a few ways RFPIO-HubSpot integration streamlines proposal management and shuts more deals

Selling a product takes work. Sales agents spend their days calling leads, responding to inbound queries, tracking progress, meeting quotas, plus juggling a lot of paperwork together with revenue and finance groups — but that’s where RFPIO and HubSpot come in to make life a lot easier.

Sales system technology has improved so much that the tedious, manual areas of the sales process — like proposal management, document generation, and content sourcing — can now be handled by great AI, like the proprietary technologies that powers RFPIO.

RFPIO is an AI-enabled software that makes it easier for sales teams to create their best content, respond to opportunities, and deliver on expectations.

And HubSpot is a effective CRM that enables sales, marketing, and customer care teams to find, track, and nurture prospective customers, engage existing customers, plus deliver the right message in the right time.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from merging RFPIO and HubSpot. Sales, presales, proposal, marketing, analyst relations, customer support, IT, and legal teams can collaborate better and save period on proposal workflows by cutting out the tedious, guide tasks from the process.

Client revenue teams and product sales teams already spend their own days in their CRMs, so it’s easy to keep energy and reduce screen-switching by increasing proposal operation right into system where they’re already operating.

Benefits of integrating RFPIO along with HubSpot

With the RFPIO and HubSpot integration , teams can send project requests, track improvement, and access proposal content without ever leaving HubSpot. Sales and proposal teams do their best work when they’re truly collaborating, and connecting HubSpot with RFPIO is the best way to save time and win more business.

3 ways to use RFPIO with HubSpot to handle and streamline proposal administration

1 . Launch and track RFPIO projects directly from any kind of HubSpot Deal page, leveraging existing content from accounts and opportunity objects

Product sales teams across industries can use this integration to improve the project creation procedure for anything like RFPs, RFIs, and Security Questionnaires. With RFPIO and HubSpot, sales teams on HubSpot get direct visibility directly into project completion status, without needing to log into the RFPIO platform. The integration can also be set up to send automated notifications and task assignments to task owners and SMEs, jumpstarting collaboration between revenue plus proposal teams.

You can also drill down down and track project status from any HubSpot Deal page at the project, section, or owner level, with built-in executive dashes and summaries providing the insights your team needs.

Example: A salesperson provides gotten their excited customer over to the contracts phase of closing their offer. Because of a high volume of offers closed thanks to a major promotion, the revenue team is a little under water and needs more time to finalize the contracts. But with the HubSpot-RFPIO integration, the salesperson may follow the progress of the documents within HubSpot and provide updates to the prospect without needing to further bog down the revenue group with requests for position updates.

2 . Customer-facing groups can automate much of the particular response process when responding to requests and questions

Teams can program and handle the right answers to prospect or customer questions in real time, and when creating proactive proposals. This leaves sales groups with more time on their hands to handle queries and proposals that are more complex.

RFPIO’ h patented import technology works for all types of proposal demand document types. RFPIO furthermore exports polished and customized responses onto templates or even original files. And the dynamic Content Library serves as the content repository and cooperation hub that’s enhanced simply by an AI-powered answer recommendation engine.

This automation results in significant process efficiencies, which often allow all customer-facing groups, especially those who triage incoming asks, to focus on personalizing reactions that optimize the sales, onboarding, and customer support experiences.

Example: A sales supervisor notices that his group is getting the same handful of specialized questions over and over again about their product via email and the website’s chatbot. This individual goes into the RFPIO Content Library and fills in the answers that need to be fired off to these customers, and therefore reduces the volume of questions routed to live sales agents simply by 10%—so they can better invest that time on the phone and closing deals.

3. Sales managers can keep teams aligned and projects on track

Supervisors can receive automated notices and send task projects to project owners and SMEs—and project requesters plus creators can track the particular progress of current tasks from the same place they submitted them within HubSpot.

This means proposal and customer-facing teams are better in-line, and can enjoy a significant reduction in status updates via e-mail, Slack, or phone that will just waste time. They can check project status on the related HubSpot Deal, communicate regardless of whether a project is “ Approved” or “ Declined” through HubSpot, and access completed response packets in HubSpot that have been delivered by RFPIO.

Example: A proposal team is anxiously waiting to know back from their partnering sales force about several large accounts waiting to be signed and closed. Instead of sending the Slack to the busy sales manager, they can log into HubSpot themselves and see the standing of the RFPIO project items in the contact page.

Knock out inefficiencies and give sales teams the time to win nowadays with RFPIO and HubSpot

Your sales, proposals, and revenue teams need to work together to close as many offers as they can, as quickly as possible. Using the RFPIO integration with HubSpot , this collaboration is easier than ever plus happens within the software where these teams already spend their days.



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