Company proposal example, template, plus how-to instructions

Before I get into the business proposal example, design template, and tips, I need you to remember one thing: You’re Yoda, not Luke Skywalker:

“Think about Luke Skywalker and Yoda in Star Wars. When Luke meets Yoda, he encounters the perfect guideline. Yoda understands Luke’s problem and has mastered the skills Henry must develop if he or she is going to defeat the Dying Star. ”

Donald Miller

As the writer of a business proposal, you want to come off since the perfect guide. Your objective is to make your customer look like Luke Skywalker, the hero of the story. The chance doesn’t care about your product; they care about solving their problem.

What is a business proposal?

Put simply, a business proposal will be your solution pitch to a prospect’s business problem. It’s you saying, “I understand your trouble. This is what the situation will look like right after it’s fixed. Here’s several ways we can help you repair it. Sign here to get the answer rolling. ”

It’s used often , especially if your prospect isn’t the only stakeholder involved in deciding whether to buy your solution. In such situations, the business proposal is the document that your prospect will present to those decision-makers. Jeff Bloomfield , sales coach and author associated with NeuroSelling, says, “They need to know that they are saving money with your solution when compared to the high cost of the problem you are solving. ”

As succinctly as possible, you need to tell the story of how your solution will help your own prospect look like Luke Skywalker. That’s not much room; the particular opening scroll in all the Star Wars movies takes up greater than two pages.

A business proposal is short, yet informative and customized to every prospect’ s specific problem, even if you only have 1 solution. Remember this is regarding their needs rather than your own features. To put it another way, it’s the photo harmful of a brochure or website.

How to compose a business proposal

Arguably the most important step when writing a business proposal happens before any writing begins: Confirm interest in your option. Odds of winning deals from unsolicited business proposals are usually multi-state lottery-level. Any efficient business proposal starts with a conversation.

Whenever you understand objectives and have a simple solution, then you can begin writing. In case after identifying the prospect’s pain points you believe that the solution isn’t strong enough, after that keep digging for the pain points where you can excel. Sometimes you have to push to get the correct objectives to make sure there’s enough pain to justify your solution.

Timing is essential because a business proposal needs to be educated and comprehensive. Too early and it’s likely to land on deaf hearing. Too late and either someone else solved the problem or you’re perceived as not caring sufficient to make it a priority.

As soon as you’ve identified pains, objectives, and how to position your own solution as the ideal, then gather the following content:

  • Logos (yours and prospect’s)
  • Pricing options
  • Scope of work security you can link to from the company proposal

Now you just have to complete the business proposal template . These company proposal best practices will help.

8 business proposal best practices

  1. Take advantage of “title” real estate. As my esteemed colleague Keith Norrie explains in his expert advice on executive summaries , the title is too good of a setup opportunity to pass up. Use an actions verb to surface the primary problem that you’re proposing to fix with your solution. These power-verb examples will perk up stakeholders’ ears: increasing, reducing, accelerating, improving, streamlining, monetizing… Check out the company proposal example to see how I framed the answer in the proposal.
  2. Agree on 3-5 objectives with the prospect’s champion during your initial calls. These objectives will be based on pains that your prospective client wants to overcome.
  3. Explain how your alternative will enable these goals. This isn’t an opportunity for you to checklist product features—most of which the prospect won’t care about. It’s where you tie solutions to problems. By way of example: “RFPIO’s AI-enabled Answer Collection will reduce XYZ Company’s time spent responding to repeated questions from 1, 200 hours to 720 hours or fewer annually in some others of submitted RFPs. ”
  4. Give multiple pricing options as a checkable list. Avoid line-item details. Explain the difference between each option. For example , “This one allows you to scale… this one will get you to the end of the year… this one is best for small businesses…”
  5. Provide a high-level scope of work particular to the prospect’s need. Link out to data sheets or even websites for more information.
  6. Include a call to action, preferably a signature demand . At the very least, schedule the call to review next actions.
  7. Review the particular proposal with the prospect over the phone or through video conferencing. If possible, try to get the person you’re really constructing the proposal for (the decision-making stakeholder in the shadows behind the prospect champion) to participate the review. If you can’t schedule a review, then record a Vidyard of a person walking through the business offer that can be shared with stakeholders.
  8. Be careful of jargon. Every industry has the unique terminology, but be skeptical of using jargon to get jargon’s sake. With just two pages, you don’t have any kind of room to waste upon hollow language that doesn’t address the prospect’s particular problem.

Download your business proposal template & business proposal illustration

Here are the business proposal template and the business proposal example . When you’re ready to write your own company proposal, make a copy from the template. Then, delete all the instructions as you complete the sections. That way you don’t accidentally fire off the document complete with my guidelines. Also, if you build your company proposals from Salesforce, after that these tips on Salesforce Proposal Builder will be a big help.

I hope you find the template and example helpful. Remember, the decision-making stakeholder (likely an executive) is going to be reviewing multiple proposals. They must be able to look at yours and identify that it’s comprehensive and customized for them. They’ll smell out cookie-cutter treatments immediately and will sideline them whilst they look for something special, like yours.

Be confident. This isn’t a shot in the dark. The prospect needs to solve this issue. Your business proposal will illustrate how you’ve thought through their problems.

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