6 Examples of Genius Brand Storytelling You Have to See

If you haven’ to figured out how to tell your brand’ s story well, you are missing out on the huge revenue-boosting potential of your content marketing strategy . The correct brand narrative has the power to improve the value of your business’s product or service by over 20 instances.

Why does the storyplot matter? It is what makes your brand significant. It’s the inspiring copy, the well-thought-out Instagram content and web site design, and the compelling video that will turns mashed peanuts into Peter Pan Peanut Butter.

What Describes Great Brand Stories?

When marketing storytelling is done well, it:

  • Clearly determines what your brand is all about – its purpose, primary values, and mission
  • Offers the consumer more than just a product or service, but rather an experience that transcends routine reality
  • Inspires the reader or viewer in order to step into that experience. This is done by crafting content in such a way that your audience feels as though they’d risk losing access to this somehow sublime connection with being a part of your brand name if they don’t buy, adhere to, or sign up right now.
  • Will boost your leads by as much as 16 times!

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Whether you are trying to persuade someone they can’t live without creamy peanut butter on toast or the economic advisory services that can fixed them up for a comfortable, vacation-filled retirement, it’s through the way you tell the story of your brand and what you are selling that you make a direct effect. This is how you can wield the real magic of experienced content marketers.

Listed here are the brand story examples that will show you just how powerful your content can be.

1 . Marriott’s #AtTheMoxy

Moxy is Marriott International’s new boutique hotel brand that caters to millennial globetrotters. The brand is a trendy harmony of luxury-chic accommodation, youth hostel, and all-night bar. The internet marketers for Moxy have crafted a brilliantly entertaining movie series, Perform Not Disturb , which features the host, Taryn Southern, dishing up her best cheeky antics with social media influencers like Amy Pham and Oli Whitened.

Every episode, uber-cool Instagram shot and even the hip black and green site design tell the Moxy story – and allude to expert mixologist services. What wanderlust-struck twenty or 30-something can withstand?

2 . Warby Parker Eyewear

Positioning themselves as the option to the high-priced, oligopolized eyewear industry, Warby Parker does not just sell quality cup frames and sunglasses. It invites its customers to become part of the brand’s movement

Supply: warbyparker. com/history

That’s a story every hipster with less than 20/20 vision would appreciate – and tell their friends about. Warby Parker has got the whole storytelling thing correct, providing a socially-conscious brand using a genuine vision. The company gives a portion of their monthly income to their nonprofit partners to create basic eye care and affordable eyewear available to organizations in developing countries. This particular huge gesture is just a part of the Warby Parker story. Then one which can yield a lifetime commitment through customers .

3. Zendesk Alternative

Zendesk, the makers of customer support software, created probably the most hilarious and ingenious advertising campaigns to drum upward interest in their company. Their ‘anti-storytelling’ has the effect of producing their brand extremely likable and even trustworthy as they ensemble a very human impression – something any small business owner would certainly appreciate from an SaaS provider.

Source: zendeskalternative. com

Rather than creating a video to tell the story of Zendesk, they crafted an entertaining video regarding Zendesk Alternate . Which happens to be a fictional indie rock band, frustrated that a customer care company ‘stole’ their band name, yet admitting their particular need for Zendesk’s services to help keep their careers going. To finish this masterful example away beautifully, the band produces a cheesy jingle regarding the importance of customer service.

4. MouthFoods

Mouth is a living, breathing anthology for some of the most passionate food and beverage makers in the us. The company exists to tell the particular (really interesting) brand stories behind the indie makers of everything from artisanal chocolates and hand-made pastas in order to small-batch tequila and gourmet honey – and to sell the food and beverage items as gift packages plus subscriptions on their mouth-watering e-commerce site.

Source: Instagram. com/p/BRikPoxgAf1/

You have to admit, learning about apples, cultivated on a small orchard within upstate New York by people that view making cider among the last vestiges of accurate American folk culture, can be quite compelling marketing. By publishing the personal stories of the small businesses proprietors who make these products, Mouth adds a whole new level of meaning and value to the items they sell.

five. Nike – Equality Marketing campaign

Nike offers always excelled at brand name storytelling. One of their best promotions is Equality. It makes a strong statement about the company being a force for positive social change, offering something more to today’s athletes than just a pair of sneakers and branded workout gear. This is an sort of using brand storytelling for connecting with the audience, inviting them to become a part of a collective movement by wearing Nike items, or at the very least, engaging on social media, such as sharing one of the brand’s always inspiring video clips.

6. SoulCycle – Find Your Soul

SoulCycle has come plan a powerful story to compel people to pay close to the price equivalent of a monthly membership rights at your typical gym, for one 45-minute class. While this brand does offer a high-end fitness experience, with a focus on atmosphere (there’s music, the instructors are more inspirational speaker than fitness coaches, and there are candles), it’s the story that entices people to give it a try.

Source: Soul-cycle. com/our-story/

SoulCycle offers a tribal, transcendent experience with every workout. “Our riders talk about a SOUL experience. All of us laugh, we cry, we grow – and we get it done together, as a community. ” There’s the promise associated with real motivation and a sense of belonging. The high-powered workout almost becomes an afterthought to the excitement associated with signing up for a SoulCycle cardio party.

Great brand stories may not change the world, but they will allow your target market understand why your own brand is worth their money and time.

As Serta McAdams, PhD, author plus professor of clinical psychology at Northwestern University states, “If you want to know myself, then you must know my tale, for my story identifies who I am. ”

Image credit: Pixabay

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