Articles Marketing Platforms: Choosing the Best Option

So you’ ve decided you’ re ready to take your content material marketing strategy to the next level by investing in a brand new tool—congrats!

But as you start pursuit, you soon discover that you will find dozens upon dozens of  content marketing software tools   (hundreds, in fact). How will you understand which is the right platform for your marketing stack?

Like with every tricky marketing question, the answer is: this will depend.

In this post, we’ ll cut through the noise in the content marketing software program market and tell you:

  • What exactly is the content marketing platform?
  • How  Pleasant   fits into the articles marketing jigsaw
  • Content marketing platform analysis: the feature-by-feature dissection of among the best tools out there

Sounds like a plan, right? Now do yourself (and your  content technique ) a favor and read this blog towards the very end.  

Ready? Let’ s i9000 go!

What is Content Marketing Software program, Exactly?

True to its name, a content marketing platform (CMP) is a software solution that enables marketers to plan, envision, work together, and create pieces of content that will successfully raise brand attention, improve lead generation, and jumpstart revenue.

Now you’ re asking, “ Will I accomplish all that with a single tool? ”  

Truth is, you are able to, but only if you choose the suitable CMP (more on this in the short while).

At its best, the content marketing solution guarantees to elevate your marketing strategies through a string of features, including:

  • Content creation and marketing automation  workflows
  • Built/in SEO (search engine  optimization) tools
  • E-mail marketing processes
  • Integrated sharing and distribution associated with content
  • Lead capturing tools for the entire advertising team
  • Articles management, analysis, and tracking
  • Social media management  workflows
  • And more!

To put it simply, it’ s  a kind of project management software   specifically designed to supercharge your articles marketing activities.

Still skeptical of the worth that a CMP carries? Maybe the upcoming section will alter your mind.

Joining the Pieces: How  Welcome  Suits Into Your Content Marketing Dilemna

All of us thought that if we’ lso are ever going to convince you about the perks of articles marketing solutions, we might as well start with our very own product— Welcome .

And here we are.

You see,   Welcome   is not your ordinary content material marketing software.  

It’ s specifically cut out for marketers. Experienced marketers. Individuals who actually want to collaborate and  optimize their own content production   processes.  

This alone qualifies it because the most comprehensive option on the CMP market.    

With  Welcome , you can accomplish the following content marketing objectives and more:

  • Create and proof content of all formats (think:. ppt,. xls,. doc,. mp4, or some kind of other format)
  • Distribute content   to every channel—be this LinkedIn, Facebook, landing web pages, blog, or anything in between—from a powerful, all-in-one platform
  • Customize workflows for any type of content (think: white papers, infographics, interpersonal posts, etc . )
  • Leverage SEO and keyword research metrics to create quality content
  • Elevate your content management practices through actionable templates plus drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • Creatively connect your content creation  lifecycle with your social media plans, email marketing strategy, and any pieces of your digital online marketing strategy

But that’ s just a flavor of the  Accepted   candy. Since  Welcome  is a platform developed by marketers intended for marketers, rest assured there are more content marketing features within it.  

What you just have to do is give it a try.

Allow us to postpone the  Delightful   talk for a moment (excuse our apparent bias here).

Now let’ s shift gears and look at those that have made you click on this blog in the first place: the best  content marketing software today.

The Best Content Marketing and advertising Solutions: Which Tool May be worth Your Hard-Earned Bucks?

Newsflash: you don’ t just need an instrument; you need the  right   tool.

That’ s precisely why we’ ve taken this upon ourselves to do the particular digging, the heavy raising, the sifting on your behalf. The result is a curated list of the very best content marketing solutions on the market.

Without additional ado, here are five CMPs that might refine your content encounters (other than  Encouraged ).  

1 . ClickUp

Trying to improve your content marketing efforts with a powerful project management  tool? How about luring your own target audience through content marking and filtering?  

ClickUp   is a frequent visitor on top content marketing software program lists claiming to offer strategies to these challenges. But that’ s all it is—a  claim .

That being said, ClickUp’ t strengths lie in the following areas:

  • Plenty of custom fields and subtasks that streamline submitting operations
  • Custom checklists to help marketers remember every step of the content creation process
  • A visual interface with 1, 000+ integrations to get content marketers began quickly
  • Pre-loaded task templates to help organize your  editorial diary

OK, we won’ t sugarcoat anything here—ClickUp guarantees a lot yet delivers little, at least in terms of content advertising.

For one, ClickUp’ s functionality templates don’ t focus on content ideation, which is a shame because, with no ideation, the whole process of identifying relevant topics will be deceased on arrival.  

It’ ll become nearly impossible to churn out great content…quality content that speaks to the readers’ exact discomfort points.  

No need to worry, though, as  Welcome   has got you covered.  

On top of streamlining the entire content creation process,   Welcome   acts as the  best collaboration hub   for ideation, publishing, and anything in between.  

But that’ s not all.

Additionally, it empowers marketers with  enterprise-grade, content curation workflows   that speed up execution and optimize result. What more could you possibly request in a content marketing remedy?

2 . Asana

Aaah,   Asana .

A few talk has been going on lately about whether or not it should be regarded a content marketing platform.

Our answer? Properly, it ticks some content marketing boxes, so it might as well be deemed as one. A closer look at Asana uncovers the following content marketing capabilities:

  • Design template tasks that help standardize workback schedules
  • An intuitive conversation tabs to keep all the relevant stakeholders in the loop
  • A ton of custom fields go a long way in capturing and appearing important project details

As an SaaS platform, Asana is designed to range up as team members and specifications increase. Scaling up, nevertheless , is difficult if the option itself is difficult to make use of (What a bummer! ).  

That’ s where  Accepted   comes in.

Since we know too well that the proof is definitely in the pudding, we don’ t tell you to take our own word for it.  

Instead, we tell you to put our content marketing platform to the test. And given that we have confidence in our product, we know you’ ll like it from the word go.

But ease-of-use is just not the only aspect that  Welcome  outwits Asana.

You see,   Welcome  doesn’ t just surface important project details—it also centralizes them for easy finding and reuse across all teams and stakeholders. Great is that?

3. Trello

Up next is  Trello , a project management solution that allows internet marketers to organize assets, keep pieces of content updated, and communicate effortlessly with their team members.

Some of Trello’ s i9000 key templates include:

  • Boards, listings, and cards to enable beginner marketers
  • Built-in automation capability that helps reduce the number of tedious jobs
  • Ability to incorporate other work tools inside your existing workflow

At first glance, Trello looks like the ultimate content marketing platform. It’ s anything but.  

In fact , its use cases are so scattered which they go beyond marketers—accountants, HR experts, and project managers are right in the mix as well. So if you’ re searching for a solution that’ s solely for marketers, you might want to pass up Trello.  

What do we mean?  

Trello’ s i9000 strengths do not necessarily lie in content marketing. We’ ll give it marks just for collaboration, but that’ s i9000 just about.  

If you want a collaborative hub that’ s solely focused on content material marketing, look no further than  Welcome .

For one, the  native digital asset management benefits   in  Welcome  mean that you are able to seamlessly push content to your most important downstream streams—CRM, social, and more—with just a few keys to press.  

This template alone shows that Trello is not fit to hold the candle to  Delightful . We rest the case.

4. Workfront

Another entrant within our content marketing tools checklist is  Workfront .  

Similar to Asana, Workfront is pretty difficult to use. But if you’ lso are willing to overlook this bottleneck, you can find some value in the tool’ s key web templates, including:

  • 150+ pre-built connectors towards the most popular business applications
  • Ability to leverage the particular Workfront + Adobe combination for greater marketing efficiency
  • Real-time insights into the volume, value, and velocity of work getting done across your marketing and advertising team
  • And much more

To put it briefly, Workfront is a work administration tool that, if used correctly, can make a considerable difference in your content marketing processes.  

Having said that, it still falls shy of  Welcome   (sadly so).

Why? You inquire.

The reason is simple: Workfront can’ t match  Welcome’ s   collaborative prowess.  

Pleasant   doesn’ capital t just bring teams jointly in a single dedicated space intended for content; it empowers them to initiate actionable workflows.  

And if you’ ve been in the content advertising realm for long enough, you know that  workflows are usually everything . That’ t right,   every thing .

Besides, Workfront’ s pricing is a bit of a put off.

5. Sprinklr 

Last and surely not least on our evaluation guide is  Sprinklr , a solution that harnesses AI to bring care, research, sales and engagement, plus marketing together.

A few of its core functionality templates include:

  • A unified system capable of capturing relevant client data across modern channels at scale
  • AI-powered insights that help in brainstorming future content plans
  • A work flow engine that takes the whole concept of digital asset management to the next level
  • The ability to track brand content material on social, web, plus email

Again, it’ s worth noting that Sprinklr is just not purpose-built for marketing. It’ s largely a unified CXM platform.

So , if you’ re looking for the best  content marketing platform, it’ s in no way this one. And even if you satisfied on Sprinklr, you’ m still miss out on the  collaborative perks   of tools like  Welcome .

The Best Content Advertising Might Be Right Under Your Nose

Numerous content marketing solutions with this guide promise to be the cat’ s meow to your general promotional strategy. But they sadly disappoint (as proven all through this post).

The same cannot be said of  Welcome . We’ ve said it before, and we’ ll say it again— Desired   is the king of the marketing jungle. Various other tools are mere vistors (cheerleaders, if you may).  

Don’ big t believe us? Why don’ t you try  Welcome   on your own?   Get started with a free account today !

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