4 Ways To Measure Brand Consciousness

measuring brand awareness

What do you think of when you hear the words “laundry detergent? ” What about sodas? Fast food? Computers? Cars? Your own answers probably looked something like: Tide, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Apple.

That is brand awareness in action.

Brand awareness , or the extent to which consumers know and recognize your brand, is critical in today’s crowded digital market segments. Consumers are inundated with commercials and other brand messages every single hour of every day.

Without established brand name awareness in your industry, you’ll be constantly battling uphill for their attention.

So how do you know if your corporation has brand awareness? And how do you work to establish and grow it? In this article we’ll cover 4 ways to determine brand awareness as well as doable ways to start increasing it.

Quick Takeaways

  • Brand name awareness drives many of the key elements brands use to assess advertising strategies, including organic visitors and word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Higher percentages of organic vs . paid web traffic is a good signal that higher SERP rankings are creating brand recognition.

  • High branded search quantity is a good sign that consumers are searching specifically for your brand name.

  • Organic share of tone of voice shows how visible your own brand is compared to others on SERPs for brand-relevant keywords and topics.

What is brand awareness and why is it important?

Brand awareness is the level at which consumers naturally recognize your brand. When you measure brand name awareness, you look away from established customer base to comprehend how well your brand is known in your industry as well as the general consumer marketplace at large.

Think about the examples we used at the start of this article. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually the Tide, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, or Apple customer. Either way, you understand those brands — a person recognize their name plus logo, and you know what they offer.

The truth is, naturally , that most brands will never arrive close to reaching the level of brand awareness these examples have achieved over decades. But you can and must achieve this in your own niche market and your own direct industry. Brand consciousness drives organic traffic, sales, and sales. It ultimately becomes a main force at the rear of the continued growth of the business.

Companies across industries are seeing the importance of brand awareness and building it into their tactical plans. Digital marketing platform Bynder found in their 2020 Condition of Branding Report found that 43% of marketing experts named “growing brand awareness” their number one goal for the year.

43% of marketing professionals say growing brand awareness is their top goal

Image Source

The first step to growing and maintaining high levels of brand name awareness is to measure this frequently. When you do, you’re capable to recognize gaps and opportunities and implement the right strategies to increase your brand awareness over time.

4 Ways to Measure Brand Awareness

Paid vs . organic search traffic

Organic search traffic is web traffic not driven by paid advertising efforts. It comes directly from algorithmic search results accomplished through content marketing and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION web strategies. It’s the good way to measure brand name awareness by seeing how you rank on search engines.

Why do search engine ranking positions matter to brand understanding? Today 93% of all on-line experiences start on a search engine. This means when people look for brands, they are going to Google. Brands must appear in search engine results in order to obtain recognition with consumers.

The best way to measure brand awareness using organic search traffic metrics is to compare organic vs . paid search traffic . Increased percentages of organic search visitors indicates better brand understanding.

Organic visitors percentages vary across industrial sectors, but recent research simply by BrightEdge found that it’s driving about 53% of most web traffic on average.

organic traffic drives 53% of all web traffic on average

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The good news is that even if you find your organic traffic share is low, you will find ways you can start to improve that metric right away. Because natural traffic is driven primarily by search engines, the most effective way to boost it is by creating articles that aligns with Google’s ranking aspects .

Several quick tips:

  • Make your content keyword-driven

  • Focus on content and subjects that are high-value for your audience

  • Optimize your content for mobile

  • Pay attention to site structure plus user experience

Branded search quantity

Branded search volume indicates the amount of lookup traffic generated from branded keywords. In other words, branded search traffic comes from queries where consumers were looking for your brand specifically.

Branded search volume indicates that people know to look for your brand when they need related services or products.

Think of this this way: people conduct on the internet searches to have their queries answered and look for solutions to difficulties. If consumers are looking for your brand to do either of these things, they already have an idea of what you do, which means you have established brand awareness with them.

You can conduct a branded research audit to understand how much branded search visitors you’re getting and how it’s making a larger impact. Then you can take specific steps to boost branded traffic through tactics like organizing your branded keywords and capitalizing on high-intent keywords.

Here is how Wayfair did it (really well):

Brand name awareness surveys

Businesses can measure brand awareness with surveys aimed at learning how well consumers recognize their brand. These surveys look to a focus on group that expands above a brand’s current consumer base. For some brands it could be the general population, for others it could be defined by geography (especially for local brands), and for others it could be defined simply by products and services.

For instance , a multinational wine corporation might survey wine consumers of a certain type (i. electronic. red vs . white) or a certain age that falls within their target customer profile. A local brewery may survey beer drinkers in a specific geographic region. It’s crucial to survey the right target group in order to yield results which are accurate.

Brand awareness surveys typically begin by wondering unaided questions such as “What brands come to mind when you think of X product or service? ” after that drill down into aided questions like “Which of the subsequent brands have you heard of related to X products or services? ”

You can use brand understanding survey layouts (like the main one below) to help you get started.

brand awareness survey template

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Organic search reveal of voice

Understanding your organic share of voice is one of the most powerful ways to measure your brand name awareness. In short, it lets you know about your overall visibility in search results for a specific group of keywords compared to your top competitors .

Because you are naturally more likely to be rating higher for branded key phrases (you are your own brand, after all) it’s preferable to stick with non-branded keywords whenever calculating your share associated with voice.

Fortunately, there are tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and other keyword analysis tools that can do the majority of the work around finding discuss of voice for you:

Grow your brand consciousness with great content

You’ve probably realized that almost every metric used to calculate brand awareness centers about great content. Consistent, high-quality content improves your search rankings and drives higher organic traffic to your website.

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