According to Google, Your Page Will Be Deindexed If Your Site Is definitely Down For a Couple of Days

If you are a Digital Marketer, or more specifically, if you have any knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and use it in your strategies, there are chances you are always trying to have your pages on the top of Google Searches.

Using the right key phrases and terms related to the main subject throughout the content is one of the most important premises for rank well on a search. However , on December 10th, Bob Mueller, a Google Search Negotiate brought up some important updates for SEO specialists plus Digital Marketers to keep in mind throughout the Google Search Central SEO hangouts .

During the meetup, Mueller received a question from Aakash Singh, which asked how to reduce the potential impacts of keeping the website down for a week or even two while they repair some bugs. The answer was clear and might shock some other specialists.

According to Mueller, if your website is down for a few times, it will be deindexed from the Internet search engine . This is very likely to be carried out because Google might try to deliver results that are highly relevant to the user, not bugged pages.  

Here are some important factors you should know about, so you can slow up the impact of this news on your SEO strategies:

How to avoid being deindexed

Keep your eyes wide open

Always check if your pages are properly operating live , make sure that there is no bug, and program recurrent inspections to keep it current;

Fix things as fast as you can

If you need to fix anything on the website, try to do it in just a day, and use a 503 result code, so Search engines will “know” that it is a temporary outage and check back. If it is not live in a short period, the page is very likely to be deindexed;

Have a Plan B

Test anything you can do to avoid outages, but if it is a planned servicing or the page is down for any different reason, one more thing you can do is follow Mueller’s advice: “… setting up a static version of the website someplace and just showing that in order to users for the time being. ”

As soon as your page is straight down, it will have a long way to get back on top

If you have one of your web pages deindexed for more than just a few days, it is not guaranteed that launched back the page is going to be ranked exactly as it was formerly. You might experience strong fluctuations for some time until having it all back in.

The implications to be deindexed

It is important to have in mind that a deindexed page or a rising and falling ranking on Google can result in several effects and metrics apart from page views. There are plenty of additional metrics that can be impacted, like leads converted, deals, new company opportunities, and impact consist of internal and external pages when it comes to link-building strategies.

John Mueller brought a huge contribution to the SEO world, so now marketing experts can have a better idea of how Google works with pages that are under maintenance or experiencing bugs. Remember to keep your eye open and try any girl to keep your pages reside.  

If not possible, repair everything as fast as possible, then you can ensure that you will not be fluctuating on the ranks.

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