Amazon’s Acquired Vacuum Cleaner Can Map Users’ Houses And Raises Concerns About Privacy

We know that information is an extremely important tool to help marketers succeed in their strategies. The richer the information, the closer brands can get to their audiences. With that in mind, companies are carrying out all they can to provide a more personalized experience, which in the conclusion is focused on customer satisfaction and acquisition/revenue.

Another trend that impacts not only marketers lives, but demonstrates on everybody else, are the wise gadgets that are everyday closer and more common on a daily basis. We have been now able to ask devices to turn the lights upon, schedule meetings, watch our own pets, play our favorite tunes or add something towards the grocery list. Soon, we are going to also be able to ask them to do some chores for us, and this is usually closer than you think.

Amazon has recently announced the acquisition of iRobot Corp. , the manufacturer of the Roomba vacuum. The $1. 7 billion dollars deal can be seen not only as “an expensive purchase” yet a new way to get cleaner programs closer to us on a daily basis.

As mentioned, the closer brands are to people, the higher the chances are usually of bringing new provides of products and services in a customized way. In the near future, Alexa know not only what your favorite track is or what time you wake up during the 7 days, but also, how big your house is certainly and even how messy you might be.

There are some Roomba vacuum cleaner models that can do more than that simply by scanning and mapping environments. With the integration with Amazon . com systems, the company will be able to have more data about people’s houses and routines. By getting some insights about how someone lifestyles, it is possible to make some inferences, plus help marketers create new offers according to specific requirements or preferences.

But , of course , there’s some privacy issues that we will have to take into consideration. Users’ data are gold in an era where we talk about the finish of third-party data and companies look to talk directly to their community, bringing ever more personalized communications, which can also increase the campaign’s ROI.

On the other side, using customers’ personal information is a huge deal and companies need to deal with these care and, most importantly, along with transparency. The user needs to know every single piece of information that is gathered and has to have the capability to accept it or not. All that applies to every brand that will collects users’ data, within the virtual or the real world.

What Amazon Would Know About A person?

By mapping an entire house, the bigger the house, the richer the person might be, so superior products and services may make sense for this customer. Depending on the type of revestment on the floor, it is possible to know not just about someone’ s prosperity but also offer specific types of cleaning products.

Understanding the type of material found on the floor, the particular robot can understand when the family has kids (by finding toys, for example) or pets (by finding… well, you know). Once more, two big opportunities with regard to marketers.

It will also be feasible to know when we are going to sleep or are in a more personal moment, by bumping in a closed door in the bedroom or toilet. That seems a bit scary.

Customers Are involved About Their Data

People are concerned about how companies are dealing with their data. More than a half, 55%, said to a The Drum’s study that they don’t like to share their private data, even if the price is for a better digital experience.

Nevertheless, the vacuum is just yet another device to be added to our routine, frequently receiving advices about how we are living our lives and transforming this information in to business data. The thing is, just how safe is it all going to be and what is the limit of smart and linked things in our lives? Perform we want the companies to know a lot about us?

Despite the personal privacy concern, we have to admit which the acquisition is a big proceed for Amazon and can provide great results for the business, while making people’s lives easier and keeping their particular houses tidy, just by saying “Alexa, clean my room”.

But the big lesson here is: the world is increasingly obtaining more and more data, from various sources and devices. Since marketers, we need to know how to manage this huge amount of information to bring results to our businesses, yet always respecting the customers’ privacy.  

The customers already are concerned. Yes, your performance promotions can get a boost in the short term. You could have trouble in the long run by having a brand image crisis intended for disrespecting your client’ s information and wants. Be careful. And always be transparent!

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