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The fact is that Digital, Social, and Mobile technologies have got dramatically changed the world all of us live in and the businesses we all work for. But no functionality has been more disrupted a lot more than marketing.

Since the pandemic, many small businesses have got rushed online in hopes of saving their revenue. However, too many fall into the capture of hiring eager social media marketing managers, creative branding and ad agencies, and losing their precious dollars upon chasing uninterested and tired eye balls.

The particular effective business today knows the distracted world all of us live in. The savvy entrepreneur sees that the best way to grow is to reach people with content material they want and need.

We believe in customer-centric approaches to business growth. We deliver articles marketing services that attract the right type of buyers for a fraction of what you would spend on even a individual ad!

And we only work with people who realize that you need to invest a small quantity, consistently with time , to build something great! So with that in mind, we now have created these 99 business facts to help you understand the globe we live in, how to flourish, and how to win with your marketing.

99 Business Facts To Inspire Your Marketing in 2022

  1. 73% of people surveyed wouldn’t care when the brands they use disappeared from their life.
  2. Car companies plus Cereal makers spend probably the most advertising on TV.
  3. Employees report that Tuesday is the most productive day of the workweek.
  4. 93% of all company website appointments start with a search engine .
  5. Companies will spend $850 Billion on ads by 2024.
  6. 96% of internet marketers admit their own advertising was a waste of money.
  7. P& Gary the gadget guy, Chase Bank, and Above all slashed their ad financial constraints during the pandemic and reported exactly ZERO impact on their sales revenue .
  8. 53% of US consumers would depart their internet / cable connection provider if they had a option.
  9. US consumers receive 7, 000 marketing messages every single day.
  10. Newspapers have lost $55 Billion dollars in advertising revenue considering that 2000. Now estimated just under $10 Billion.
  11. 20-40% of the ticks on compensated ads are fraudulent .
  12. 88% of Millionaires in the US are Prosperous Entrepreneurs
  13. The average click-through rate of $3B worth of PPC advertisements by Wordstream was 0. 2%
  14. 75% of marketers saw beneficial returns from their content marketing efforts .
  15. 70% of small businesses like ours are usually operated by a single individual.
  16. CEOs plus boards will no longer accept marketing that isn’t traveling real business results.
  17. 99% of entrepreneurs come from extremely rich or even lower-middle class backgrounds.
  18. Only 46% rely on government leaders to tell the truth. 49% trust CEOs. Scientists are the most trusted (75%).
  19. 67% of B2B marketers report their #1 goal is increasing sales leads .
  20. More than 70% of customers surveyed believe smaller businesses are more concerned about their requirements than larger companies.
  21. Only 2-5% of all website traffic comes from social media .
  22. Only 18% of sales on e-commerce sites comes from paid ads. 80% comes organically.
  23. 97% of self-employed people do not plan on returning to traditional function.
  24. Employee social networks are usually 10x larger than the brand names they work for.
  25. It is 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire new customers then it is to keep a present-day one.
  26. Incoming marketing expenses per lead are 62% less than outbound marketing.
  27. Email marketing and content marketing provide higher ROI than any marketing tactic.
  28. Content on the internet grew 10x between 2010 and 2020. Video grew 20x.
  29. Marketing can be defined like a conversation between a company and it’ s potential customers.
  30. Worldwide, nearly four billion people are working, yet nearly half work in farming, small household enterprises, or in casual or in season day labor.
  31. More than 750 million the younger generation are neither working nor studying.
  32. India is adding a million new employees every month. Equal to the entire inhabitants of Sweden joining the labor force every year for 20 years..
  33. Fathers in america have nearly tripled their own time with their children considering that 1965. Today’s mothers hang out with their children than mothers do in the 1960s.
  34. By 2050 more than 40% of the world’s population can live under severe water stress.
  35. Before the pandemic, the global rate of extreme poverty fell to 20%, less than half the 1990 rate of 43%
  36. We check the phones more than 150 situations per day.
  37. 4 decades after Walmart launched single-store retail businesses declined simply by 55%
  38. 90% of all internet data will be video.
  39. Google was originally called Backrub (ewww! )
  40. There was a 3rd founder of Apple company who marketed his 10% stake for $800
  41. The Marlboro Man died of lung cancer.
  42. Over 40% of the companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 in 2010 were no more there in 2020.
  43. In the year 2k, a company called Blockbuster denied an offer to buy a startup called Netflix for $50 million.
  44. Slack may be the fastest company to reach $2 Billion.
  45. One-third of the US population visits a Walmart each week.
  46. The famous sound of Windows Operating System’ s startup was created with an Apple Mac.
  47. In 1974 Fedex was going bankrupt so their creator took the $5, 1000 to Vegas and switched it into $32, 500 playing roulette. Today FedEx is worth more than $30 Billion dollars.
  48. Apple’ ersus retina displays are manufactured simply by Samsung.
  49. Within the 1990’ s, a Kodak engineer predicted the company might fail unless it relocated to digital. They went broke in 2012 just as Facebook has been acquiring Instagram for $1 Billion.
  50. “ Mayfair” filtered pictures upon Instagram get the most likes.
  51. Rubik’ s cubes are the highest-selling product of all-time. iPhones are second.
  52. Amazon can make all it’ s employees at every level spend two days every year doing customer service
  53. Most bottled water is just filtered tap water
  54. Disney employees perform 18, 980 loads of washing every single day
  55. In 2018, the CEO of Coca-Cola (the world’ ersus most recognized brand) said that “ brand advertising has no worth. ” while arguing for more social and sustainable procedures.
  56. 99% of all US businesses are Small Businesses (fewer than 500 employees), equating to 33 million companies
  57. 46% associated with small businesses have 1–5 full-time or part-time employees.
  58. Small businesses account for regarding 64% of all jobs developed (1. 5 million since 2020)
  59. 60% of people that start Small Businesses are between 40 plus 60
  60. Covid rendered around 31% of businesses in the US non-operational
  61. Younger generations are 188% more likely to start a new business
  62. 20% of small businesses fail in the first year and that number increases to 50% at 5 years
  63. The average small business last 8. 5 years.
  64. Cash flow is responsible for as much as 82% of most small business failures. Oh I feel that. Pay your bills people!
  65. 52% of small businesses cite labour quality as their biggest challenge
  66. 64% associated with small businesses use social media (even though it only hard disks 2-5% of traffic plus leads for the average business).
  67. 49% associated with small businesses do online advertising (even though it drives lower than 8% of all traffic and leads for the average business).
  68. 85% associated with small businesses utilize digital technologies
  69. Women are usually 50% less likely than men to get approved for a company loan
  70. Only 61% of small businesses possess a website
  71. Within 2021, there were 5. two Billion internet users.
  72. There are almost 2 billion websites on the world wide web.
  73. 3. 1 billion dollars internet users are also social media users.
  74. 43% from the world uses WordPress to power their websites.
  75. The most popular social; press apps are Facebook, Youtube . com, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Instagram.
  76. Despite what most people think, 92% of most online feedback is considered beneficial, while only 2% is definitely negative.
  77. 71% of people don’t trust sponsored ads, 69% don’t rely on advertisements, and 65% do not trust press releases.
  78. The top 3 methods for leads include email, event, plus content marketing.
  79. 25% of small businesses have no idea what their lead generation conversion rates are.
  80. Content marketing gets 3x the qualified prospects per dollar spent when compared to paid search efforts.
  81. Content marketing furthermore generates 3x as many network marketing leads as outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.
  82. Small businesses along with blogs get 126% more lead development than those without.
  83. Websites with weblog content possess 434% more search engine-indexed webpages.
  84. Publishing 8 blog posts a month can garner you about two times more business.
  85. TechCrunch, TED, CNN, and the National Football League almost all use simple old Wp as their CMS.
  86. Companies that blog obtain 97% more links to their website.
  87. Natural traffic improves by as much as 157% with added video content.
  88. 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers.
  89. 85% of Facebook video content is viewed without audio .
  90. Individuals tend to stay on webpages 2 . 6x longer if there are video content.
  91. Automated emails can improve revenue by as much as 320%.
  92. Email is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than social media
  93. Including a call to action key instead of a link boosts conversion rates by as much as 28%.
  94. Half of all small and medium-sized businesses use marketing automation software to send get campaigns and keep people involved.
  95. The shelf life of a piece of social content is 7 secs on Twitter and 3 hours in Facebook
  96. The average consumer sees 3 pieces of content before making a purchase
  97. The average Business buyer consumers 21 pieces of content before you make a purchase
  98. The average business purchase decision involves 17 people
  99. 29% of Millennials find love through Fb while 33% are left via wall posts or text messages

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