39 Places to Promote Blog Posts to get more Blog Traffic

One major problem bloggers face is getting sufficient visitors to their blogs. This means that we bloggers are always on the lookout for more places to promote blogs to increase our blog traffic.

Even though some people can still claim that great content will automatically rise to the top that is not true. One major challenge bloggers face is getting enough visitors to their blogs. That means that we bloggers are always on the lookout for more places to promote blog posts to increase our blog traffic. You cannot wait for blog traffic generation to solve itself - you have to work for your blog traffic. So go ahead and start promoting your blog posts. #blogtraffic #trafficgeneration #blogtrafficgeneration

If you can ensure that you can create the best content on one topic that is present you may have a chance. But honestly, there is so much content around on any given content that it can be hard to compete. And you may realize that even in search results the top-ranking search results are not always exhibiting the best content n the subject.

Also, if your blog is new, just how can your content rise to the top, if no one ever sees it? Nobody knows your blog, how can anyone – including Google – even know that your content is the greatest?

The solution? Actively promote your blog content and you will have a big chance to succeed during a crowded niche.

But where can you promote your blog content?

Here are 39 places you are able to promote your blog posts.

1 . Facebook Page

A good place to start will be the Facebook Fanpage that you produce for your blog.

The downside is that you have to discover an audience (fans) before you can see significant amounts of traffic from your Fanpage.

Growing a Facebook page requires you to spend some money upon advertising or some heavy insight knowledge of marketing upon Facebook.

second . Facebook Groups

There are groups for almost any subject on Facebook. Some provide a huge opportunity to share your blog posts with a targeted audience.

Facebook Groups

Beware of team rules: some groups don’ t like blog post advertising. But you can still join conversations and connect to people out of your niche.

several. Twitter Feed Twitter

Twitter loves content, if you create your audience and consistently tweet your content you can see huge amounts associated with traffic from Twitter.

Twitter works for every niche, and you can find individuals in almost any niche on Twitter.

However it takes time to build a substantial audience on Twitter.

4. Twitter Conversations

So far you might have tweeted your content to your feed.

But there is a lot more happening on Tweets: Conversations. Often people ask for exactly what you have in your content. Or even they talk about related subjects and your content could be a great addition.

If you follow some keyword queries or join a conversation, you can find targeted conversations plus join them with your knowledge and content.

Often people ask for information or help on Twitter. In case you monitor conversations around appropriate keywords on Twitter, you are able to often answer these twitter posts with a short tip as well as the link to your blog post for even more reading.

This may seem like a ton of work however it will also help you to grow your Twitter audience with very targeted followers.

five. LinkedIn Feed

There are multiple places upon LinkedIn where you can share your blog posts – and some of these can be great to get targeted traffic.

Only your connections will see your posts within the LinkedIn Feed. At least in case non of your connections plus followers share or discuss your post.

If you have a significant number of focused contacts on LinkedIn you can get a little traffic from posting your posts in your LinkedIn give food to.

Consistent activity on LinkedIn can also help you grow followers on LinkedIn. If you manage that the visitors from LinkedIn can be extremely converting.

6. LinkedIn Groups

Promote blog posts via linkedin groups

There are endless LinkedIn groups for each topic. Look for groups that are relevant to your blog niche – and that are usually active.

If there is no engagement, your chances to see significant amounts of traffic from this team are small.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest has been the key to numerous bloggers’ traffic success. Pinterest’s user base is growing fast and Pinterest is also successful regarding traffic generation.


Pinterest has the power to drive huge amounts of traffic even though you do not have a huge audience concerning followers for your account. But you have to understand how Pinterest works and be consistent in your Pinterest activity.

8. Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards are boards with more than a single contributor.

The advantage of group boards is that you can join group boards that will already have a fair number of supporters. By posting to these boards you can (potentially) reach the followers of the board – not only your own followers.

Choose boards which are related to the topics of the content. Also, focus on Pinterest Group Boards that are energetic and have some reach. Numerous group boards are rather spammy places with no extra traffic value.

9. Tailwind Communities (formerly known as Tribes)

Communities on the scheduling tool Tailwind were originally referred to as tribes. The idea is that you can use the community to find pins to share and in exchange, you can add your pins for other neighborhood members to discover and hopefully to pin to their Pinterest boards.

Use Tailwind Communities to promote your blog pins

Image Source: Tailwind

Tailwind communities have the power to give you repins and improve your Pinterest reach.

You can promote your blog content if you add pins to your blogs to the Tailwind communities.

10. LinkedIn Posting

LinkedIn Publishing allows you to publish content to a very targeted niche audience. You can, for example , write a summary, or even repurpose your blog post, redo the first paragraph, and change the particular title.

You can link to the original article on the blog.

LinkedIn Publishing may not drive one of the most traffic, but the traffic that you could get from LinkedIn Submitting can be highly targeted.

11. Medium

You have several options to advertise a blog post on Moderate:

  • You are able to write another post and link back to your blog.
  • You can use Medium in order to syndicate your (older) articles: rewrite the first paragraph of the article, change the title and mention the original version from the post.

You should connect your Medium account to your Twitter account – people following you on Twitter that are also on Medium will likely then automatically also follow a person on Medium. That is a good way to get some initial fans on Medium if you already have an audience on Twitter.

12. Moderate Publications

Medium Publications are like magazines of Medium articles.

You are able to create your own publication plus invite other contributors to create for it – or you can affect publish on already existing magazines that come with an audience.

It can be a little tricky to find publications from your market that you can submit or apply at. Often owners invite their own contributors.

You can start your search for relevant Moderate publications on Google with a look for “ Medium Publications. ”

13. Quora

Quora is really a question-and-answer platform. You can promote your content if you answer associated questions and mention your post as an additional way to obtain information on the topic.

Make sure that your answer gives valuable information and that the linked post really matches the topic.

Quora has the power to drive visitors, but the most power will unfold if your answer will get many upvotes and that will just happen if your answer is definitely valuable.

14. Quora Spaces

You can also use Quora spaces to create collections of information around a specific topic. Within these types of spaces, you can also promote your blog. Just syndicate a shorter version of your post and connect to the post on your weblog for further reading.

Or you can publish a roundup on Quora that brings up several of your articles on one topic.

Use Quora Spaces to promote your blog

Image Source: Quora

15. Forums

Forums and discussion groups from your niche can be a great place to share your content.

Be careful to follow the rules of the forum and remain on topic.

Discussion boards and discussion groups aren’t a shout-out medium, you have to participate in discussions, or you can easily be perceived as a spammer.

If you are not already part of some discussion organizations or forums in your market, your search can start on Google – or you can ask for relevant discussion boards in your startup community or in Facebook Groups.

16. Blog Comments

Blog remarks can be great to gain “ small” links to your blogposts. Even though many blogs have got “ no-follow” links within the comment section, these hyperlinks are still valuable – particularly when your blog is new.

You need to make sure that you add value to the discussion together with your comment and that your contributed link to your blog is upon topic. A quick “ Great blog” is not very useful and justify to spam the blog comments with a link back to your blog.

Find out more about how you can use weblog comments to increase blog visitors in this post.

17. Guest Posts

Guest posts can be a great way to get more attention to your post.

If you place a guest post on a related topic, you can link from within the article.

Be careful some blogs don’t allow their guest posters to link back to their particular blog from within the blog post. But you can always link from your guest author bio.

18. Your Newsletter

A newsletter often has a highly attentive audience. They can easily become your highest converting traffic channel.

Allow your subscribers know about a brand new post you published. Send out a newsletter for each new post.

Unless you have a list of subscribers (yet), you should start one this minute: Your email list can easily turn into your highest converting traffic channel.

19. Other Ezines

Other ezines can be a great way to get your content material in front of a new audience.

You can pay for an area in a newsletter, make an exchange with a business contact or simply network with people exactly who send roundups.

20. A new blog post

There are endless choices for curating content. You can create a summary post, „All you need to know about TOPIC“ or „The Best Of MY BLOG through 2020“ – be creative.

This allows you to revive some of your best older posts – and drive new traffic from anywhere you are going to share this new post. Curating content can also be great to create new content without spending too much time and energy on it.

One example of such a post is this list of blog posts about Twitter marketing success .

21. Slideshare

You will need some slides if you want to share your site post on Slideshare. But honestly, a list post or even something similar is easily turned into some slides with the aid of equipment like Canva or Powerpoint.

You can then upload the slides to Slideshare, link to the post from inside the presentation, and integrate the particular slides into the post on your own blog.

Slideshare has considerable power to attract an audience via Google search and via the Slideshare lookup.

22. Instagram Feed

It might not be as straightforward to talk about blog posts on Instagram as on other networks such as Twitter.

You can not share links on Instagram. You can „only“ share pictures. The only place where you can include a clickable link on Instagram is your bio. Or you can utilize the Instagram stories – but only if you already have sufficient followers.

Still, Instagram can drive visitors. You can add the (non-clickable) link to the caption of a submit and ask your audience to copy and paste the link – or you use the link in your bio and ask individuals to click it.

However , the branding a result of Instagram is much bigger than the traffic effect. And instead of looking for the pure quantity of clicks, you should consider that, as well.

23. Instagram Stories Instagram stories fact

Instagram tales are one of the very few places upon Instagram where you can add a link – if you have a confirmed or business account along with over 10k followers.

That makes Instagram stories an interesting place to share your site posts.

Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours. Make sure that your content is interesting enough to get clicked rapidly – or post about this again after a couple of hrs.

24. Snapchat

Snapchat works similar to Instagram stories.

The 10-sec photos disappear after 24 hours. But you can add a link to your photos that users can swipe through to.

Snap's mission

25. Reddit

Reddit claims to be “the front page of the web. ”

Image Source: Reddit

It is a social news aggregation site where members discuss, vote, and discuss content material. There are subreddits for almost any topic and in which content could be shared.

If a piece of content gets a lot of upvotes, Reddit has immense power to drive huge amounts associated with traffic.

Making use of Reddit is a little tricky – never should you try to simply promote your blog post. Reddit needs you to become an active section of the community, or your account will be locked or banned. And that is exactly what is going to happen if you register on Reddit and instantly start sharing links to your blog.

26. Youtube

Youtube is not only a social network for videos it is also the search engines. And that means that Youtube has the power to drive traffic.

About Youtube

But as with Slideshare, Youtube means you need to create another type of content: videos. Then you can certainly link in the description of your video to your blog post plus earn traffic.

27. Vimeo

If you are creating videos pertaining to YouTube, you should consider reusing them on other platforms like Vimeo as well.

Vimeo may not have as numerous users as YouTube but the community tends to be very active and slightly older old.

28. Link Roundups

A lot of bloggers have a link roundup every week or month. In the roundup, they collect “The Best” on one topic they find on the web.

Instead of waiting for some of these blog owners to accidentally stumble over your content and include it into their roundup, you can simply research a few of these bloggers who do roundups and suggest your posting as an item for their next roundup.

Be cautious, don’t suggest every piece of content you have. Choose your very best self content make sure your suggestion features interest to the blogger you contact.

twenty nine. Your Email Signature

If you correspond a great deal with other people via email, you can consider adding your own latest post to your email signature.

30. Mentioned sources, Interview partners, cited experts

If you create content that will mentions other people, blogs, or even experts you can ask them to reveal your post.

Many bloggers and marketers create content, especially for this purpose. Examples of this kind of content are top lists (15 Best Twitter Accounts Through Niche You Should Follow), interviews with experts, or specialist roundups.

Should you it right, the influencers and experts will be privileged by your post and gladly share it.

31. Scoop. it

Scoop. it is a articles curation platform.

You can create your own magazine-like topic pages. People can follow your topic pages as they would follow a newspaper.

By adding your own happy to your topic pages you will get a new audience to the content material.

32. Flipboard

On Flipboard, you can curate content into “ magazines. ” Individuals can follow your mags.

Picture Source: Flipboard

In this way you can reach your Flipboard audience by curating your own content into your related mags.

Other people may discover your content on Flipboard and in turn curate it into their related magazines.

33. Trendiee

Trendiee aims to collect or even curate the hottest content on the internet.

If you think your articles is hot, you can post it to Trendiee. They are going to review it and if it is hot enough, your content may trend.

34. Your old Blog Posts

If you have some previous blog posts that run really well and get a ton of traffic, you should consider linking from these to your associated new blog posts.

This way, your internal connecting on your website gets much better. This will help your SEO as well as your new blog post can obtain some attention from your older but famous post.

35. Triberr

Triberr is a system where you can join communities known as tribes. These tribes are groups of like-minded people in one niche.

Along with Triberr they have a place exactly where they can find great happy to share on their social balances, and in return, other like-minded people can easily discover their content and share it.

Triberr can grow the social shares that you get for your posts.

36. Bloglovin’

Bloglovin is an app in order to you discover and follow blogs.

You can sign up and add your own weblog to Bloglovin and people can follow you on Bloglovin.

Bloglovin to promote your blog posts

Remember that Bloglovin will pull the very first image and the introductory sentences of your post to show to your followers on Bloglovin. Make certain that this image and text catch the attention of people.

37. BlogEngage

BlogEngage is a blogging community where you can submit your blog content.

Promote Blog Posts on Blog Engage

Blogposts on BlogEngage are categorized into categories or subjects. Users vote on distribution.

If your publish gets enough votes it is promoted on the BlogEngage homepage. That is when you start seeing substantial traffic.

38. Zest. is

Zest. is is a content sharing and discovery platform. Every piece of content needs to be approved by a team of marketers.

They will claim that only 1% from the submitted content gets accepted – make sure you submit great content!

39. Mix

Blend. com is the successor to StumbleUpon – if you still remember that.

Blend is a content curations platform that allows you to sort your own curated content into series. If you add content to a collection your friends and people with comparable interests can discover this directly on Mix.

Mix app in the app store

The predecessor associated with Mix, StumbleUpon had massive traffic potential but the traffic was not very targeted plus rather not ready to employ or buy. How traffic from Mix is going to convert will have to be seen.

Mix is currently available being an app for Apple products – Android users need to wait for the app.

Final Words upon blog post promotion One major challenge bloggers face is getting enough visitors to their blogs. That means that we bloggers are always on the lookout for more places to promote blog posts to increase our blog traffic. You cannot wait for blog traffic generation to solve itself - you have to work for your blog traffic. So go ahead and start promoting your blog posts. #blogtraffic #trafficgeneration #blogtrafficgeneration

This is a long list of outlets plus places where you can promote your blog blogposts.

However , this list should not give you the impact that you have to use all of them. Any attempt of being everywhere on the web is bound to fail.

Rather focus on getting the action in two or three outlets correct instead of hopping from one place to the next without optimizing you or giving it time to grow your audience.

Believe me when I say: Been presently there, tried that.

The only thing that will happen is complete exhaustion and no satisfactory outcomes.

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