6 Design Ideas to Level Up your Content Curation

6 Design Ideas to Level Up your Content Curation

Content curation has become an essential part of many content marketing strategies for both small and large organizations. There are numerous benefits to sharing external content through your marketing channels. Curated assets enrich and add value to a brand’ s community of followers, improving traffic growth, leads, credibility and SEO. Putting time into carefully curating content is a great solution to navigate the rapidly changing consumer environment, by building trust and a strong brand identity. If you’re new to content curation, read on to discover some very nice ways to level up your curation strategy and avoid common mistakes.  

What is curated content?

Content curation is the act of researching, creating, and distributing content highly relevant to your audience through your marketing channels. Just like any other kind of marketing, your online content ought to be engaging, relevant, and curated for specific channels and target audiences.  

Content curation is a great way to fill in gaps in your social media marketing schedule or newsletter campaigns. Remember that curating this type of material should be done with careful consideration and an in-depth knowledge of your audience, brand identity and marketing strategy. Sharing content from other sources can increase brand awareness and increase customer engagement, and statistics show 85% of B2B marketers credited curated content to their organization’ s success. This style of content has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and marketing experts say it can be vital for companies.  

Infographic by Brafton

Why use a Content Curation tool?  

Content curation tools will give you a competitive edge, keep your content fresh and relevant and have a lot of the leg workout of curation. They can assist you to enhance audience engagement, build trust and establish your brand as a thought leader on the knife’s edge of current news and events. Don’t let your brand be bogged down by only promotional content – your customers, people and partners want to be inspired by and know your brand’ s personality .

6 Design Ideas to Level Up Your Content Curation

1 . Create Curated Newsletters

Alongside social media, email has become a go-to marketing trend in 2021. Newsletters are not new, but these miniature publications are becoming increasingly popular with brands and marketing experts. Brands can leverage curated content in weekly newsletters to become a valuable source, giving subscribers access to the latest news, events and thought leadership pieces. Storythings, a strategy and content company based in London, are nailing their weekly newsletters . Including feature articles for marketers and alternative media in the form of creative nonfiction, podcasts and art, the cultural and thought-provoking material appeals to their audience of savvy advertisers and marketing strategists.

  Illustration by Hanna Lee Joshi  

2 . Turn Data Into Infographics

Infographics are visual representations of data or information. They might require very little explanation and are easily understood by most people. Marketers are now favoring infographics in order to share important facts and statistics about their business or industry. They are also a succinct and engaging method to tell your brand story. Adding infographics to your social media content strategy is an excellent way to educate your audience and build trust and transparency. They can range from current news and events, to data and information on a brand’ s business model or charitable input. Take the Brafton content marketing company, who have created the savvy cocktail infographic below to spell out curated content strategy. Quick and pithy visual material is the best way to gain and keep maintaining your audience’ s attention.  

Infographic by Brafton

3. Keep Content Consistent Across All Marketing Channels

Brands are leaning in to curated content as a way to connect to customers, and it’s an advisable investment. If you’re willing to start including curated content in your calendar, ensure your brand identity and message remains consistent across all channels. Consistent brands are worth 20% more than businesses with unclear messaging. Curated content is meant to build trust and authority, not confuse your audience. Sporting brand Nike are nailing their curated social media content at this time. They share videos, user-generated content and photography across TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. The external content is inspiring, athletic and aligns with their overall ethos— Just do it .

Photo by Todd Antony  

4. Use a Wide Variety of Content Types

Don’t limit your curated content – stay in the loop by keeping a finger on the pulse of social media and graphics design trends . Relevant and trending content will interest and engage your audience, so feel free to use everything from videos, illustrations and photos to quotes and user-generated content to build authority. SanDisk , a USB flash drive company, is a great source for social media inspiration. They use their product identity to curate content about photography, reposting stunning high definition photos and sharing infographics and facts on environmental sustainability.

Infographic by Postcron

5. Create Quote Overlay Posts

You don’ t always need to explain the curated content you’re sharing with lengthy captions – quote overlays are just as effective in terms of giving context to your story. Inspirational quotes are proven to trigger emotional responses and inspire creativity and there are plenty of options to choose from. Depending on your brand identity, you can use humor, testimonials or information on industry trends.  

Quotes coupled with infographics, videos and photographs are easy visuals that excite and engage our senses. Just make sure you choose something that’s both consistent with your brand and inclusive, take care not to offend or appropriate the experiences of others. Understanding your audience is just as crucial as researching the quote you’re using!  

Post by Fotor

6. Use Content Curation Tools 

Over half of marketers agree content creation could be the top priority for businesses wanting to succeed on social media. But staying on track with your curated content marketing can be tricky. Luckily, there are tools available for marketers and businesses attempting to better reach and engage their audience. Content marketing tools are essential and worthwhile investments in our digital age. Content curation software like Scoop. It enables you to research and distribute content across multiple platforms. You can quickly organize, sort, publish and disseminate content for your brand, and get the best return on investment.  

Infographic by Scoop. It

To Wrap Up… 

Remember, curated content is supplementary to your current marketing plan and should always run in parallel. Make sure to check back with your social networking strategy, and look out for trending topics that are relevant for your customers. Content curation can be a great way to grow your business and connect with an audience, and there are plenty of tools open to start your next project. You won’t just build confidence and rapport with customers, but establish yourself in industry as a reliable and sought-after voice too.  

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