almost eight Must-Have Types of Content for Your Digital Strategy

8 Must-Have Types of Content for Your Digital Strategy

If you are running a business online or simply going to enter the market, then content marketing and advertising will help you along with your marketing initiatives.

Whether or not it’ s an email e-newsletter or a corporate blog with thousands of articles, content marketing opens up new opportunities for the business.

What are the primary pillars of your content marketing strategy? What types of content should be must-have elements to make your business take flight? Let’s dive deep into this question together!


#1. Movies

According to current Google data , over 50% of readers who else watch a product video are more likely to buy products and services promoted online. Video content happens to be the king and still continues to be the most demanded type of content material on the Internet.

Is it worth talking about how the popularity of Youtube . com and TikTok is off the charts? Since its launch in 2018, TikTok has maintained its position towards the top of the most downloaded applications in the world, with a multi-million army associated with users.

There are simply no secrets to the popularity of video clip content – it is easiest for a person to perceive multimedia information. Therefore , no matter what your field of action is, a creative approach to producing video content will considerably increase leads, sales, brand recognition, and traffic .

It’ s i9000 best to create short and catchy videos, no matter how lengthy your post is. Video clip content can perfectly support your brand and emphasize its benefits. A half-minute video will tell the consumer much more than a long article.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you produce tons of quality video content, then take a look at Movavi software . It is a cutting-edge remedy packed with multiple tools designed for in-house video making and editing.

#2. Live Broadcasts

Live broadcasts and channels are watched up to 3 times longer than traditional pre-made videos. They also create a feeling of direct participation about what is happening as if everything has been happening next door. From a psychological point of view, this increases rely on and interest in people and it is better stored in their storage. It’ s also a good way for brands to understand their own audience and communicate with individuals openly.

Online conferences plus seminars, webinars, training, master classes, and live conversation – these types of interaction along with your audience will become a must-have in any marketing strategy in 2021. So if you want to make your content carry out at its max, make sure that live broadcasts are a component of your content marketing strategy.

#3. Infographics

Infographics are among the most used types of content marketing assets. They have had the largest increase in usage among B2B marketers in the last four many years.

Infographics are a marketing tool that brings together a lot of different details and can contain pictures, texts, graphics – just anything that can work for you. It accompanies the text and gives readers the clearer idea of ​​what is being said. It is no wonder that users following directions with the text and illustrations do it 323% better than those who the actual same just without pictures.

Visual data is becoming more popular thanks to the ability to take good pictures and videos using cameras on smartphones. Internet marketers explain the reasons for the recognition of infographics as follows:

  • It makes posts more readable and draws additional interest;
  • It shows important issues;
  • It brightens messages and removes monotony;
  • It is accessible to everyone and conveys information quickly.
  • It adds persuasiveness to text.

So the next time you focus on a landing page for your business website or want to start a blog , sit down and think about the main points and key ideas you need to deliver to your audience. Generate infographics that best deliver the target information.

If you lack experience with this type of job, then the infographic maker by Canva will be of great company to you. The tool is easy to use and doesn’t require any tech or style knowledge from people.

#4. Interview with Experts

There are key opinion leaders in each and every industry. These are people who have a large number of followers – fans, visitors, subscribers. Any information about them is definitely in demand. People wait for it, read it with pleasure, and then share it along with friends.

Therefore , meeting with a key opinion leader or even an expert in the industry is a great way to attract the attention of your audience. For any entrepreneur, this is a excellent opportunity to get targeted traffic and gain respect and recognition.

#5. Messengers and Chatbots

Social media applications and messengers have become not only platforms just for entertainment but also channels associated with communication between people plus brands. Not only is it a way associated with direct contact with companies but also a way to do highly customized marketing, which allows for:

  • Building close relationships;
  • Talking about your business, products, and services;
  • Increasing sales rates;
  • Making your viewers more active;
  • Maintaining customer relationships.

All these tasks can be solved with the help of an established marketing system in messengers and chatbots. Of course , email marketing copes along with similar tasks. However , chatbots and messengers allow for an even more personalized approach.

#6. Case Studies

Customer cases are among the best ways to convince clients that you are capable of solving their particular problems in a quality manner. After all, it is through cases that you tell about your own experience or about the connection with your clients. Case research go hand in hand with how-to articles. The only difference is that the latter talks about various ideas that help to solve a certain problem, whereas the former is more about the application of these steps used.

Cases are great for social evidence in the service industry. You can show a client’ ersus results before and after using the service or product as well as tell exactly what you do to achieve the result. As practice shows, readers willingly share a good case study on web sites, which allows them to attract new targeted traffic for you.

#7. Content material Optimized for Voice Research

According to recent data , more than 30% of people in the United States use Google Assistant and Siri every day to quickly find the information they need on the Internet. Marketers predict that this number will develop to 50% in 2021.

This means that now the information on sites needs to be adapted with regard to convenient voice search as well. To do this, it is important to enable the usage of long-tail search queries and shift the angle towards the use of interrogative key phrases. This will allow you to diversify your viewers and reach a new business level.


#8. Personalized Advertising

Individuals are tired of seeing random ads that have nothing to do with their own actual interests and requirements. This forces us to switch channels during commercial fails and buy paid subscriptions to turn them off.

Consequently , traditional commercials have become inadequate. Most Internet users and online marketers claim that personalized ads create more interest and wish in people to go to a brand’ s page and make a purchase.

Marketers have already began to actively use new tools to personalize advertising articles. Therefore , you should rethink your own strategy to stay in the marketing trend if you have not already started doing it.

Get started with digital content today

Now that you know everything about the types digital content, let’ s summarize what we have talked about.

First of all, you should mix upward different types of content. The more diverse your content is, the more traffic it will bring. Don’ capital t be afraid to test.

Make a content plan. Any company loves structure and discipline, so create a content plan ahead of time and stick to it. This will help avoid posting random content for the sake of it.

Implementing any of the approaches in your marketing strategy requires careful analytics, potential audience research, planning, and decoration.

Guest author: Egor Blokhin is a digital marketer with more than 10 years of experience. A contributor to Content Marketing and advertising Institute and regularly quoted as an expert in big media outlets. Egor’ s i9000 job is to make your company known all over the Internet.

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