#@@#@!![Webinar feat. Forrester] How to Build (& Execute) the *Perfect* Marketing and advertising Plan

Whenever you think about marketing planning, exactly what feelings does it invoke? In case it’ s stress or even anxiety-inducing, it may be time to review how you plan, enable your teams, and implement specific processes… In this session, Shafqat Islam (Welcome CEO) and feature guest Stephanie Liu (Analyst at Forrester), break down the ‘ must-haves’ for your marketing success […]#@@#@!!

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#@@#@!![ON DEMAND] Welcome Within Review: Everything we delivered in Q1

Join reps from the Delightful product team for an in-depth look (and Q& A) at the latest-and-greatest Welcome features shipped in Q1 2021, including: Kanban Board Placeholder Tasks Bi-directional Asset API … and more!

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