5 Types of Tools that Enhance Presales Engagement

You’re prepared to get where you’re heading, every red light encouraging a little more impatience. Then you feel a bump, and understand the telltale signs of a set tire. You’re already frustrated as you pull over and then details get worse. You don’t have a tire jack.

It’s the particular age-old problem: lacking the correct tool for the job.

So many problems in life become manageable if you have the right tool to solve them. That’s as much the case when you’re aiming to make your job run smoother as when you’re stranded on a highway wishing you had a tire jack. Regarding presales professionals, investing in the perfect tools is an important step in developing a process that:

  • Results in higher engagement with prospects, so more of them make it through each stage from the funnel
  • Helps position a person as more of a strategic head than an administrative factor
  • Enables you to work more effectively along with colleagues across departments
  • Cuts down on the time you spend on repetitive tasks
  • Helps you close a lot more valuable deals—the main goal of the job

But you need to be careful. Application sprawl —having a lot of tools in your tech collection —can cause its own share associated with problems. You need the correct tools for maximum RFP automation ROI . The ones that will actually make the presales experience softer for both you and potential buyers.

5 Tools to Increase Presales Engagement

Developing the appropriate presales process, supported from the right products, will make your job easier and increase your success rates. For most presales professionals, you will find five main categories of tools you want represented in your product sales stack.

1 . Knowledge Management

So much of presales engineering is about knowledge. Prospects need to know that a product is going to do what they need, even if they don’t understand all the technical details required for that to happen. Presales engineers are the owners of that knowledge, and RFPIO ® LookUp is vital to access it from any kind of browser or Microsoft Office. But with the right knowledge management tool, you don’t have to be the only one with access to that knowledge.

A knowledge bottom product allows you to keep a record of the answers to typical questions, and organize details so it’s easier to discover when needed. By improving findability and enabling you to share content with the right people in the business, it cuts down on time invested answering the same questions again and again. And when your colleagues possess easier access to knowledge, they’ll reply to prospects faster, enhancing presales engagement and creating a better overall experience.

2 . Communication and Collaboration

Making a good experience for potential clients and customers requires productive collaboration between all customer-facing teams. Presales must work together with the sales team to make sure all of a prospect’s questions get answered quickly and properly, or risk losing the particular sale. And communication in between presales and customer support is important for keeping customers happy after purchase.

Technology can help more efficient communication, especially a lot more teams work remotely. Slack offers asynchronous messaging, therefore coworkers can reply when they’re able. And video conferencing products like Focus are good for connecting over virtual meetings.

3. Proposal Automation

Every time you have to push aside other tasks to do the tedious work of completing a proposal, it takes period away from other responsibilities. Plans are important for winning deals, but the time cost is likely impacting your ability to comprehensive other tasks important to presales engagement.

A proposal automation tool, like RFPIO , can give you back again most of that time while furthermore improving the number of proposals a person win. Every answer you provide is saved in the knowledge base. The product then identifies which questions on future proposals have already been answered, and fills the reactions in automatically. That leaves you more time to customize the parts of the proposal that merit a personal contact, which is key for improving win rates.

4. Customer Relationship Management

Proposals aren’t the only area where personalization matters. In every interaction with prospects and customers, you would like to have current information on their own relationship with the company as much as that point. And each time you gain valuable information about a prospect, you want the sales plus customer support teams to have access to that data moving forward.

That’s where customer relationship administration (CRM) software like Salesforce is so valuable. You can ensure everyone that interacts with a prospect is up-to-date upon where they are in the product sales process and has all appropriate information about the account. That’s key for making every connection personalized to their needs when you move them toward a purchase.

5. Data Selection and Analysis

You need to understand your own presales process to improve it. Technology can collect information that provides insights into queries like:

  • What does your current process look like?
  • What kind of actions most often lead to sales?
  • Which proposals are most worth your time, based on which ones you’ve won in the past?
  • What types of clients are most likely to purchase?

An instrument that collects this information and makes it easy to analyze provides you with fuel to improve your process and win more sales. And you likely won’t have to seek out a specific product for this specific purpose. Most of the tools used in the other categories on this list will have reporting and analytics features built in.

In most organizations, vital sales data is spread across multiple platforms, which usually when combined, paint a complete picture of a customer’s journey and the overall sales procedure.

RFPIO integrates with most CRMs – including Salesforce and Hubspot, along with messages tools such as Slack, Google Drive, and Microsoft Groups – providing incremental insights that can be used to track how presales is impacting the entire corporation.

Additionally , RFPIO ® LookUp enables users in order to conveniently gather company information from a browser or Microsoft Office, even from home.

Utilize the Presales Tools You Choose Efficiently

Selecting the right tools for the work is an important first step. However for you to reap their benefits, you need to use them effectively. Be cautious about how to best integrate the presales tools you choose into your process, and how to ensure they all effectively work together.

Buying more sales products won’t help you improve presales wedding, but the right products used right way will.


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