Content material Quality Vs . Content Volume – The Great Content Argument

content quality vs quantity debate

Content quality vs . content quantity. Just how much content is enough? How good would it need to be? I wrote a version of this post 7 in years past. Then, I was the shutting keynote for a content marketing event recently where We realized the debate still rages. So here is a good update!

Each business struggles with the query of content quality versus quantity. Marketers have consistently struggled with. I have observed the argument from advertisement execs and agencies which whether they should buy more achieve or frequency (or worse, media impressions. )

I have dealt with this particular as both a sales rep and as a demand style marketer sending leads to product sales. Do we send sufficient quantity of leads to satisfy sales or do we send out them quality leads that will convert to purchase?

And content marketers in most industry are now facing exactly the same dilemma: Just how much blog articles should we create, how often should we distribute, how long should it end up being, how much should it cost , plus how good does it need to be?

So let’ s dive in and answer this question once and for all!

Quick Takeaways:

  • Studies show that quantity of content is really a clear predictor of website traffic growth. The more you submit, the more traffic you will get. However the quality has to be there.
  • There doesn’ t need to be a trade-off between content high quality and quantity. With a couple of tweaks to your content strategy, you can have the best of both worlds.
  • Use your expertise like a thought leader and repurpose previous content to create fresh perspectives on your industry.
  • When it comes to content, quality vs volume is not a dichotomy. You can have your cake and consume it too! You don’ t have to choose between the 2.

Can There Be a Balance?

First, what is content quantity? Content quantity is the way of measuring how much content you release measured over a period of time. Content quantity is a factual quantity represented by a number over a measure of time. 2 content articles per week or 1 write-up per day are examples. Various other similar terms include articles frequency, content cadence, or content consistency

So we need to straddle the line between creating sufficient content to increase your share of customer conversations vs . the necessity to represent your unique point of view and differentiate yourself from the competitors.

As my friend Doug Kessler from Speed Partners has said, we need to “ Stop Creating Crap . ” But that doesn’ t mean we have to create less.

What is content material quality? Content material quality is a subjective way of measuring how good a piece of content can be or how well the information answers the search intent of the reader. Content quality look at factors like word count, years of experience, levels or other accolades with the author, but these only assume that the content itself answers the question posed by the person reading through the content. Only the individual audience can determine quality designed for him/herself.

I think it’s easy to take those side of quality in the debate. Of course we have to develop engaging, helpful and entertaining content. And it has to live to the standards that your brand reputation requires.

As content marketers, we have to create content that reaches our own target audience, that engages all of them and inspires them to action.

But we have to do all this at a range that impacts the business. We cannot produce one great piece of content every month once the shelf life of content in today’s world is really a few days at best and a few secs at worse.

So do we need more content or better content? We need more, much better content.

Maybe my answer might surprise you when it comes to the debate about content material quality vs . quantity. Actually I haven’t changed our mind much over the years since I first spoke about this subject at my 2nd Content Marketing World conference back in 2013.

That’s since I’ve studied the data upon content quantity and it displays a very real correlation to traffic and leads that you could measure. I tested this particular theory on my first content marketing program at SAP. So I know that Content Amount matters. But don’t just take my word for it.

Marketing giant HubSpot’s research agrees with my own research, as do many others. There’s the sweet spot when it comes to blog posting, as you can see from the graph below.

More better content

Companies that post two to 4 times a week (eight to 16 posts per month) show a huge embrace inbound traffic – anywhere from 2 to almost 4 times as much.

And the traffic can be quality traffic. Hubspot demonstrated that exact same increase in network marketing leads. So if you increase your website blog publishing from 2 blogs a month to 2 content per week you should expect 2-4 times the traffic. The data shows this can take a year to achieve the results.

So you can have the best of both worlds.

Committing to Content Quantity Leads To Content Quality

“ Deadlines are the greatest source of inspiration. ” ~ Mark Twain

I truly believe Mark Twain that setting a publishing schedule helps us to create better content. So we have to start by defining several goal . We have to begin with a dedicated and committed publishing schedule that will allow us to produce a dent in the share associated with online customer conversations your prospects are having. Thinking just like a publisher means you have to power deadlines on yourself.

So once we pick our publishing schedule, all of us then demand high criteria of quality for each piece that we push out.

Volume has benefits as well. More content equates to more insights into what works. More content equals a lot more opportunities to drive social wedding. More content equals more opportunities to answer your customers’ top questions.

You Don’t Have to Be a Writer to function Out Quality Content at Scale

A person already live and inhale and exhale whatever industry you’ve made your life’s work. This doesn’t take much more work to put that passion straight into words.

If you’re not much for writing, you can put out superb content by means of video or audio posts. Or, you could always jot down your thoughts in rough type and let a blog writing assistance like our bait polish it for you.

Or you could just BE. SUCH AS. Gary Vee:

You have expertise in your field. Sharing that expertise with individuals who need it is never “crap. ” You only need to frame that masterpiece in appropriate grammar, search engine-gulping key phrases, and empathetic language that wins hearts as well as minds.

Back to my pal Doug Kessler who delivered this paradox to light in an interview with Ceralytics , speaking about the challenge of producing quality content – and doing it consistently. He said, “If you’re not telling the differentiated story, you’re never going to be able to deliver consistent outcomes over time. ”

What he meant by “differentiated story” was exactly the point I drive house to our clients. Setting yourself apart as a thought leader in your niche and generating content around your expertise is the key to content advertising success.

When you use your expertise as a springboard for content ideas, you need to do two things.

  • You limit your content to specific areas, assisting you rank better in searches for the products and services you offer.
  • You simplify the content creation procedure by producing content upon topics that you are comfortable with.

Not only will certainly the content you produce better search engine positions, but you can also produce more of it, easily taking your content production level up to that lovely spot of two to four posts per week. That’s not just for people who find it simple to write.

We’ve worked with subject matter experts – leaders in their fields – who were either non-native British speakers or found hard to put pen to paper. We’ve discovered that there are always substitute ways to help these market leaders to get the message out.

If you find it difficult to put your thoughts into composing, try recording a video or audio version of your thoughts. Our blog writing service actually turns transcripts of executive ideas into top-quality posts.

Repurpose Old Content to Increase Posting Rate of recurrence

In addition to concentrating on your expertise to come up with article ideas, we recommend that businesses repurpose their own older content to broaden their reach. The number of ways you can reuse earlier content is limited only by your imagination. With this kind of content marketing strategy , you’ ll soon increase your production to a whole new level.

Change the channel: Not everyone likes to read. That includes your target customers. Turn your blog posts into videos, your videos into podcast episodes. Create infographics through those statistics you’ve so meticulously researched for your last blog post. Find your best-performing content and distribute this in a variety of forms to reach individuals with a different learning style.

Switch points of views: There are so many sides to every topic within your market that a single blog post, movie, or podcast can’t protect. Take this topic, for example. We’ve covered the “why” – but not so much the “how” one can find the time to produce that much content in a week’s time. A future post could include time-saving writing techniques and tools that can help you and your group produce more quality content material in less time.

Use readers’ comments and questions on previous content as a springboard: Since the whole point of content marketing is to solution your target customers’ questions and solve their problems, why not use some of their feedback on your posts as concepts for future posts? You’ll be addressing their worries – and when you do, they’ll be more likely to move further along their customer trip. Also, keep track of your followers’ comments on your social media articles for even more ideas. Actually if you have quite a few people with the same concern, it might be worth your time to hold a webinar to the topic.

repurpose content

Once you best the content pump, I can nearly guarantee you that you can be able to at least two blog posts each week. It’s your passion – your life’s work. You have this.

After that, as you become more comfortable sharing your expertise, you’ll find yourself publishing even more often. Before long, you’ll be publishing four posts a week and getting the kind of web traffic that boosts your own ROI to unbelievable levels.

If you are ready to get more traffic to your blog with quality content released consistently – and often – check out our Content Builder Support. Set up a quick consultation, plus I’ ll send you a free PDF version of my books. Get started today – and generate

Let me know what you believe in the comments below.

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