5 Reasons to Hire a High-Quality Legal Content Writer

Recent lawful industry reviews highlight the ability of legal content writing as 57% of surveyed participants indicate they found their lawyer through an online search engine. This compares with 59% who found their lawyer through a referral source.

This data displays law firms and legal professionals require a balanced approach to their marketing and advertising efforts and hiring a lawful content writer can be an efficient way to support the online marketing side of those efforts.

No matter your practice area, firm size, or even content publishing frequency, we all break down some of the main benefits of hiring a legal content author and how they can elevate your business by saving you time and money.

Why You Need a Skilled Content material Writer for Marketing Your Law Firm or Legal Support Business

Several reasons support the decision to hire a quality legal content writer for your law firm, legal technologies company, or other legal service business. We talk about those reasons in more detail within the next section. But first, several key context for exactly why content writing is fundamental for your law firm’s future success in today’s market.

Before the internet, attorneys and law firms heavily counted on word-of-mouth referrals through colleagues or current customers to attract new business. While that marketing source continues to be important, the internet offers these in need of legal services a brand new method for finding trusted specialists to solve their legal difficulties.

Your potential clients are increasingly likely to shop for a law firm on the internet and through additional social media platforms no differently than they would for various other products or services. In fact , potential clients will probably vet your online presence even when a trusted referral source suggested you.

Each short and long-form content is useful in executing the complete online marketing strategy and can include, and others, the following types of content:

  • Blog posts on the firm or substantive lawful industry topics
  • Practice area webpages
  • Attorney bios
  • White papers, market guides, etc .
  • Social media posts
  • Emails and newsletters

The shift in how people gain access to legal markets means anybody searching for for your law practice. The first is that you need an online presence that gives potential clients an opportunity to find you. However , a mere presence is not enough. Your online profile must effectively speak to two audiences.

The first target audience is your potential client’s internet search engine (e. g., Google, Opera, etc . ) which provides a gatekeeper through how it ranks and presents your online profile through different queries. The second audience is the possible client who, after selecting your profile, requires persuading that you are the right candidate for your job. Both audiences require regularly updated content that demonstrates your expertise and differentiates you from other market choices in the here and now.

The 5 Reasons Your Law Firm Will benefit from a Legal Content Author

As described above, our business reputations increasingly exist via internet sites and other internet platforms. Offering information and thought leadership about your firm as well as your practice is essential to client development. However , using a legal content writer can provide substantial cost and time financial savings compared with a do-it-yourself technique or using a non-legal particular marketing writer.

You Can Focus More Interest on Your Legal Practice

Law firms that don’t rely on a legal content writer for developing thought parts and blog posts often depend on their attorneys to write content. They may do this in order to save costs and because they understand their attorneys have the sector knowledge (unlike generic advertising services that may lack the particular skillset to adequately compose on a topic).

While this practice may save you marketing expenses in the short term, this may also cut into your opportunities with regard to generating revenue. Your law firm’s attorneys likely bill at an hourly rate. The time they have to dedicate to drafting content material for your website is period they could otherwise spend on billing to client matters, most likely at a rate higher than what you would save the cost of hiring a legal content material writer.

Improve Your Legal Marketing Attempts for the Average Legal Consumer

Aside from the revenue-cost analysis benefit, your attorneys’ style of writing also might not translate well to high-quality content built for bringing in an online audience and rank on search engines.

For good reason, attorney writing is not the same as legal content writing. It requires exact use of technical jargon plus restatements of law constructed for audiences of idol judges, opposing counsels, governments, regulatory bodies, and other sophisticated events in a formal setting.

In comparison, your lawful content writing should still exchange accurate information about legal issues yet do it in a way that makes the understanding accessible to the average reader or target audience. The benefit of the best content writer is their particular ability to distill legal information and reframe that knowledge in a way that connects you to potential clients.

Legal Articles Writers Establish Credibility plus Trust with Your Potential Clients and Referral Sources

Legal content writing is about building credibility and trust in your community and leveraging that community to expand your own market through their internet of connections. Building reliability within your personal and expert relationships takes time. And traditional marketing methods can only extend so far due to your time constraints (e. g., meet and greet events, volunteering, participating in conferences, speaking engagements, etc . ).

Lawyers are also acutely aware of how their business often depends on the depth and breadth of the relationships with people. In the context of legal services, this particular largely centers around delivering high-quality, effective work products (the main reason why referrals from current and previous clients are so critical).

However , the opportunity to display the quality of your legal providers requires an initial investment of your time and rapport building together with your network, which includes the likes of:

  • Family and friends
  • The public
  • Fellow colleagues (i. electronic., other lawyers and legal professionals)
  • Additional professional service providers (e. gary the gadget guy., CPAs, financial advisors, insurance policy representatives, real estate agents, doctors, social workers, etc . )

Legal content marketing gives you a system to maintain contact and gradually strengthen the trust of your relationships with the above list of people.

So , when the moment comes that the member in your community requirements your legal services, they are ready to take the next procedure for engage with you or rapidly recommend your name. This happens because you’ve already spent time demonstrating your knowledge plus ability to help through your lawful content. With each part of quality content, your system becomes more aware of your presence as a thought leader within your practice area.

Industry-Specific Legal Articles Writers Don’t Require Much Training or Guidance

When you work with a lawful content writer, you can save money and time on researching, organizing, plus developing a great piece of legal content. That’s because industry-specific content writers have the requisite knowledge to either write on your topic with minimum research or can effectively research a topic.

Legal industry knowledge usually comes in two forms. The very first is through formal education (e. g., having a J. Deb. or other higher education). The other form of legal information can come from practical experience during a call as a law clerk, attorney, or other legal professional.

Having both forms of knowledge can be especially helpful as it means your legal content writer has the educational and practical background to provide your content true substantive depth. Other benefits of having a lawful content writer with considerable education and experience consist of:

  • The skills to effectively write on the topic with minimal direction and only having big-picture targets available.
  • The opportunity to ask important questions in regards to a content project when required.
  • Understanding how a specific piece of content may connect to other content on your site for optimal cross-linking and website development.
  • An appreciation for how complicated, vague, and uncertain laws can be and how that does not consistently translate into yes or no solutions. The benefit is providing transparent plus insightful discussion of legal issues for your potential clients.

Writers without business knowledge, in comparison, may struggle with going beyond the surface of the researched topic and may not fully appreciate how the subject applies to your prospective customers and their concerns. The end result is often content that just mimics what your competitors have previously done and doesn’t provide anything new to the table. This can make it difficult for your content to rank and, moreover, will not help you stand out to your market audience.

Your Legal Content Article writer Should Be Able to Combine Industry Knowledge with Internet Marketing Trends

When you rely on your own associates or other lawyers to prepare your marketing articles, you risk a final product that is overly technical and hard to read because of formatting, term choice, or syntax issues. Additionally , this method may not lead to optimal SEO performance when the content does not target helpful longtail keywords or satisfy other search engine trends.

Alternatively, using a marketing and advertising writer that has extensive SEO knowledge but limited lawful industry knowledge will give you a product that performs well on Google but won’t move the particular needle on your credibility with the reader.

The best content writer offers a well balanced solution to what would or else be a Catch-22. They have necessary knowledge to give your content level and context. However , additionally they appreciate how the content needs to read for your audience to find it via search engine results.

Meet Our Article writer

Why Use Communicate Writers

In Express Writers, we get great care to vet all our special sector writers, including our lawful content writers. Our legal context writers have substantial experience in the legal sector, previously working in attorney as well as other legal professional roles. They have advanced degrees and have the knowledge to distinguish your content substantively plus from an SEO viewpoint.

Going outside of their credentials, they eventually love their fields of study and revel in the opportunity to continue being a part of the industry in this impactful way.

As a lawyer, you may even find yourself often wearing several hats when trying to handle and grow your law exercise. You may act as the CEO, bookkeeper, hiring committee, and many other roles necessary for your business.

Consider hiring a lawful content writer and get internet marketing off your list of responsibilities. With our agency, you don’t have to consider trying to hire a freelancer writer for your content tasks – we do the heavy lifting.

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