5 Tips for Writing an Effective B2B Lead Generation Email

b2b lead generation emails

Believe it or not, email is still, by far, one of the most effective ways to generate sales leads . That being said, email is also one of the trickier content marketing channels to master. Deliver the wrong headline or miss to format correctly and – Bam! You’re hit with an opt-out request.

Don’t let your e-mail get sidelined, keep them within the inbox and out of the junk e-mail folder by creating innovative, personal, and compelling email messages.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create email automation your buddy by creating a series of email messages for new subscribers to keep your business on their mind.
  • Don’ t get lost within your potential leads’ inbox – stand out by putting your personality into your emails.
  • Create urgency in your body text, and most importantly inside your call to action.
  • All in all, write an email that you would want to understand.

One important email tactic is usually email automation . Sending a regular cadence of emails to new and existing subscribers is essential to keep your company on their thoughts.

What does a successful automated email marketing campaign involve? Let’s dive into the basics to set yourself up for success before we give you all of our best lead generation email tricks and tips.

Email Software Basics

So , someone lands themselves on the website, most likely through a Google search term . They read one of your great blogs and decide they wish to hear more from you. They sign up for your email e-newsletter and now, it’s time to put on a show.

Stated person might have signed up for numerous reasons. But no matter what their particular trigger was, they’re thinking about what you do.

A welcome email is phase number 1 . Tell them a little about your company, what you do greatest and even why you do it. This is also your chance to set expectations for what otherwise you have to offer.

After the welcome email you do have a few routes you can choose to take. Maybe you can emphasize some of your most popular choices; a profitable Ebook a person wrote, a video explaining a few of your best accomplishments, the most popular web pages on your blog, etc . The options are endless.

Don’t forget, potential leads aren’t interested in your service until they know how it can help them and alleviate their pain points . Your email series should include some information that talks to their priorities and problems. Emphasize how your company services help real people (that happen to be just like them).

Make your email automation series special to you. It’s your chance to really sell yourself – as well as your service.

So , how do you make the content of the emails work for you? You’re an expert on what you do, but maybe you will need some help with making the lead generation email magic occur. Luckily, you’ve landed yourself in the right place.

Here are 6 of our greatest tips when it comes to writing email messages to effectively generate B2B leads.

1 ) Don’t be a robot

Personalize your email messages. Give them personality, sass, and don’t forget hilarity . Automated email campaigns generally sound generic or just like a robot wrote them. Be better than that.

One of our favorite methods: Gifs! An image is worth 1, 000 words, right? Write an email that you would want to read and watch your click-through rates rise.

2 . Create urgency

In order to shift your readers to activity, you have to present urgency. After letting them know that you understand their particular situation and that you have the actual need, you should imply that they ought to act immediately.

You can do this a few different ways. Amazon and other ecommerce retailers try this by putting a deadline on their deals. Want totally free shipping or next day shipping? You have to order in the next twenty minutes!

Within the B2B world you can highlight how limited your offer is as well. Maybe you only have a few spots left for your webinar or you’re just accepting a handful of more clients each month. Either way, make it known that you’re in high demand and your reader doesn’t want to skip their chance.

The vocabulary you utilize to understanding this urgency is important as well. Using words like today, limited time only, rush and don’t miss out will help you speak to your reader directly.

This sentiment goes for your call to action as well, or even more importantly.

3 or more. Use a Call To Action (CTA)

Make sure your CTA is clear, concise and irresistible within design so that it compels you to follow through on your preferred action. Again, your choice of vocabulary here matters.

Here are four CTA’s that are proven to function ;

  • Start Your Free Trial
  • Download Ebook At this point
  • Watch/Book Demo
  • Learn More

While all of them have action words in common, there are other factors that assist elevate their effectiveness. The style (bold font, color textual content, italics etc . ), placement and optimization matter as well.

Place the CTA somewhere after the initial pitch, and then repeat it near the end. This way your reader has 2 opportunities to click. Make the design enticing and be sure to try out different CTA’ s plus graphic options to optimize its effect.

4. Keep it simple

The ideal email length is only 50 to 200 words. Time is certainly money, and that applies to each your time and your readers.

Emails this duration had a 50% response price. Remember, yours is not the only email hitting your reader’s inbox today (far from it) so keep it clear, concise and compelling.

This goes for your own email subject line as well. Mailchimp , one of the leading email software services, recommends keeping it under 9 words or 60 characters.


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5. Make it legible

Keep your email messages engaging and readable by using short, descriptive words that paint a picture. Keep your paragraphs short and remember to make great use of “white space” for making your email easier to learn.

Creating email messages to generate business leads involves a lot of trial and error and will require a great deal of A/B testing plus a careful eye on your analytics, but don’t get discouraged.

Keep refining your approach, pitch, as well as the overall design, as you can usually get better. You can also try to put yourself in the reader’s shoes or boots and think about what kind of message might compel YOU to take those next step.

Don’t forget, having information that can help your own potential customer with their pain factors is a key in getting (and holding) their attention. If you need help with your content plan, check out our weekly content marketing service or schedule the free appointment today.

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