All things considered, What Has Changed in Google’s Recipe Structured Data?

When we decide to look for a recipe on the internet and create a Google search, instantaneously we notice results that inform us which ingredients we will have to use as well as the preparation and cooking time, right?  

Well, last week Google announced a little change recipe internet sites will need to follow. Although it will never impact users’ experience very much, it will be very important for the page owners to improve their SEO .

Do you want knowing what this change is? So , keep reading this article regarding Google’ s recipe structured data !

First of all, what is structured data?

In order for Google to understand the purpose of every content published on the website , they must be well organized. Therefore , we can define the idea of structured data as the way in which a web page informs and classifies the contents .

For example: after making a Google search about a formula, the user will be able to find important information in the results. Let’ ersus see an example below.

As you can see, the SERP immediately shows us some of the ingredients and the preparing time of each recipe. It is because those sites use structured data.

How did Google’s recipe structured data function before?

Everytime someone needed to publish a new recipe on a website, they had to designate the cook time and the prep time.

Cook period is related to the necessary time to finish the cooking. On the other hand, the prep time means the number of minutes or hours a person will take to combine all the elements before cooking.

But , this time around range can vary from one person to another, right? Some people with more experience can prepare the meals very quickly, while a newbie will need more time.

Well, now it has changed, at least on the search engines.

What changes in Google’s recipe structured data right now?

Google removed from their own guidance a time range for that cook time and prep time properties . This means that, from now on, using minutes and max as elements to specify a range of period is not allowed anymore mainly because Google is only going to support the total time intended for both: cook and prep .

So , all the formula websites that inform those time ranges will have to update this information to make Google understand it.  

Let’s observe an example with a search for “fried chicken”.

Can you see how those internet sites are already informing the total time instead of cook time plus prep time? This is what each recipe page owner will need to do to obtain or keep good visibility and placements on Google.  

A piece of information Google is omitting (but everyone must follow)

Google’s changelog documentation says that will only cook time and prep time have transformed, but , actually, the total the changed too.

Although the documents doesn’ t mention those sites need to stop using minutes and max in place of the entire time, it’ s highly recommended to do that .

This is the screenshot extracted from the new documentation.

As you can see, there is nothing about using min or utmost in the recipes. However , taking into consideration Google has made this modify to avoid time range within the recipes, it will be better using an exact total time rather.  

How must the particular structured data be updated?

Many recipe websites are made on Wp and make use of plugins to structure their data.  

So , each dev or content creator will have to update those extensions to the most recent version plus check if they’ ve currently applied this change.

Now that you know what has changed in Google’s recipe structured data, stay with us to know what else is happening in the SEO galaxy. Check this article about SEO trends to get 2022 and start improving your results !  

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