Free The Story: How B2B Internet marketers Can Use Digital Storytelling To Bring Content Alive In Brand new Ways

Horizontal futuristic digital woman B2B marketer image

Horizontal futuristic digital woman B2B marketer image

How does electronic storytelling help B2B entrepreneurs bring content to life within powerful new ways?

With more B2B buying research and ongoing client engagement than ever taking place online over the past two years, there have not been as many opportunities to benefit from digital storytelling, yet higher competition has made it crucial to create content that really stands out and engages.

Let’s take a look at how well-crafted digital storytelling may propel B2B content to brand new successes, and how B2B online marketers can breathe new existence into content in a variety of electronic formats.

Sympathy Transforms Digital Storytelling

A shift within how many B2B marketers consider the content their teams develop is often required to fully embrace and benefit from the power associated with successful digital storytelling. Empathy plays a role in this shift, through taking the time to understand audiences, B2B marketers can create more emotionally memorable stories — producing customers feel connected on the deeper level that’s more human and less electronic.

“Brands wish to transact with people who are displaying high levels of empathy, ” Miri Rodriquez , senior storyteller at Microsoft, has observed — a facet of successful electronic storytelling that she expanded on in our article, ” Microsoft’s Miri Rodriguez on How B2B Marketers Are usually Embracing Empathy For Much better Customer Storytelling #B2BMX . ”

Miri Rodriguez image.

Miri looks at storytelling a tactic worthy of being a top goal in 2022.

“Make storytelling excellence one of your top goals in 2022. Wherever you are in the brand storytelling journey, aspire to tangible deliverables in your storytelling strategy in your marketing efforts. This includes determining a plan on how you can best design and tell your brand name story considering inclusion, market trends, thought leadership as well as your customers which are all continuously evolving, ” Miri mentioned recently in our look at ” How to Elevate Your own B2B Marketing Career: Information from Execs at Best B2B Brands . ”

[bctt tweet=”“Make storytelling excellence one of your top goals in 2022. Wherever you are in the brand storytelling journey, aspire to tangible deliverables in your storytelling strategy as part of your marketing efforts.” — Miri Rodriquez @MiriRod” username=”toprank”]

Free of charge The Story: Not Just For B2C Anymore

The move to either all-digital or mostly-digital in B2B over the past several years has allowed brands to experiment with and even embrace aspects of exactly what have traditionally been B2C-only marketing strategies, and these changes are likely to endure even when the planet returns to a much more in-person mode of business operation.

While some of the changes adopted from B2C into the B2B world were minor, the biggest may be the change to working with the power of the story, even in enterprise businesses.

The the freedom digital storytelling offers, B2B marketers can break down many of the old barriers in between brands and buyers, plus truly connect in effective and enduring ways.

Authenticity Humanizes B2B Connections

Digital storytelling also helps B2B internet marketers humanize content with authenticity.

“What good will be your content marketing investment in the event that it’s not believable? If it’s not trusted? ” our TOP DOG Lee Odden recently inquired in a look at ” Three of the Biggest Opportunities to Elevate B2B Marketing in 2022 . ”

When done nicely, digital storytelling not only drives trust, but is also a terrific way to incorporate industry thought leaders, who can augment and bring new living to brand stories . “Content collaborations between skillfully developed and internal subject matter specialists and executives helps to humanize B2B brands by focusing on the real issues customers are usually dealing with, ” Lee mentioned, highlighting another way that customer empathy drives content — including digital storytelling — to new heights.

[bctt tweet=”“Content collaborations between industry experts and internal subject matter experts and executives helps to humanize B2B brands by focusing on the real issues customers are dealing with.” — Lee Odden @LeeOdden” username=”toprank”]

Customer Solutions In Formats They Choose

Storytelling within B2B doesn’t have to exist in only one digital structure — indeed in 2022 there are more ways to present and share stories than ever — and one of the prime benefits of stellar electronic storytelling is that it can take numerous forms and still ring true with audiences .

A well-crafted tale can be incorporated in B2B efforts that work equally properly on many platforms and in multiple media types, including:

  • Traditional blog content
  • Social platforms
  • Woven into video
  • Added to audio or podcasting
  • Email / newsletter campaigns
  • Conference presentations

A powerful story works across the board, even though some stories are definitely better-suited to being shared in specific formats, a truly memorable 1 will transcend the moderate and make that jump to existing not only on-line, but in the memory from the people your brand wants to connect with . When that will transfer takes place, a story may endure, and drive consumer relationships that reach newly found levels of connection.

We’ve looked at some of the methods B2B marketers can create stories that connect on a deeper level, including these 5:

[bctt tweet=”“Top digital storytelling transcends the medium and makes that leap from existing online to living on in the memory of the people your brand wants to connect with.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis” username=”toprank”]

Informing Compelling Digital Tales Develop Genuine Audience Connections


When B2B marketers take the time to inform compelling digital stories that creates genuine audience connections, consist of industry subject matter experts, and share their efforts in a variety of digital formats and publishing systems, the true strength of digital storytelling shines brightly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at just a few of the methods digital storytelling is helping B2B brands forge higher and more enduring connections, which you’ll find some of them useful in your own efforts in 2022 plus beyond.

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