 8 away from 10 people to your website read your topic only? That means only twenty percent of your web visitors are actually getting to the content you worked well so hard to craft on their behalf! Great head lines are the key to fighting back from this statistic.

This applies to every one of your content advertising strategies: social media ads, SEO rankings, sharing content within email newsletters — you name it. Regardless of the channel you are using, irresistible headlines that will grab attention and depart your audience wanting more are essential for getting them to study your actual content.

Publish a Blog

Duh! If you haven’t started blogging, you need to start today . There are about a mil reasons why we think you should be submitting a blog on your web site, so we’ll pick a few of the most important.

These days, 93% of online encounters start with search engines. Your blog is the main source of SEO content . Without having one, you’re missing the largest opportunity out there to increase web traffic. Your blog establishes your brand personality and expertise inside your industry. It’s more affordable than any paid advertising tactic and even more effective.

Finally, your blog content is where many of your web visitors will discover the most value. If you’re covering topics they care about, they are more likely to stick around on your web page. You then have opportunities to transform them to leads with strategies like business lead magnets plus strong CTAs .

If you aren’t creating customer-focused content (like a publisher) on your website, then we can not be friends. #SorryNotSorry

Blog Promotion

Writing your blogs is only half the job. You also need to promote them to maximize prospect of brand visibility and generating web traffic.

So, just how do you do it? Some tried and tested blog advertising tactics include:

  • Discussing your posts on social media – This is an easy one. Get the blog posts on social media to provide them more visibility and potential to be shared.
  • Make your content shareable – Creating shareable content material is one of the most effective ways to get your blog promoted by visitors who seem to enjoyed it.
  • Include blog posts in your e-mail newsletter – Be sure your subscribers are seeing your very best content by sharing this in emails.
  • Repurpose old content – Take your most popular blog content and repurpose it directly into an ebook, video, infographic or other engaging form of content.

Blog Syndication

Syndicating your posts on some other sites is another great way to drive traffic to your blog or site. Search for top sites your target audience may visit frequently and reach out to the publishers to see if they would be willing to feature your content.

Just be careful. Some sites will take an unrestricted license (and even sell) your articles. I’ve been burned employing this approach but I’ve furthermore benefited greatly. Think carefully in regards to the audience (and the ethics) of the site owners where you want to syndicate. For most authors, syndicating your content can provide access to a brand new audience and help you create authority.

Visitor Contribution

Many sites today accept blog contributions, and it helps drive a lot more traffic to your site and create your credibility as well as brand recognition. Look for sites that have strong readership or the target audience you happen to be trying to reach.

You can also invite industry believed leaders and influencers in order to guest blog or job interview them for blogs. Title recognition will not only increase traffic to your site but boost your reliability as well. You can even build an entire army of volunteer contributors to your own site by requesting guest contributors.

SEO Optimization

Optimizing your site for search engines is the best way to boost your natural traffic. Don’t forget that figure — 93% of internet experiences are starting with lookup! Be sure you’re using SEO best practices for all of your content material and paying attention to Google ranking factors as they evolve as time passes.

Some of the most important places to focus:

  • High-value content – It’s not just about hitting key phrases anymore. Google AI is usually smarter than that, plus they’re analyzing your content to ensure it’s actually high-quality and relevant to the topic and target audience.
  • Keywords – But keywords are still important. Use a tool like SEMRush to get a huge list of key phrases you can cluster and manage into topics you know your audience wants.
  • Headlines – We discussed this, but it’s really worth mentioning again. Without an awesome headline, you likely won’t even get noticed. Focus on creating headlines that readers can’t resist!
  • Include Visual Content – Content marketing is all about visual content these days. Including images and videos within your content makes it more appealing, increases shareability, and helps it rank higher on Search engines.
  • Pay Attention to Specialized Stuff – Meta descriptions, image alt-text, tags — it all plays an important part in helping your content rank. Do not forget the little things!

Interactive Content

We’ve all been there — we go on the internet with a specific goal in mind only to realize a couple of minutes later we’re taking a quiz about what kind of cat we’d be based on our sign.

The thing is, people will take fun quizzes, surveys and the like on just about anything. It is part of the internet experience in 2021. So why not use them to make your content more fun and online? To boot, interactive content may also create more value for the customer because it can help all of them learn something about them selves.

What we mean is that we don’t suggest you use a cat quiz (unless you’re Buzzfeed). Believe instead about what you want your own audience to discover as it relates to your content, and create something interactive to help them do it. So , if you’re writing an article regarding blogging best practices, maybe you incorporate a quick test your readers may take to score their blog because it exists today. This helps them understand how your content is going to help them enhance .

There are several types of intera c tive content . Here are some that will perform well:

types of interactive

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Reveal your expertise with your customers by offering free training calls or webcasts. Find subjects that your target audience is most interested in, then take the time to produce an engaging and educational presentation. This is a great way to share your industry expertise and drive traffic to your website by putting a timestamp for the event (i. e. sign up for us LIVE at By date and time).

But don’t make it boring! We all hear the term webinar and (let’ ersus admit it) stifle the yawn. Don’t forget about your killer headline, great explanation, and interesting topic.

New to webinars? Have a look at this step by step guideline.


If you’re not prepared to do live presentations at this time, podcasting is a good way to exercise your presentation skills and still share your insights along with your target audience. The key to driving traffic to your site is to make sure you are consistent and are advertising your podcasts on social media marketing. Over time your audience will certainly grow and you’ll develop a repeat audience.

Quick tip: boost your podcast audience by inviting visitors who are influencers or specialists in your industry or who have a large following themselves. This will help you generate interest, gain more listeners and increase web traffic.


Brand relationships are a pretty well-known growth hacking technique and can become an excellent way to increase web traffic and build your audience. You can start by thinking about brands in next markets who, when coupled with your brand, bring additional value to your customers.

Partnerships have compounding growth effects by revealing your brand to new audiences and building your brand reputation at the same time. Whenever done well, they develop a virtuous cycle of growth for your brand name with both companions and customers.

Community Building

People like to weigh within and share their ideas upon topics they are passionate about. To increase traffic, build community simply by engaging directly with your market. You can do this in a few easy ways.

Always leave the comments open on your weblog and social media posts. React to comments and questions quickly and thoughtfully. Encourage discussion between customers, too! On social media especially, you can ask specific questions to generate a higher number of responses and create talk around topics.

The more you engage directly with readers who are activities on your content, the more it will eventually happen. Don’t forget, too, that will posts with lots of comments plus engagements also show up more on people’s feeds. Building neighborhood gets your direct target audience more engaged but it also helps generate new interest, as well!

Comment on Various other Brands’ Content

Contribute your insights plus comments regularly on additional blogs and sites which are relevant to your business. Doing so helps get your name out there, which can drive more traffic to your web site in the long term. Just like with visitor blogging, you want to make sure your remarks are relevant and informative to build your credibility and set up relationships with other readers.

Adding genuine thoughts and insights to the conversation on other brands’ content material also increases the likelihood that they’ll do the same to suit your needs. It also creates potential opportunities for formal brand relationships as you build relationships with other brands you respect and get value from.

Timely Content

Creating content around well-timed news and events shows your brand is knowledgeable and on the pulse associated with what’s happening in your sector. Don’t shy away from composing blog articles and social media marketing posts about trending subjects. Providing unique opinions displays your brand personality plus keeps your content relevant plus fresh.

Join Social Media Groups

We know that building community, activities on other brands’ content, and seeking brand relationships are all ways to increase web traffic. One vehicle for accomplishing these goals is through social media groups. Looking for organizations relevant to your business and sector and staying active in their groups helps you make new connections and establish yourself and your brand with other sector professionals.

Fb and LinkedIn are the main social media platforms for group membership and activity, so look there first should you be taking on this strategy. Once you’re there, don’t be afraid to talk about your content in an insightful way (steer away from straight promotion which can come off as tone-deaf and self-serving). Industry groups are mainly made up of colleagues looking to share insights and find out from each other, not scroll through ad content.

Mobile Optimization

Today more than half of web traffic is generated through mobile devices, and Google’s reveal of search engine queries are at 96% . Google has also implemented mobile-first indexing, meaning that mobile versions of your website may be regarded even more important than desktop computer.

mobile web traffic growth

Image Supply

All this is to say that if you want to better search engine positions on SERPs and boost web traffic you must optimize your website for mobile. This is slightly different from creating mobile-friendly content material, which works for mobile users but is really constructed for desktop. Mobile-optimized content is designed with mobile users first in mind.


One brand’s secret sauce for success may not necessarily work for you, and for that reason you want to experiment to find out what works best for your brand! Don’t be afraid to try new techniques and put your own spin on them, too. People are drawn to brand names that are authentic and unique, so copying exactly what one more brand does isn’t very likely to bring you success.

Taking a metrics- and data-driven approach to measuring your own content’s performance is the best way to understand which tactics work best for you. This makes it possible for you to capitalize on the strategies that are driving results and stage out those that aren’t.

Ready to increase your website traffic today?

Your content strategy can be built to continuously drive web traffic and improve your marketing ROI. Marketing insider group has SEO experts and writers who can assist you to build the best strategy for your own brand and deliver publish-ready content every single week.

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