9 tips on how to improve sales overall performance

If you’re anything like me, after every end-of-quarter blitz you may think, “Whew, what a rush. How can we all improve for next quarter? ” I contemplate this particular whether we hit our goals or not. As the VP of Sales at RFPIO, I’m constantly on the lookout for tips on how to improve sales performance. Not only for my team, but for our whole organization.

The sales process is unique to your particular make of product and purchaser profile. There are no magic bullets to improve sales efficiency no matter your bailiwick. Knowing that, I compiled this listing of tips with the intent they can be generic enough to use to a majority of sales processes. They’re recommendations on where you can look to make incremental changes. A few may be obvious, but that will doesn’t make them any less important to address if you want to enhance performance.

I am not saying that these 9 tips on how to improve sales efficiency are going to have you coasting into the end of the next quarter like Captain Jack Sparrow docking a schooner just like it sinks below the harbor’s surface. No, that will end-of-quarter flurry will always be presently there (and, let’s be truthful, it’s one of the reasons we really like being in sales), but maybe the following one will be for your sales team to exceed quota or even close larger deals or even launch a new product like a moonshot.


9 tips to improve sales performance:

1 . Monitor buyer’s growing needs

So many companies forget this step, also seasoned ones. Many companies assume that they know their buyer. But when taking a step back, some may realize they are targeting the wrong buyers, neglecting an entire target altogether, or even basing their buyer character on outdated intel.

Establish a routine associated with reviewing your available marketplace, determining what factors (e. g., pandemic-related shutdowns, new technology, political changes, ad infinitum) may have altered buyer motivations, and strategizing how your own sales team needs to pivot.

2 . Keep the product sales tech stack humming

Each member of the sales team’s ability to obtain their goals will be based on the tools they have to work with. It’s “sales tech mayhem” on the market, according to Gartner , and the number of sales tools reps use has more than tripled since 2017 . A lot of businesses thrive with knowledge management systems that help them streamline important information into one place.

Plug into sales enablement. It is by far the fastest-growing field in sales technology ( up 567% in 2019 and still growing ). It’s integral to making sure salespeople are equipped with the tools that they have to reach prospects successfully.

3. Foster collaboration… internally and with prospects

Sales teams are not able to exist in a silo. Collaboration must be seamless among presales , accounts executives, marketing, and product teams, at minimum. Simply by fostering a culture associated with collaboration, you create a more powerful sales team and brand.

I’ve also found that will my strongest closes occur because I’m collaborating with prospects, too. I keep these things help me solve their issue. It adds another layer of buy-in to carry me personally to the next step in the process while involving other stakeholders, eventually connecting me to the best decision-maker.

four. Make data-based decisions

This will improve as time passes, but the sooner you start collecting data, the faster you will see results. More data will equal greater insight into buyer personas, product plus demo strengths and weaknesses, why deals succeed or fail, plus methods that your most successful reps are using. Patterns may emerge faster than you think.

5. Fine tune how to build customer trust

Ask quality queries until you truly understand client perspectives. Otherwise, you’ll keep on getting a barrage of arguments. Further understand their difficulties until they give you space to reply to concerns. Then you can work to help them understand possible outcomes of using your product and how it can address their particular specific concerns.

6. Focus on the right deals.

Evaluate whether or not you are pursuing deals which are a lost cause. Also keep watch on person activities within deal cycles. Always re-evaluate the priority because it will constantly modify.

I describe it to my team in this way: Say you’re on safari, watching lions, hippos, plus giraffes… whoa! Check out that zebra! Black and white, it stands out among the brown and green of the savannah. Know how to identify the zebra, the one you should focus on. To know this, you need to understand how your environment functions, including everything from team dynamics to the chain of activities that has to happen before closing to product details to buyer profiles.

7. Improve your proposals

Personalize your proposals so the customer feels like you really care, because you do! Besides, you spend too much time building relationships to sabotage that hard work with subpar proposals. The suggestion will weigh heavily within establishing trust, communicating to decision makers, and environment your solution apart from the competitors.

8. Assess the Competition

Study from your competitors. Always be thinking of ways that you can differentiate yourself from that competitor and find those people challenges that other competitors may be missing that you can solve for.

Be familiar with value that competitors state they’ll provide to the leads you’re both trying to target. That’s the only way to know ways to deliver greater value or fit your prospect’s particular needs better.

9. Track your pipeline

Monitor the amount of your pipeline regularly. Sales leaders need to be able to show reps that, “To achieve success as a rep here, you need to have ‘X’ number of logos simply by ‘X’ date. ” Know the benchmarks that determine achievement.

Always make sure you do have a healthy pipeline. You’d end up being surprised how often this particular falls through the cracks. Repetitions understandably focus on the deal that is right in front of them and may easily forget to nurture their pipeline.

Can we help?

By following these steps, you can enhance sales performance and hit those KPI’ s. Like I mentioned earlier, sales enablement can be a boon to sales outcomes. If you want to learn more about how RFPIO can improve sales performance , schedule a demo today!

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