7 Benefits of Using Visuals in Content Marketing

7 Benefits of Using Visuals in Content Marketing

Plain text without images or pictures is a thing of the previous. Have you ever noticed that your eyes get immediately captivated simply by visuals and images when you scan textual information either in a newspaper or on the internet blog post? The same holds true with regards to engaging the existing and prospective customers through your content marketing campaigns. Content marketing lets you put the value of your offerings (products/services) into words. And when you combine the power of phrases with the charisma of visuals, it elevates the effectiveness of your own marketing efforts beyond your creativity.

Nowadays, when customers really want businesses to put considerable energy and time into enticing them to possess a meaningful connection with their brand, a well-thought-out content online marketing strategy incorporated with varied visual methods can do wonders. If you are also planning to launch a new content marketing campaign and looking for the right reasons to invest in visual content, you have landed at the right place. In this blog post, we have listed some of the most significant benefits of visual content marketing. Have a look!

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  1. Reduce Bounce Rate

Not really getting enough leads even after launching a well-planned articles marketing campaign? It indicates a higher bounce rate and implies that there is certainly something wrong with your technique. A higher bounce rate shows the ineffectiveness of your articles marketing campaign in convincing the users/visitors to stay and react on your CTA (call-to-action). Properly, you can reduce the bounce rate by incorporating high-resolution visuals in your campaign.

Visuals, such as images, videos, charts, graphs, GIFs, memes, etc ., increase the legibility of the content and ensure it is more engaging, thereby engaging the lead’s attention and increasing the conversion price.

Pro Tips:

  • Use and high-quality images.
  • Pictures must be congruent with the general ethos and style of the particular brand.
  • Combine the right fonts, shapes, and colors in the visuals to get more traction.

Example: Rypple, a web-based social overall performance management platform, witnessed a 20% spike in conversion rate by inserting an explainer video on top of its squeeze page.

Source: https://www.crackitt.com/how-explainer-videos-reduce-bounce-rate-increase-sales/
  1. Stay in Memory for Lengthy

According to Lynell Burmark, a proponent of visual literacy, “ …unless our words, ideas, ideas are hooked on to an image, they will go in 1 ear, sail through the human brain, and go out the other ear. Words are processed by our short-term memory exactly where we can only retain about seven bits of information (plus or minus 2). Pictures, on the other hand, go directly into long-term memory where they are indelibly etched. ”

Research have established the fact that humans have an outstanding ability to encode photos faster than spoken phrases. The human brain is more inclined towards images and is set up to secure the visual information deep in the memory from the viewers. Further, studies have also proven that 65% of the population are visual learners. So , if you want your market to store information within their long-term memory, complement the content with meaningful images. Furthermore, visuals make it easy to seem sensible out of the complex content and increase the retention rate.

Pro Tip – If you genuinely wish to increase the visual retention, ensure that the images you are using are not badly resized, over-compressed, or pixelated.

  1. Improve SEO Ranking

Struggling to get your articles noticed and generate organic visibility? Use visuals inside your content marketing campaign to increase user engagement and rank upon search engines. Content marketing campaigns with images have a higher click-through rate, which means more leads. Moreover, images are usually highly shareable, which assists your content gain more presence and engagement on social networking, ultimately increasing your brand understanding.

Visuals make content more comprehensive and digestible, producing the audience spend more time in the page. It will reduce the bounce rate and increase the typical time spent, ensuring better SEO ranking and efficiency. Further, you can get high-quality backlinks from other high-domain authority internet sites, which pushes the position of your page on search engines like google.

Pro Tip – Since Google can’t read visual articles, the algorithm searches for images by linking them with each other or matching shapes in other images. Thus, to generate a lot more visibility, you must use optimized visual content in your technique.

  1. Easy and Quicker to Process

As a reader, what would you prefer to refer to the most – a complex concept explained through a well-written 1000-word content with no images or the same concept explained in a visually appealing manner through a video clip or infographic? We are pretty sure that you will prefer the second option!

Pictures add to the richness of textual information. Human eyes may register 36, 000 visual messages per hour, and the human brain can process images sixty, 000 times faster compared to text. 90% of information or data transmitted to the brain is visual. You can reap maximum benefits if you prepare your content marketing strategy taking into account all these details.

By including images plus visuals in your campaign, you provide the audience with some thing more in addition to just text, prompting them to absorb the particular complex information within a brief snippet of time.  

  1. Define Brand Character Impactfully

What comes to your mind first whenever we talk about the two most popular brand names – Apple and Nike pas cher? Well, it is their basic, clean, sleek, and effective images that say a lot about the brands’ personality. Is not it?

Visuals provide information into who you are, what you are usually about, and why people should prefer you over competitors. By aligning the brand’s visual assets with all the brand’s personality, you can obtain the trust of prospective customers and increase the revenue of the business. In addition , visuals create a positive and strong brand name persona, making customers really feel connected with your services, products, and overall business.

Pro Tip – The reputation of your brand gets impacted by the particular images you choose to represent it. Customers feel more associated with your brand if the images look great and resonate together at the emotional level. Therefore , before choosing an image for the campaign, make sure it convey your brand message deservingly.

  1. Influence Human being Emotions

In order to elicit a strong emotional response, use visual metaphors. Visible information and emotions are processed in the same part of the brain, generating memories. Moreover, visuals have the power to shape human behavior and belief; they might put your target audience in a state of contemplation or capture their mood. So , by leveraging the correct visuals in their campaigns, marketers can influence the designed audience’s perception of their services and products in a positive manner.  

To sum up, visuals act as anchors and trigger emotions in viewers, ultimately increasing details retention. Visuals impact the particular perception of the audience for your brand, interacting with them on a primal and emotional level.

  1. Encourage the particular Audience to Take Action

With reducing attention ranges, the role of visuals has become undeniable in the articles marketing sphere for producing higher user engagement. Pictures provide comprehensibility to the content material without losing its legibility, thus making it easy for the particular viewers to grab the important key takeaways without reading the text in its entirety. Visuals offer them the direction on which they are supposed to do next.

Pro Tip – To drive your target audience to take the actions you desire, make use of actionable words or CTAs (call-to-action), such as “Give us a call to learn more” or “Download now, ” etc ., on the images.

Example: See how Dropbox has taken its content marketing strategy to the next level simply by including the “Get Dropbox” CTA on its website’s homepage.  

The Inference

There is no denying the fact that the role of visuals in content marketing and advertising is growing tremendously in this digital era. High-definition visuals, such as infographics, images, icons, GIFs, etc ., quickly capture the attention of the audience more than simple text. In a nutshell, a perfect mixture of visuals and content within your marketing campaign can drive substantial growth to your business and place it apart from the competitors.  

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