Adhere to along as I craft a good RFP executive summary illustration

I recently wrote an article on how to write a good executive summary that will give you the best opportunity to win your request for offer (RFP). It’s a captivating read! I included a template in that article to give you a head start. Now I’d like to draft an professional summary example with you using that template.

Now I’m not recommending that you create War and Peace here, but there are some key elements you need to include. Plus, as I mentioned in the other article, follow Dr . Tom Sant ’s guidelines for convincing writing, namely following their NOSE acronym:

  • Needs: Demonstrate your apparent understanding of the prospect’s business problems. Only by showing that you truly understand the customer’s specific problems, and that you realize the business payoffs of resolving those problems, are you experienced to recommend a solution.
  • Outcomes: Confirm the results they are going to achieve when their difficulties are solved.
  • Solution: Recommend a specific solution.
  • Evidence: Illustrate how you have solved similar problems in the past and supply convincing proof of your background.

Follow along or skip towards the section you want to focus on:

“N” of NOSE: Understanding your prospect’s needs

“O” of NOSE: Surfacing desired outcomes

“S” associated with NOSE: Presenting the solution

“E” of NOSE: Giving evidence of your solution’s quality,

Conclusion: Sign away with a thank you

I recommend opening the template in a separate window and reviewing this example in parallel with the instructions included in the template. It’s a richer experience.

Also, note that I created the example using a fictional software company (“Paradocx”) responding to another fictional company’s RFP (“ACME”). While Paradocx is a complete fiction, ACME is loosely based on a running gag in Street Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons—but still a complete fiction.

RFP executive summary example: Read, copy, plus make it your own

The first thing you’ll notice in the executive summary example is that I’ve dubbed it an executive briefing instead of an executive summary. “Brief” much more active and meets the expectation of the executive, the particular intended audience of this record. The intention is to inform and persuade the professional, not attempt to abbreviate plus condense the response into a couple of pages. Most of the time, the executive will only read this brief instead of the whole RFP, so it has to be right on the cash.

Executive Briefing

Thank you for inviting Paradocx to participate in ACME Global’s RFP for your period travel software initiative. The entire Paradocx team is eager to partner with ACME, and having carefully considered your requirements, we have been very confident we can provide a solution that will deliver substantial efficiencies and competitive benefit to your organization.

In this particular executive briefing, we put together how our solution can address ACME’s stated specifications and deliver on your preferred outcomes. We provide a high-level overview of Paradocx’s recommended remedy, before then providing justification as to why Paradocx is the right choice for ACME.

“N” of NOSE: Understanding prospect’s needs

Our Understanding of ACME’ s Needs

Safe, on-time delivery of overly complicated devices intended to capture roadrunners—no matter how remote the location or how much TNT is definitely included—is essential to maintaining ACME’s perceived value and fulfilling subscribers. In our conversations with your team, you have informed us that you currently face several challenges with ACME’s delivery and packaging services, which includes:

Skyrocketing customer churn price

To put it simply, when deliveries don’t arrive on time, customers are hurried, mistakes are made, and roadrunners escape. Dissatisfied customers are quick to terminate membership services, especially with your primary competitor, Zambezi, offering bonuses to do so.

Fewer new subscribers

END market share has dropped by an average of 6% year-over-year given that 2017. Influx of rivals such as Zambezi has created a price war over scarce consumer dollars. ACME’s safety reputation has been damaged by social networking coverage of unplanned TNT explosions.

Response times slowed simply by lack of data, poor decision-making

Unforeseen supply chain delays amazed ACME during the pandemic problems of 2020 and 2021. Siloed data and legacy systems that could not be built-in blocked the packaging department’s ability to find new components in a timely manner. Panic buying of sawdust and styrofoam peanuts resulted in a dangerous hazardous waste debacle.

Too many missed on-time shipping milestones

Inability to find replacement parts for Rube Goldberg tools delayed delivery on over 17% of orders in Q2 2021. Lack of communication with shipping resulted in promises of delivery times and sites based on 2018 manufacturing times that could not be combined in 2021.

“O” of NOSE: Appearing desired outcomes

ACME’s Desired Business Outcomes

By implementing ACME’s Period Travel SaaS Platform, you intend to benefit in several ways in addition to addressing the above challenges. The required outcomes you shared with all of us include:

Reduce churn whilst increasing customer retention

By resetting the timeline and meeting shipping deadlines for 90% of transactions tagged since “late arrival, ” ACME will eliminate cause meant for switching services while limiting risk to reputation.

ACME will also be in a position to proactively alter shipping deadlines based on navigation of the forseeable future. Headcount in the shipping and packaging department can remain constant until customer onboarding rate outpaces customer churn rate.

Distance ACME further ahead of the competition

Next-level customer rewards programs will make for a difficult choice if customers want to take their business to competitors such as Zambezi. In addition , improved response, accurate transport, and better overall service will make leaving ACME also less appealing.

Many Paradocx customers have got related to us that actually minor interruptions in the timeline allow them to gain a toehold against aggressive competitors. Just like a loud noise distracts an angry dog, time travel disrupts competitors’ momentum and returns the advantage back to our own customers.

Accelerate response period

Responding to complex order requests to remote destinations takes time, especially if fireworks are involved or the destination is not a physical address. Consequently, roadrunners have previously passed the target zone when deliveries arrive, resulting in frustrated customers.

A period travel software solution can deliver significant efficiencies to address these concerns, as well as significantly improving the probability of upgrading orders to increase average order value.

Guarantee delivery to desired destination, no matter how remote

There’s nothing scarier than receiving a delivery request to some pin on a map. No address. No roads. And barely any landmarks to determine a frame of reference. Despite their name, roadrunners don’t always spend their time on main highways. Coyotes need to follow the fragrance no matter how treacherous the surfaces.

With ACME’s Time Pause functionality, shippers can freeze time for up to 72 minutes and reroute our own GPS satellite to the shipping site. From there, it’s just a matter of drawing the topographic map of the region and letting our AI-enabled drone army strategize a delivery plan.

“S” of NOSE: Presenting the solution

Paradocx’s Recommendation for EXTREMITY

Having diligently studied your requirements plus challenges, stated above, all of us strongly urge ACME to invest in Paradocx’s Time Travel SaaS Platform.

Paradocx’s market-leading solution was designed with customer retention and enhancing service quality as focal points. Paradocx’s founders were career time travelers and therefore have firsthand experience of how to totally reset timelines while managing mayhem risk. Simply put, our solution was designed by time travelers to help you control time.

Consequently, Paradocx can eliminate ACME’s past mistakes so you can reduce customer churn and begin increasing subscriber revenue. The core capabilities of our solution are highlighted in the graphic below:

Paradocx’s Key Functionality – An Overview

Analysis of the Past:

Without time-traveling software designed to analyze past transactions and identify the flashpoints that undermined your meant customer experience, you can spin and rewrite your wheels for years. Even if you are lucky enough to find the right dealings, you still need the ability to vacation backward and alter the outcome.

Paradocx’s Evaluation of the Past allows you to alter only the outcomes that issue so that you don’t waste resources on those that don’t. This functionality also limits your risk of causing mayhem or possibly opening a wormhole.

Timeline Correction:

Some declare there is inherent danger within changing the past and that doing so becomes an exercise in butterfly effect management. We concur.

Butterfly effect management is the difference maker in timeline correction. Following Analysis from the Past—when we’ve identified one of the most impactful flashpoints—our patented schedule correction process reverses outcomes while limiting butterfly impact risk. Moving forward, butterfly impact management will result in fewer timeline corrections with future preparing.

Future Planning:

It’s not enough to change the past and live in the now. Maintaining competing performance for the long haul requires upcoming planning based on insight into the next day.

In addition to identifying forthcoming service interruptions and possibilities for customer rewards, long term planning also monitors what will happen with Zambezi and other competitors. This level of understanding is not available anywhere else because of Paradocx’s hold on a amazing fixed point in spacetime.

Pause for Accuracy:

Customer expectations are off the charts. Packaging and/or shipping deadlines are bearing down. You’ve already used your monthly allotment of timeline corrections. Is there anything else you can do in order to accelerate response time?

Engage pause pertaining to accuracy, an up-to-72-minute dimensional freeze-frame in which you can nevertheless move around freely. Seems like a paradox. We thought also until we accidentally developed it 7, 000 yrs from now.

Data Security:

Customer data is the lifeblood of your business at EXTREME. Without pinpoint accurate area coordinates, payment information, plus certification data at your fingertips, your own deliveries are at risk.

We recognize how important your data is and want to ensure you that we’ve taken measures to keep it secure right now, in the past, and in the future. And if there is a catastrophic breach? We’ll perform a timeline correction (at no extra cost) to fix it. Our security protocols meet the following standards:

  • SOC II
  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001

System Uptime:

At EXTREMITY, the shipping and packaging processes are mission-critical for your end-to-end services, so your chosen solution needs to recognize that truth. Paradocx is as reliable as it is secure.

Our Time Travel SaaS System is 100% cloud-based with redundancy provided by ua-reliable Amazon . com Web Services (AWS) web hosting infrastructure.

In fact , Paradocx has achieved 99. 98% uptime since our own inception, and we considered implementing timeline correction to bring it to 100%. However , long term planning indicated doing so improved the possibility of an event horizon forming in the Southern Ocean if we had. Barring the possibility that doing so may end existence as we know it (in which case our services are moot), you can be confident that Paradocx will always be up when you need it.

“E” of NASAL AREA: Providing evidence of your solution’s validity

Why should ACME partner with Paradocx?

All of us completely understand that ACME includes a choice of vendors with who you will partner. So , with several outwardly similar options on the marketplace to choose from, so why should ACME select Paradocx?

ACME asked all of us to explain clearly how we are very different from our competitors. While there are many differences between us and our competitors, we’ll emphasize the four that are most relevant to ACME’s needs.

ACME’s Important Differentiators

We’re all of the still here

Paradocx may be the only time travel software program provider that has been used by our competitors to save existence from annihilation. The physics plus mathematics driving our software development actually enable time traveling capabilities for all our competition. We invented it plus made it openly available to the world.

Results are guaranteed

We’re not the largest, most valuable corporation on the planet for nothing. Time is every single company’s most valuable asset. What you are with it determines your achievement. It just so occurs that we control it.

User-friendly, low-risk interface

All animations, binary songs, and gravitation wave rhythms are maneuverable through our proprietary touchscreen interface. Unlike competitive options that rely on messages in bottles and subliminal messages through high-frequency radio surf, our insights come by means of loud and clear. With no timeline corrections can be produced without judgement from the Planet Time Panel.

Only company with privacy promise

Paradocx searches across time along with full encryption with no need in order to rely on disguises to avoid butterfly effect events. At no time will certainly any customer know that you peeked back or forward at them. Deja assisté à was eliminated with our 2 . 0 upgrade in 2019.

Exactly what Paradocx’s Customers Are Saying…

Paradocx is consistently the highest-rated solution in the market. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some soundbites provided by three Paradocx customers.

Daffy’s Duck & Cover

“My company never was used to getting the respect it earned. Online sales almost price us our business. Because of Paradocx, we’re now the largest sporting good retailer in all of hill country. ”

Daffy Duck, CEO, Duck & Cover

Birdswing Emporium

“Many of our clients were placed in dangerous areas, at risk of attack or sickness from the elements. Paradocx helped us reset some timelines that were real life savers. ”

Tweety, VP Application, Birdswing Emporium

A Small World

“We somehow ended up within the wrong universe! Paradocx reversed the mistakes made by the competitors and rescued me personally, our IP, and, eventually, our business. Oh young man! ”

M. Mouse, CTO, A Small World


Based on ACME’s expected final results, the unlimited user pricing model that is optimal for the business, and the fact that we will perform a timeline correction for any time required for onboarding, we all created the following ROI quotes.

Day 30: 10% ROI

Day 90: 50% ROI

Year 2: 248% ROI

We came to these numbers using our ROI calculator, which includes the following factors:

  • Avg. price per Rube Goldberg device
  • Avg. margin with regard to shipping and packaging expenses
  • Estimated client churn reduced to 3% by day 90
  • Year-over-year increase in subscription rate f 7. 3%

Paradocx Overview

Why choose Paradocx to help you with this important business initiative? Founded so far in the future that you don’t need to worry about it, we brought this technologies back to 21st century earth via an Einstein-Rosen bridge to make a distinction in how humans work, live, and play. Our own platform has been designed plus built from the ground-up simply by an extremely experienced and skilled team of individuals who realize firsthand the demands associated with conducting business in geradlinig time.

We have been a financially strong, lively business, backed by unlimited financial resources and control of time. As the market leader, we provide time travel services to more than half of the Fortune a hundred.

We are regularly the highest-rated vendor upon independent review sites for example TARDIS. We are the only period travel software endorsed simply by MIT and NASA.

ACME Clients

Paradocx provides services to more than half of the Fortune 100, nearly two-thirds of the Comprend Global 100, more than three-quarters associated with Forbes Global 2000, and also a fruit farm in southwest Idaho.

Summary: Sign off with a appreciate it

Bottom line

Once again, thank you for considering Paradocx like a partner for ACME in accordance with your time travel software requirements.

In conclusion, everyone at Paradocx is thrilled at the prospect of dealing with ACME, and eagerly anticipating welcoming you to the fast-growing list of Paradocx customers. We are going to work extremely hard to build a strong, long-term partnership focused on helping you achieve your customer churn and subscription objectives plus exceed your expectations each and every point along the way.

Next Steps

Download the complete executive overview example right here . These templates will be a huge time saver for you personally moving forward. It takes a little longer to write the first one, but you’ll be able to rattle off those that follow in no time.

To learn more about the value of layouts in RFPIO’s workflow, schedule a demonstration now. You can even see how Genpact’s bid group uses RFPIO® LookUp in order to download templates directly from their Answer Library in this article .

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