almost eight Exciting Video Marketing Trends for 2022

video marketing trends 2022

If you’ re not already convinced that will video has officially appeared as the top form of on-line content, it’s time to get on board.

Video clip marketing trends are becoming significantly important to overall marketing techniques. In 2021, 86% of businesses indicated that they were using video as a promotion. To boot, 93% of them state it’s a critical part of their own strategy.

Percentage growth of businesses using video as a marketing tool

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Businesses aren’t just guessing, either. They’re responding to very clear consumer demand for more video content .

Research has found that 84% of consumers were convinced to buy a product after watching a video, and they’re twice as likely to share video clips than other types of on the internet content. Cisco reported that will by 2022, video will certainly account for 82% of all online traffic.

Prepared to give your video strategy a boost? Here are 8 emerging video marketing trends to get 2022 you should know and try.

Quick Takeaways

  • Reside video has emerged being an essential way for brands for connecting with consumers.

  • Videos are an increasingly important part of SEO strategy.

  • Vlogs and social media marketing stories are great ways to display brand personality and create a private connection with your audience.

  • Many people watch videos with no sound.

  • User-generated content is the most trusted form of online content.

8 Video Marketing Trends for 2022

Live Movie

Live movie skyrocketed in importance within 2020 as the pandemic place a halt on in-person events and experiences. It emerged as an essential method for brands to continue connecting with consumers, and today our view on what kind of content is certainly “streamable” has been totally transformed.

Reside video has been used by everyone from influencers promoting products to artists holding virtual concerts in order to Broadway companies streaming full-length productions.

Designed for content marketers, live movie should be at the top of the list associated with video marketing priorities. Even while life is getting back to normal, consumer demand for live movie content isn’t going away — it’s growing.

And while consumers prefer video content in general, they employ at a much higher rate when the content is live. On Facebook, for example , users view live videos for 3x longer than pre-recorded videos, and live content creates 6x more interactions.

Surprisingly, though, just 28% of video online marketers intend to use Facebook Reside as part of their strategy (and this stat is similar throughout social media platforms). More B2B Marketers are reporting the use of video email marketing as an effective tool.

The particular takeaway? Brands have an opportunity to build engagement and gain a competitive advantage by embracing live video right now.

Smartphone Creation

Much more when movie marketing required expensive products and a big production spending budget. In fact , even brands that will can afford those things are turning to smartphones to create more relatable, authentic content.

Apple gave the concept a platform in their extremely successful #ShotOniPhone campaign. These people asked users to send their best iPhone shots to get a chance to have them featured with an Apple commercial or billboard.

Over the years the particular campaign has generated more than 15 mil submissions plus proven that video content created on a smartphone could be indistinguishable from what we discover in traditional media.

In an interesting change of events, social media influencers have surpassed even experienced video marketing professionals with regards to perfecting the art of smartphone movie content.

Properly edited TikToks , vlogs, sponsored ads, you name it — it is the amateurs who are performing it best right now when it comes to mobile phone video.

Brand names are getting on board, though, because they quickly realize that this type of real-life content is resonating along with consumers more than salesy ads.

So if you have been thinking about creating a lot more video content but stressing you might not have the equipment, here is your sign: all you need is inspiration and the device you are holding.

Search-Optimized Video clips

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is nothing new , but what about videos enhanced for search? Forrester recently found that videos are usually 53 situations more likely to generate first-page rankings than various other traditional SEO techniques. Brightedge reports that Google is currently putting video snippets next to 26% of search results, and users are more likely to click them when they do.

So how can you use videos to optimize your engine results ? Concentrate on three areas: relevance, persistence, and backend optimization.

First, be sure your own videos all have a crystal clear goal in mind. Make them highly relevant to consumers by answering their questions, educating them on important topics related to your brand, and creating video clip content that’s interesting to view.

Next, be consistent. Just like with conventional SEO content, consistency is key to boosting your ratings. Create video content often and always publish this to your website where it will help boost traffic.

Lastly, don’t forget important technical optimisation steps like title tags, keywords in descriptions, choosing appropriate thumbnail images, plus responding to comments to drive engagement.


We know that brand storytelling is one of the most effective ways to connect along with consumers, develop your brand name personality, and get your audiences engaged. Vlogs (or video clip blogs) are a great vehicle pertaining to telling those stories.

They position the particular creator or brand since the main character, telling the story of topics, events, and experiences from their perspective and helping consumers get a better understanding of who they are.

Vlogs are another approach that influencers have already perfected — you can find vlogs on just about any topic from raising a child to sports to pet care to travel (you name it). They’ve upped the ante for traditional bloggers in a world where actually great text-only narratives are not enough to keep audiences coming back for more.

Plus it’s not just text that will vlogs are outperforming. Based on Think with Google, travel vlogs get 4x more social engagement than any type of travel content online.

Graph showing travel vlogs earn 4x more engagement than other YouTube travel content

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Yet research also shows that the overwhelming majority of vlog content material is published by person creators, meaning it’s time for brands to get on board with this video marketing pattern. Vlogs are a great opportunity to build a human connection between your associates and your audience, showcase your own brand personality, and keep customers coming back for more of your content material.

Social Media Stories

Like vlogs, social media tales show a brand’ s personality that a more personal connection compared to other video content. But social media stories aren’t exactly the same.

Mainly, they are meant to be more casual. When vlogs are an edited version of your brand’s overarching story, social media stories are the day to day outtakes that don’t belong in the final version (but that everyone still desires to see).

Social media marketing stories also offer tons of techniques for getting interactive with your consumers. Make use of the questions feature on Instagram to do Q& A together with your audience. Post polls to get their input on companies ideas.

Request customers to tag a person in their own stories so you can share the ways they’re wearing or using your products. These are just a few examples!

Sephora social media story

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Check out these brands who are already performing social media stories really well.

AR/VR Videos

AR and VR content has been around for awhile, yet it’s finally finding the way into mainstream video marketing as technology gets to be more accessible and customers demand increasingly interactive articles. Looking to the future, brands need to be ready to incorporate it into their video marketing strategies since traditional video may not continually be enough.

The particular pandemic has accelerated the growth of AR and VR as brands throughout industries used it to create digital experiences. Retail stores offered digital “try before you buy, ” health care providers used AR plus VR for self-guided diagnostics, and educators kept students engaged with AR- plus VR-powered games and activities.

Just like along with live video, our approach to what kinds of experiences can be virtual has transformed over the past year and a half, and consumers will be unlikely to want to give up the particular convenience and accessibility these virtual options provide. AR and VR may certainly not totally replace the in-person experience, but they’re definitely here to stay as a key technique for video marketers.

Silent Videos

Marketers today are creating videos specifically to be watched silently. Sounds insane, right? Isn’t the whole point of a video to have picture and sound? Not anymore.

A whopping 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. In fact , 80% of consumers report that they have a negative reaction when an ad plays a loud sound unexpectedly. People are watching videos on their smartphones everywhere they go — in crowded waiting rooms, on public transportation, in classrooms, and even in meetings (let’s be honest).

This means that if you want people to stay and watch your content, you need to improve it for silent viewing. The good news is that most of the time, almost all it takes is the addition associated with closed captions to keep individuals engaged. People watch captioned ads for 12% longer on average than videos with out captions. A quick fix!

User-Generated Content

Consumers overwhelmingly believe in user-generated content more than branded content. In fact , 85% believe UGC is more trustworthy plus nearly 70% find it more authentic and appealing.

User generated content statistics

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Rather than fight against the trend, you can partner with happy customers to have them work as brand promoters . Customers can generate video content on their own social channels and you can reshare it to give it more visibility.

Over time, this user-generated content builds customer trust and influences purchase decisions. And finding brand name advocates can be easy using the right approach! Offering bonuses, working with influencers, creating referral programs, and simply asking are ways to get satisfied customers on board with sharing stories and videos about their positive experiences with your brand.

Create Compelling Content to Support Your Video Technique

Videos are one of the most important pieces of a strong online marketing strategy for 2022 and well into the future — yet video can’t do it on your own. Brands need a strong extensive marketing strategy and compelling content to drive results.

Our team has writers and experienced marketing professionals who can help you build a strategy plus deliver optimized, ready-to-publish content every single week.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our Articles Builder Services or timetable a free consultation today.

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