Client Acquisition: In-House or Outsourced?

Generating leads is an integral a part of any business today. Just what business if not for customers?

“You are away from business if you don’t have a prospective client! ” – Zig Ziglar

61% associated with marketers say that a lack of resources like staff, funding and time, is their greatest obstacle when it comes to their B2B lead generation attempts .

In light of this, many businesses are looking for more ways to keep the influx of leads consistent. One method is to outsource lead generation initiatives so the in-house sales team may focus on driving prospects with the sales funnel.

But , will hiring a third-party lead generation team really enhance both the quantity and quality of your leads? Or could it be better to keep the lead generation activities within your organization?

In this article, we will talk about the good qualities and cons of each internal and external customer acquisition and exactly how both can help your business obtain its sales and company objectives.

Key Takeaways:

  • In-house lead generation can offer more control and possible employee motivation.

  • Utilizing a legitimate lead generation business can provide your business with data-based, quality leads and give product sales teams more time to focus on closing deals.

  • Inquiring the right questions ahead of time can make sure your team does not end up tied to a bum lead generation company.

In-House Lead Generation



The biggest advantage of keeping your lead generation initiatives within the organization is that it provides you with more control. Since you own the process, you can customize it in any way you want.

You can make it as simple or even as complicated as you want. For instance, in-house teams can cast a wider internet or focus on a smaller specialized niche as they choose.

Employee Motivation

Another potential advantage is that it builds a “hustle culture, ” which usually enables teams to become high performers. This type of business culture generates not just leads, but additionally an energetic work environment which can launch your business to greater heights when managed properly.

Tread lightly here although. With the great resignation on us, a “hustle culture” may turn toxic quickly when handled poorly, and employees are no longer taking – ish through unfair companies!

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Stretching your own team too thin

While sales and marketing teams work hand-in-hand, some companies only have a single team for both functions. Some people think that sales teams should have the responsibility of generating their very own leads from referrals. Even though this depends on the sales teams’ relationships with clients, it makes more sense to delegate lead generation activities to a different team so that your sales team can concentrate on closing deals.

Training needed

Generating leads and closing sales are not the same. If your sales reps are the types doing the lead generation activities, the management team should invest in training them, which could be time-consuming and tedious.

Too centered on the close

Another disadvantage of an in-house lead generation initiative is that many find it difficult to determine what an experienced lead is. Perhaps, the largest disadvantage of an in-house client acquisition department is that numerous sales professionals and teams can become so focused on shutting deals that they don’t have sufficient time to process some of the feedback they get from potential leads.

Time consuming to start

Lastly, setting up a good in-house lead generation initiative takes longer to build and stabilize, since you’re starting the machine from scratch.

Outsourced Lead Generation


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A dedicated group

The largest advantage of outsourcing customer purchase is having a dedicated team doing the tedious and time-consuming analysis for you. It’s like you are adopting a team of experts! Plus, since the majority of companies’ goals are based on customer sales, you’ll know they are working tirelessly to get you a genuine lead, not just fluff which will never close.

This group of professionals has experience in all facets of lead generation and are already familiar with the procedures needed to grow your customer base. This saves your company both time and money on in-house exercising.

Always based on data

Outsourced lead generation groups utilize a lead scoring program, which means that they have the data to figure out how likely each prospect is to convert. This gives your own in-house sales team the advantage of understanding how to approach them just before they even make the 1st contact—enabling more accurate targeting by means of personalization.

Saves time for your sales team

Another great advantage is that an outsourced team will handle the particular preliminary communications with potential clients. This service provides your sales team with a strong foundation before they speak in order to leads. While your own sales force can very well conduct the initial communications, this is something that you are able to outsource so your team may focus on the leads almost certainly to make a purchase.

This will save your sales team considerable time. This can give the sales team a level better chance of moving potential leads down the sales funnel and developing genuine rapport.

Library of resources

Chances are, if you’re outsourcing to a credible lead generation company, they have a vast library of contacts already at the ready. While they’ll research more and find you specific brand new candidates, you have the chance to discover new leads fast.


You don’t very own them

With all the convenience of an outsourced lead generation team, the biggest drawback is that, well, they are not yours. They’re an external group whose expertise is available to a wide range of clients. Simply put, they have other accounts to focus on, to not always be their main concern. But , find the right company and this obstacle shouldn’t be sensed at all.

Learning curve

Depending on the size and scope of the lead generation company you chose, they may not need experts in your field. This doesn’ t mean the work won’t be well done, yet there might be a learning contour in the beginning.

Are You In Or Out?

While having more control is a great advantage, the outcome of outsourcing to a dedicated plus experienced team may be very beneficial. When you factor in how much time, effort and financing it takes to build an in-house team, small businesses (especially startups) without the necessary resources will find the idea of freelancing lead generation far more attractive.

Take a look at this checklist from Serta Harsh of Concept Solutions to help understand how the two compare:

Keep in mind that even though you are hiring lead generation experts, they’re not miracle employees, and they still require time and attention from your inner teams to make the process function. But , the faster ROI can cancel out some of these drawbacks.

The most important thing is to do your research in the beginning so you do not find yourself tied to a bum lead generation company. How do these people measure success? What kind of conversation will be standard? Ask the key questions upfront so you can become confident in your outsourced business lead gen efforts.

The same goes for outsourcing various other marketing initiatives for your business. A prime example is definitely outsourced content material marketing , growing more and more popular every year.

If you’re curious about content marketing and what it can do for your business, check out our own SEO blog writing services or set up a free consultation with our team!

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