Fast-Forward: 4 Business Problems Solved by B2B Content Marketing

B2B marketer putting together pieces of the content marketing puzzle image.

B2B marketer putting together pieces of the content marketing puzzle image.

Pertaining to B2B business, the pandemic was a magnifying glass pointing out the cracks in systems. We discovered just how fast digital transformation can be whenever our livelihoods are on the line. We found that worldwide supply chains aren’t since resilient as we thought. All of us found that remote work is far more viable an alternative than we’d been resulted in believe.

None of these realizations were brand new — we were just able to see them clearly for the first time.

The same will also apply to B2B buyer behavior. When we talk about how the pandemic transformed B2B sales and marketing and advertising, what we mean is that we can finally see what we have missed before.

As we repair what’s broken and seek to evolve to the next degree, we have a chance to put the purchaser at the center of our attempts. Here are some of the biggest difficulties ahead, and how we can meet them.

Solving B2B Business Problems with Content Marketing

one — Communicating Empathy

You don’t get through collective stress like we’ve all skilled for the past two years without a couple of scars. People are still adjusting, processing, struggling, even grieving. At the same time, businesses have needs that your solution can satisfy, problems you can solve. Yet how can brands help without having seeming insensitive?

Content marketing and advertising is our most powerful device for communicating human-to-human, offering actual value. Now is not the time for bland corporate-speak, either — showcase your people in your content, together with others in your industry who have earned respect and trust.

Be helpful and kind in your content. Be a caring companion to your audience. After all, marketing experts are the keepers of data — we know these people and exactly what they’re struggling with. We’re inside a unique position to create uplifting content.

[bctt tweet=”“Be a caring companion to your audience. After all, marketers are the keepers of data — we know these people and what they’re struggling with. We’re in a unique position to create uplifting content.” — Joshua Nite @NiteWrites” username=”toprank”]

2 — Leading with Purpose

Lately, businesses have come towards the groundbreaking realization that people treatment deeply about social issues. This is a discovery on k?rester with the earth-shattering epiphany that will B2B buyers are human beings who need emotional appeal in addition to facts.

This epiphany offers led to serious discussions about “purpose. ” What does your brand stand for besides aktionär profit? What issues are top of mind and how is the brand helping deal with them? How can we allow people know that we discuss their values?

Content is key for a brand that’s planning to lead with purpose. It’s the medium to tell the particular brand’s purpose story, obviously. But we can go deeper: Content can be a way to enhance other voices and assist tell their stories.

A brandname can post a Martin Luther King, Jr. day message, complete with one of their safer quotes. But a content marketer can post a blog post from a leading voice in the Black community. A brand can say these people stand with Ukraine. A content marketer can bring asylum voices directly to a sympathetic audience. That’s leading with purpose, not purpose as an afterthought.

3 — Humanizing the Brand

I’ve written before about humanizing B2B marketing — specifically about how easy it is to overthink everything. What’s the line between relatable and unprofessional? Will all of us lose trust in our competency if our content is too lighthearted? How do we relate to our entire audience without having alienating a segment?

Here’s the thing: You can’t humanize a brandname.

I say again: You CAN’T humanize a BRAND.

[caption id="attachment_30862" align="alignnone" width="300"] Kool-aid man pitcher The exclusion that proves the guideline.[/caption]

Brands are not human beings. People are. Content marketing can feature people on behalf of the brand, rather than attempting to talk for the brand.

Bring your executives into your content. Bring employees, influencers, external experts. Bring — I’m begging you — your customers and prospects in as well.

If you need to truly humanize, let the human beings come out from behind the brand. Content marketers can lead the way.

4 — Developing Relationships

I have talked read more about building relationships in a decade of being a marketer than I did in a decade to be single. But in the world post-pandemic (and our current world of ongoing but milder pandemic), relationship-building is an even more crucial part of success regarding B2B business. Repeat customers, referrals and brand advocacy are all a more reliable supply of revenue than even the many targeted advertising.

Content marketing and advertising can help build these relationships. The first three points We made are all about putting the groundwork for a partnership. Content can offer helpful advice, details about the state of the industry, guidelines — in other words, what your audience needs to succeed in their particular professional and even personal life.

The quickest way to create a relationship? Give your potential customer that crucial bit of advice to make them look brilliant in front of their boss. Give your existing customers acknowledgement and highlight the amazing success your brand assisted them achieve. The more a person lift up and enjoy your buyers, the more they are likely to do the same for the brand.

[bctt tweet=”“Content can offer helpful advice, information about the state of the industry, best practices — in other words, what your audience needs to succeed in their professional and even personal lives.” — Joshua Nite @NiteWrites” username=”toprank”]

Elevate Your Content to Solve B2B Challenges

It’s been a rough few years. Human beings have experienced individual plus collective trauma, and we are still processing and rebuilding. That’s true both of the marketers creating content and the people consuming it.

The way in which forward is to use content with regard to what it’s really good with: Telling stories, amplifying human being voices, and providing worth. That’s not to say content must be doing all of the above instead of driving a business outcome — I’m saying that helpful, individual content is the way to generate a business outcome.

We have the privilege, as content marketing experts, to create something that serves both the brand and the audience, and might even be fun for us to create. It’s a unique opportunity and one we should all embrace.

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