7 Lead Management Tools That Will Save You Hours

Successfully managing prospective customers often feels like a thunderous task.

Prospective customers are great, but there’s a long road between a lead and a sale. Managing your own leads during the process can be mind-boggling.

Converting leads into revenue requires marketing experts everywhere to manage and nurture an on-going relationship with their leads.

This usually entails the long hard task of isolating legitimate prospects from time wasters, organizing data and regularly tracking key leads on a regular basis. Sometimes, you also need to use competitive intelligence tools to try and steal your competitors’ clients.

Lead generation plus management is 61% associated with marketers biggest challenges. Portion of this is because of all of the moving components involved.

Through inquiries to lead qualification , in order to tracking, to nurturing, all the process requires a different type of attention to detail. Not to mention the truth that the sales funnel looks different for almost every consumer.

Challenges of lead generation

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In order to gets right down to it, manual lead management can be a huge, boring and largely ineffective task. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that can help your company get the job done faster.

Here are some of our favorites:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is definitely an effective tool from the beginning from the lead generation process to the end. This tool has specific research experiences geared towards finding worthwhile leads.

There is also features to set your own sales team up for success through email management. By assisting understand your audience, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you and your team make faster choices.

The application shows relevant information about contacts by pulling from it’s parent site, LinkedIn, to help your own team have access to all the information they need.


Zoominfo is the one stop shop for company data. The application organizes and cross references information between companies to help you discover not only who’s in your marketplace, but who within that will group has buyer intent that matches your items.

Zoominfo has application options that can help organize emails, automate and customize website chats, and optimize timing for outreach. They help you find the right buyer, in the right time, with the correct message.


Known for their Google Workspace integration, Copper positions by themselves as a user-friendly lead management tool. The software offers comprehensive, living timelines regarding the product sales process.

These people boast having zero understanding curve and being easy to manage. Not only that, but Copper has software options for once the deal is closed. By doing this the project can be given birth to in and live in the Copper software.


Boomerang is a Googlemail extension built to help organize your company email. The installment offers email features such as the boomerang button. This feature literally boomerangs the inbound mail you aren’t ready for however.

Say you will get an email that you know will be essential come next week, but you’re in the middle of this week’s clutter. The boomerang feature brings emails back to you when they are more relevant to your schedule. They appear right back towards the top of your inbox as unopened.

Search engines Groups

In comes another Google application. Google Groups can be obtained to anyone that has a search engines account, the same way Search engines Docs is.

Groups allows you to send group emails through one current email address, offering connectivity without the clutter. Google Groups can also be used to discuss topics, events, and anything else your team might need to speak about.

All you have to perform is create a group within Google; for instance, everyone focusing on a particular sales project. After that simply forward emails or share contacts without worrying about adding each member to a new thread.

Sprout Social

It’s nearly 2022, social media is everywhere, all the time. Social media integration is really a must-have in any sales collection. You can generate customer data simply by monitoring your company’s social media marketing activity with web-based equipment like Sprout Social.

Sprout Social provides your company the opportunity to look at rich social insights and data to help inform decision making in the social realm. From wedding to scheduling, this application helps streamline the social media process that can feel therefore complicated at times.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot’s Client Relationship Management tool helps organize the lead generation and sales timeline so you do not have to dig through emails and calendars to see where you left off or what’s next.

Their software program can also help organize your sales team to make sure no one is getting left behind or slips with the cracks.

Continuous lead management is an important part of any kind of healthy business. Lead administration tools are a smart method to stay on top of the constantly transforming market to help your company stay on top. Tools like these may also help your company more effectively handle your budget and time. Not forgetting the potential to more precisely track (and improve) ROI.

From B2B lead generation , to lead management equipment, things can easily become confusing, quickly. Lucky for you, the MIG group is staying on top of the need-to-know business info. Sign up for our email newsletter to hear about it initial.

What’s your preferred lead management tool? Made it happen make the list? Tell us about this below.

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