6 B2B Content Marketing Summer Sizzlers To Increase Audience Engagement

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Dog surfing in the summer of B2B marketing image. I’m going to juntine king knock on wood as I type this, yet: It looks like we might possess a (mostly) normal summer this season in the U. S. After the lockdowns, isolation, anxiety plus fear of 2020, it finally feels like things are opening up. This is all great for everything except getting people to understand your marketing content. Within 2020 we had a attentive audience starved for enjoyment. Now we’ll be competing with everything from music festivals to movies to strolling in the park. The way to break through and have a “hot brand summer? ” 1st, don’t use phrases such as “hot brand summer, ” because you’ll just make people hate you. Second, it is all about customer engagement. This means connecting with people on a individual level, offering something novel and fascinating, and using that will contact to build a significant relationship. No sweat, right? According to a recent survey, though, 54% of brands possess trouble connecting with customers on an emotional level. And only 22% say they exceed when it comes to customer experience! Just how can B2B marketers make their particular content more engaging? Here are some tips.

1 — Go Live

Uncensored. Interactive. Up close and personal. There are nothing quite like a live stream to break free from secure and boring content. There is a reason every social media site, from Instagram to LinkedIn, is doing live streams. Granted, going live is not with no its risks. If you’re concerned about potential slip-ups or off-message chatter, you can always practice ahead of time. Live doesn’t have to suggest “completely improvised and unscripted. ” A few more tips for heading live:

  • Consider hiring a web host to help keep the conversation moving
  • Have somebody behind the scenes to watch the opinion thread and engage the particular audience
  • Make use of a tool like restream pertaining to multi-platform streaming
  • Prime the pump meant for audience questions by having employees in the audience with pre-written questions.
  • Make sure to record the stream regarding repurposing later

2 — Take Individuals Behind the Scenes

“Authenticity” any of those marketing buzzwords that makes an easy thing seem hard. People like brands that are “authentic? ” No, individuals like to know there are real people of good will at your workplace behind the brand’s messages. That’s all authenticity means: Real people saying accurate things. Let your workers be brand ambassadors on social media. Go behind the scenes to satisfy the folks who make your own brand’s magic happen. Emphasize employee stories, even if they will aren’t directly related to the brand. For example , if an employee is an Eagle Scout who else now runs their own scouting troop, that’s a heartwarming and engaging story that subtly shows off your brand name values. In short, when you’re going behind the scenes, look to enjoy your people and even your clients.

3 Consider Interactive Content

None of us would use a mobile phone from the late 90s today. So why are we nevertheless so enamored of a content format that hasn’t changed in the past 30 years? That outdated standby, the static PDF, has lost a lot of the power to persuade. Our agency has been seeing better results along with interactive, animated assets. For instance , this one from client Mitel brings our stats and influencer contributions to life. Equipment like Ceros make creating an interactive asset nearly as easy as a static 1. You don’t have to create an entire immersive VR experience to tug at people’s attention, either — just a few touches of computer animation, interactivity and sound can be a long way.

4 Explore Social-First Content

We all know how the blog to social media pipeline works: You publish a blog, url to it on your social media, plus hope people click that will link. If they don’t click through, it’s a lose-lose situation. Neither your brand name nor your audience is getting any utility out of the content. One way to change the equation is certainly through social-first content: That is, content designed to be taken right there in the social media give food to. For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is the right destination for social-first content. For example , consider cutting a blog post into 150-200 word segments and posting it on LinkedIn, having a hashtag to make it easy to find all of the installments. Ask a question at the end of each segment that’s made to elicit discussion, then participate in that conversation as long as this goes. Ultimately, social-first content can help grow your brand’s social media marketing presence and deepen interactions with your audience. And you can still collect the content and publish it as a blog afterwards, too!

5 Collaborate with Influencers

As you may have noticed, TopRank Marketing is pretty sold on changer marketing . There’s one simple reason: When you do it right, it will get results. Every time. Everything from the social media post to a blog post to a 5, 000 phrase interactive asset is better with influencer contributions. We co-create content with influencers for many factors, including:

  • Increased organic amplification of the content
  • More diverse and informative content material
  • Reaching brand new audiences
  • Building relationships with influential professionals

Over time, you can build up a residential area of influencers to co-create content that benefits all of them, your brand, and your target audience.

6 Calculate Engagement Metrics

One key element for increasing engagement is to … well … measure it. If you’re still looking at overall blog traffic or bounce rates to define your content success, you need to recalibrate your metrics to include engagement signifiers like:

  • Comments on social media posts
  • Reshares on interpersonal posts
  • Brand new social media followers
  • Scroll depth on online assets
  • Period on page for long-form blog posts

Break Out of Your own Comfort Zone

Ready to possess a hot brand summer (sorry)? It’s as simple and as complex as doing things that a person haven’t done before. It’s pushing your brand far from the staid and static old-school B2B mindset and putting out content that individuals want to interact with, comment on, and promote. Need more proof? Here’s how interactive content for our client Prophix led to a 642% increase in wedding .

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