Cbat Hudson Mohawke Reddit Meme

The song, Cbat by Hudson Mohawke went viral on TikTok after a Reddit story was posted.

Many users are making fun of the guy who shared the story by causing memes out of it.

However , these memes can be confusing without context.

If this is your first-time hearing the song, you may not know what made it so popular.

In this post, you’ ll learn very best Cbat Hudson Mohawke meme on Reddit/TikTok and who might be Hudson Mohawke.

Cbat Hudson Mohawke Reddit meme

The story was originally posted by u/TylerLife on Reddit in the r/tifu community.

The title from the post is, “ TIFU / My (20F) partner of two years told me the background music that I (25M) play throughout s*x is weird along with a major turn off”.

Tyler starts off with a backstory saying that he was researching ways to be better at s*x as he was stiff and had no idea what he was performing.

He started searching for love-making tunes and created a playlist.

One song, in particular, which is their favorite, is hated by his girlfriend and transforms her off.

However , it took her 2 years to inform him that she hates that song.

Tyler procedes say that he’ s devastated that his girlfriend dislikes the song because it provides him the perfect rhythm regarding doing the deed.

TL; DOCTOR His girlfriend hated his love-making song and only told him after 2 years.

The storyplot has quickly become an internet sensation because of how absurd plus humorous it is.

On Reddit, the story has over 67k upvotes and more than five hundred awards.

Most of the comment section discussed the goofiness from the song.

“ This seems like an inflatable clown toy falling down the stairs”.

“ This is the song that plays when the psycho clown in a haunted carnival is stalking you”.

“ That track sounds like a mouse captured in the talon of an owl slowly dying”.

Despite the harmful comments towards the song, this surged in popularity online.

“ Hudson Mohawke – Cbat” on YouTube is now full of comments about the guy upon Reddit.

On TikTok, the storyplot got over 14 million views and there are thousands of videos using the song.

Many videos were mocking the guy’ s girlfriend for taking 2 years to say that she hated the song.

Other videos were people thrusting to the rhythm of the song—mocking the Redditor.

Whether the story by u/TylerLife is actual or fake, it certainly created a ton of hype and brought “ Cbat” to attention.

Who is Hudson Mohawke?

Ross Matthew Birchard, or even Hudson Mohawke is a Scottish producer plus DJ from Glasgow.

He was the youngest UK DMC finalist when justin was 15 (known as DISC JOCKEY Itchy).

He released his first debut album, Butter, last year after signing to Warp Records.

Hudson signed along with Kanye West’ s G. O. O. D. Songs production team in 2012.

Ever since then, he produced for multiple artists like Drake, A$AP Rocky, and more.

In September 2022, one of his tunes went virus-like on Reddit and TikTok.

The music is called “ Cbat” plus it’ s from the “ Satin Panthers” album.

Other songs in the album are usually “ Octan”, “ Thunder Bay”, “ All Your Love”, and “ Thank You”.

It went viral on Reddit after a u/TylerLife posted a story of how he performed the song while doing the “ deed”.

The story was cross-posted to other social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok.

On Twitter, a user by name of @punished_cait messaged the story and got over 170k wants .

Hudson himself retweeted the tweet on his official Twitter .

Here’ s @jacquesgreene undertake Hudson’ s virality, “ I know this would be your absolute fav reason to go randomly viral and I love this for you lmfaoo”.

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