Using Keywords in Your Content just for Maximum SEO Impact

We’re facing a content revolution the likes of which usually we’ve never seen before. There are more than 500 million blogs across over 1 . 8 billion websites in the worldwide web. More than 2 million new blog posts are released daily. That’s right – 2 million. Every. Individual. Day. There are also more individuals turning to search […]

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User Intent: Understanding How People Search & Why It Issues

Learn what user intention is, why it’s essential for search engine optimization and how to tailor your content offerings to attract your target customers.

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Precisely why Did My Domain Authority Go Down? And Other Top Area Authority Questions Answered (Video + Infographic)

Area Authority is not a Search engines ranking factor, so why do we care about it? Get answers to this question plus 26 others about DE UMA in this guide.

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