Bid & Proposal Conference Colorado: Key Takeaways

We just came back from 3 jam-packed times in Denver, Colorado—and we’re still buzzing from all of the excitement. There’s just something so special about getting real conversations with people personally. Although, remembering how to talk to people was definitely a bit of a learning curve.

In short, APMP’s 2021 Bid and Proposal Conference within Denver was great. It had been held at the Gaylord Rockies—an absolutely gigantic hotel beyond Denver, complete with a waterpark. If anything, nobody was complaining about not getting their steps in.

I’d love to call out such a good job APMP did with COVID precautions. Attendees can order a COVID check to come to your house right before the conference. And everyone needed to submit a health screening process form and get their heat range taken before the day’s activities began.

Studying and growing

BPC did not lack within informative sessions. With more than 40 sessions over three times, we definitely left along with far greater insights than we all came with. Here were several of our faves:

How to use FBI hostage ways to get what you want from other individuals

This session was a huge hit—to the idea that people had to stand in the back in order to sit down in.

And the speakers, Adele Cehrs plus Chip Massey, made some brilliant parallels between the work of an FBI agent as well as the job of a proposal professional.

When an FBI is in a hostage settlement, they need to connect with the fugitive. So they approach the situation through the fugitive’s point of view. A good F agent will say: “I know what you’re going through. You are looking over their shoulder, considering something’s going to happen, you can’t trust anyone… You know you are going to be brought in eventually. I’m here to help. ”

If you looked at things from an FBI agent’s point of view, they’d just say, “Listen, I need to enable you to get in. So come on. ” That’s not very convincing.

Proposal professionals are doing the same thing. They’re understanding the situation from the buyer’s perspective. What is their pain? Why are they searching for the solution? How can you help?

These are all queries a good proposal manager will certainly ask themselves.

Bid Responsibility: Effectively Joining up with the Sales Team

The CEO of Patri, Josh Ellars, started off this particular presentation with this slide.

After this slide was shown, I imagine everyone in the audience mentally said, “Looks about right. ”

A stark difference in headcount isn’t the one thing that’s disconnected between bid and proposal teams. In this presentation, Josh explained what else is missing—and your skill about it.

Exploring the Future of Response Management

In this session, RFPIO’s very own CEO sat lower with the President of APMP, Rick Harris for a “power half hour” coffee. They talked about everything under the sunlight, including where response administration came from, where it’s going, and how the relationship between AI and humans will always evolve.

It was a well-attended session that saw lots of audience involvement where people were able to interact with Ganesh. It was a really enjoyable session to watch!

Controlling the Changing Landscape of Response Management

Change is hard, but required. Because the risk of keeping the same is much greater than the risk of accepting change.

In this session, Angela Earl, VP of Global Advertising at RFPIO, talked about just how response management has changed more than time—especially over the last few years.

At the same time, buyer’s objectives are changing. Buyers expect providers to know who they are, what interactions they’ve had, plus where they are in the decision-making process. Prospects want to be heard, not herded.

Networking and reconnecting

BPC Denver has been absolutely a chance for everyone to regrease those socializing tires, dust off your electric green blazer, and get back out into the world of interacting with people in real life.

Luckily, APMP produced networking and reconnecting simple. Here are some of the activities all of us enjoyed:


We kicked off the conference with a “Registration + Reception” combo. This helped jumpstart everyone’s socializing skills and get everyone excited for the days ahead. RFPIO sponsored


“TARA” stands for “The Art of Reconnecting Annually”. And APMP did not disappoint. They had a lot of great food (the truffle mac n cheese was my personal fave), a VW bus photo booth, cornhole, ladder ball, and shuffleboard. It was a lot of fun!


To honor the weirdness of the last year and a half, we were giving out some fun, useful SWAG at our booth—hand sanitizer and notebooks.

We also had a lot of fun with a photo booth! Anyone who took a photo in our booth would be entered into our raffle to earn a $100 Amazon gift card. We only got four lucky winners, some wonderful entries!

On Day 2, I felt like everyone could use a bit of a choose me up… so I discussed up the music a bit. And it also worked like a charm. As soon as We put on “We Will Rock and roll You” by Queen, a group of people started stomp-stomp-clapping. And to recognize their impromptu-ness, Angela, our VP of Global Advertising, gave them all impromptu raffle tickets!

Chapter of the Year: APMP India

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to APMP India for winning Section of the Year award! This particular award honors the APMP chapter that demonstrates quality in chapter sustenance and development through support associated with APMP initiatives.

Nice work, APMP India! 🎉


After all the fun we had at BPC Denver, we immediately examined when BPC 2022 would be. It’s already scheduled for May 22-25, 2022 in Dallas.

Should you be interested in more APMP activities, make sure to register for their upcoming webinar, “How Proposal Teams Can Drive Sales Productivity and Improve Outcomes. ” Register for the webinar here .

Also, make sure to sign up for updates about RISE UP 2022 ! It can be a fully virtual event, taking place February 16-17, 2021.

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