6 Ways to Use Content Curation to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

6 Ways to Use Content Curation to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

Articles curation can be hugely beneficial for your marketing campaign and help you save a lot of time. In fact , in nowadays competitive digital marketing area, content curation is almost a necessity. Building your brand relevance, saving time and energy, and connecting with your audience are some of the numerous benefits of content curation.

Your brand’s image is the articles you share because it’s how your audience sees you. So , it is essential to share content that enables you to connect to your audience emotionally. An AI content writing tool can make your content more impactful by optimizing the right emotions.

Sharing your original content is great, but giving your own audience the taste of curated content once in a while can work miracles for your business. No wonder 60% of B2B marketers declare content curation can help to produce engaging content! Also, if you want to give your curated content a personal touch, you can always how to use AI article writing tool to be able to more impactful by customizing the right emotions.

This blog covers the nitty-gritty of articles curation. It will also highlight its advantages and how you can use content curation to scale your articles marketing strategy.  

Let’s get started!

What is Content Curation?

When you select content created by others and share it with your viewers, it is called content curation. The selected content can be anything from an informative article from a company in your sector to a topical post that will relates to your signature product or service.  

Advantages of content curation

Let’s briefly look at the several benefits of content curation:

  • Easy fix for spaces in your content calendar

Your content marketing strategy must include posting at least thrice per week to your various social media platforms. However , if you encounter gaps in your social media content work schedule, then content curation is a convenient way to fix them.  

  • Time and energy efficiency

Producing your first content each day can be time-consuming and require effort a person and your team. However , curating content can give you much-needed relief as it requires much less time and energy.  

  • Building brand name reputation

Content curation establishes your reputation being an expert in your industry whenever you share content from renowned brands. This provides your viewers with additional value plus multiple perspectives to feel as if they have made the right choice to follow you.  

  • Building your network

It allows you to foster amity with other brands in your sector when you share their content material on your platforms, thus helping to build your network. This might encourage them to share your content, thereby boosting your brand presence.

How to Leverage Content Curation to aide Your Marketing Campaign

Here’s how you can leverage content curation to accelerate your marketing strategy that impeccable content.

Content curation, if done correctly, could be the easier way to maintain the content material flow and, at the same time, enables you to connect with your audience and gain their trust. Various content writing tools can help you along with sharing curated content. Let’s go over some proper ways to curate content that will contribute to the success of your marketing campaign.  

  1. Learn what your viewers cares about

The very first thing to do when curating content material is research. Research is the backbone of any marketing campaign, and, in this case, you need to study your audience thoroughly. You need to understand what your target audience wants and doesn’t like to talk about content that appeals to all of them.

You can create audience gentes as it allows you to think of them as real people with preferences. Find out about their concerns plus their lifestyles. This will help you know exactly what your target audience desires and how you can deliver it in your curated content.

  1. Choose a reputable source pertaining to curated content

All of your curated articles should always become from a reputable source regardless of your industry. Checking sources ensures that the content is clean, relevant, and accurate. You should check the Domain Authority (DA) of websites before curating your content. The higher the DE UMA, the more reputable the site is definitely.  

For finding relevant content material that your audience will immediately connect with, the following sources could be of help:

  • Twitter Trends

Try to find some thing relevant to your brand in the trending hashtags on Tweets.  

  • Major News Outlets

Big names in the news industry understand what is more likely to engage people, so they can help you find something recent that will immediately draw your own audience’s attention.

  • Buzzsumo

You can use Buzzsumo regarding analyzing trending content and finding out what is relevant plus trending by putting in specific keywords.  

  • Your own Existing Network

You need to closely follow your industry contemporaries. This would constantly act as a source for good quality content for your audience.  

  1. Fact-check the content

Before sharing any content with your own audience, ensure that your content will be authentic. You cannot take almost everything on the internet at face value.  

Sharing inaccurate articles can easily break the trust you have spent years creating with your audience. It is very important that you check the facts stated in the content are accurate.  

  1. Add your personal context

Adding your own take or perspective upon curated content is something that sets you apart. It lets your audience connect with you even though the shared articles is from another source. There are several ways to share your thoughts when curating content.

You can summarize the content by highlighting the key takeaways, asking questions related to the content, or expressing a relevant quote.

If incorporating your personal context seems just a little challenging to you, you can use Instoried . This brilliant AI content writing tool analyzes the tones and feelings of your text and provides a person with recommendations for emotionally targeted content.  

  1. Quoting the original content

Maintaining ethical standards is essential to uphold the trustworthiness of your brand. Never forget that sharing someone else’s content material is fine, but stealing is not. Plagiarism is a big ‘no’ when representing your brand online through content writing plus marketing. It can tarnish your hard-earned reputation in a single whack and can even result in legal differences.  

Therefore , whenever you curate content, you must always hyperlink the source or tag their particular social media accounts. Content curation can only help your marketing campaign when you respect the original content material creators.  

  1. Timetable curated posts in advance

Publishing content at the right time on various social networking platforms can be a game-changer for the marketing campaign. That is why it is imperative to plan posts properly in advance, so you do not have to make sure to manually post content at the right time on every social media channel.  

You do not have to be at your desk all day and night. So , booking posts in advance can save you a lot of time and ensure that the curated articles reaches your audience as well as the engagement level is higher.  

By now, you must end up being well-acquainted with content curation, its advantages, and how to get it done the right way. Let’s give you a lot more insight into content curation with the below-mentioned infographic.


Content curation is an effective way to drive engagement from the target audience and increase your brand name presence when done the right way. It helps you maintain a normal posting schedule without investing in much time and effort.  

It allows you to maintain conversations with your audience about well-known topics. As a result, it will enable you to pick up on your audience’s preferences easily and quickly. You can see what kind of content your audience loves to engage with and share to people.  


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