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One of the most expensive pursuits in your digital marketing and advertising program can be your customer acquisition.  

Due to marketing distrust among customers and increasing competition throughout industries, it’s becoming harder and harder to get new business and qualified prospects.  

That means that developing a strong strategy to bring in your audiences and convert all of them through your marketing and advertising funnel is vital.  

An buy marketing strategy helps you get your initial prospects and leads to the next phase of your advertising funnel.  

By capturing customer attention and enhancing your conversion methods, you can create more engagement and encourage customers to move through your process.  

That allows you to grow without spending all your marketing bucks on customer acquisition expenses.  

But what exactly is obtain marketing, and how does it vary from brand awareness? What are the important channels to make your technique successful and metrics to measure by?

In this complete guide, we’ll answer each one of these questions and provide you with all the best tactics to improve your customer acquisition strategy.

What is Acquisition Marketing?

Acquisition marketing refers to the targeting and marketing to new audiences to gain new clients.  

The type of qualified prospects that are the target of an obtain strategy are in the account stage from the marketing journey, meaning that they will aren’t brand new audiences who are unaware of your brand.  

Rather, they are at the very top of your marketing funnel.  

Top-of-funnel leads and prospects are aware of what your brand offers, but don’t have any specific loyalty ties to your corporation and are just as likely to take their business elsewhere.  

By gaining the attention of the top-of-funnel leads, you can take them into your sales and marketing process and convert them through your funnel to a consumer.  

An acquisition marketing strategy is the tactics and plans that you use in your efforts to assist improve customer acquisition.  

By taking the time to work through and plan your marketing, you can help to discover areas to cut down on expensive customer acquisition costs and avoid spending excessive without getting into the network marketing leads you need.

Acquisition Marketing versus Brand Awareness

Acquisition marketing and advertising can often be confused with brand awareness . Both strategies work to those early leads, yet there is a difference.  

Brand awareness strategies work to expand the brand name and get phrase of your business out to a wider audience. That often consists of broad targeting to brand new audiences.  

Acquisition marketing, on the other hand, focuses on leads that are already at the top of your advertising funnel.  

That means that they are already aware of your brand and services, but haven’t taken any further conversions to start their marketing process.  

That means that you can possess a much more personalized and targeted approach.  

Another key distinction is the goal of the advertising strategies.  

Brand consciousness focuses on the brand itself. The goal is to make the brand name familiar and identifiable.  

Acquisition marketing targets the customer. The goal is to reach out to the customer and take them into your business, not make them aware that your brand is present.

Key Channels for Buy Marketing

Your acquisition advertising relies on a variety of channels to reach prospects and leads.  

Channels are the platforms plus methods that you use to get in touch with customers and audiences.  

Knowing which channels work best for which customers at which point in their trip is key to a successful acquisition marketing strategy.

Running a blog

Blogging is a great channel just for acquisition marketing as it allows you to address a large number of topics plus areas of interest.  

When you run a well-organized and profitable company blog, you can reach your top-of-funnel customers meant for relatively little cost.

It also helps you establish yourself as an industry and believed leader and build authority with your audiences and with search engine algorithms.

Superior Content

While a weblog should be accessible to all viewers, you also can create content with an increased value add.  

High quality content often refers to gated content offers like ebooks , webinars , training sessions, downloadable graphics, or additional in-depth content pieces.  

Creating premium content further establishes your authority as a resource for clients and draws them into the sales and marketing funnels.

Video and Visual Press

Video and visual mass media like images and infographics are great channels to get a wide range of information across to your audiences quickly.

It enables prospects and leads to get a quick snapshot of exactly what your message is interacting in an fascinating and engaging way.  

It also helps establish your own brand as trustworthy, especially if you have high-quality videos and visual media.

Social Media

Social networking is another example of a cheap channel.  

Social media allows you to create direct communication together with your leads, prospects, and clients.  

That helps you answer questions , reach out to target audiences, and tailor messaging to specific groups.  

Social media also provides a platform for paid advertising to help expand your reach and obtain in front of more customers.

Email Marketing

Once you’ve acquired the e-mail of a prospect or prospect, you can directly reach out to all of them through email marketing .  

This really is another low-cost channel in order to you stay in front of shoppers and ensure they receive critical information about your brand or provides.

It also helps you monitor the eye and status of your prospects.


Search engine optimization , otherwise known as SEO, is a term used to describe the particular strategies you put in place to rank higher on search engine results web pages.  

That helps your content, products, services, brand, and offers be found by your audiences.  

Focusing on your SEO allows you to draw in your audiences by getting into front of prospects and leads while they are actively searching for details related to your brand .

How to Measure Purchase Marketing

Like all digital marketing strategies, you need to be capable to measure and understand the reach and success of your applied tactics.  

Without knowing whether your efforts have been successful, you won’t have the ability to improve for the future or understand what isn’t working.  

By establishing goals and then checking into see whether or not you’ve attained those goals, you can precisely measure your success and find the places in your strategy that still need to be enhanced or even dropped from your efforts.  

Here are some of the best metrics to use during your acquisition marketing measuring:  

  • Check out Rate
  • Lead Rate
  • Provide Rate
  • Impressions
  • Visits
  • Prospects
  • New Sales/Offers
  • Revenue Increase 

The Best Tactics to Improve Your Customer Acquisition Marketing Strategy

Now that you understand what acquisition marketing is certainly, the right channels to use, the reason why it is important to your brand, and how to measure success, let’s check out some of the different tactics you are able to implement to improve your client acquisition marketing strategy.

1 . Established Your Goals

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to set your own goals while creating an acquisition marketing strategy.  

That allows you to know what your focuses on are, so when you determine for success you can track to see if you hit the objectives you set.  

Environment clear goals is necessary to learn whether your strategy is working or even if you need to further adapt your own tactics.

2 . Define Your own Target Audiences

Once you’ve set your goals, you should figure out who exactly you happen to be targeting.  

Customer acquire requires you to understand just who your leads and potential customers are to draw them further into your marketing funnel.  

Determine when someone becomes a lead and clearly determine who they are so you can target them accurately.

3. Estimate Your Customer Acquisition Cost

Another key step that needs to be used at the beginning of your acquisition strategy is to know what your consumer acquisition cost is.  

Once you know what you currently spend for each customer, you can then work to lower that price through your strategic planning.  

There are many quick formulations you can find that help you estimation your cost per customer.

4. Narrow Down Your Channels

As we discussed above, there are many different channels that you can use in your consumer acquisition marketing strategies.  

While you most likely want to use all of them, starting small is a superb way to start narrowing straight down which stations can be improved and which are already performing optimally .

5. Optimize Your Website

Your website is the cornerstone of your brand name and works as a lead-generation device.  

That means that enhancing your website can help bring in a lot more leads and convert them into customers.  

You can try tactics like pop-ups for email lists or special offers , having top, aspect, or bottom bars with offers and forms, or even reworking the CTAs plus flow of your website to improve the customer journey.

6. Use Content Marketing to Improve SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

Content marketing and SEO proceed hand-in-hand.  

While there are technical SEO tactics that will take place behind the scenes, there are also ways you can use your content marketing to enhance SEO.  

Selecting topics that are interesting to customers and get clicks , using keywords strategically, and providing in-depth, high-quality content material all helps your content better search engine positions on search engine results pages.

seven. Improve Social Media Marketing Efforts

While many brands understand that they need to have a presence on social media, not every brand knows the best ways to utilize those platforms.  

Posting consistently, tailoring your messaging for each platform , including videos and graphics to your posts, and addressing comments and mentions are all part of a successful social media strategy .

7. Create Demand for Your Services and products

Another tactic that can pull in more customers and move them through your sales and marketing funnels is generating demand.  

If you have products or services that are part of limited time or special deals, it can encourage your own leads and prospects to do this and make a conversion decision .

9. Develop Sustainable Relationships through Customer Service

Customer acquisition goes above top-of-funnel marketing.  

It takes every part of your organization to operate towards the same goal of helping leads convert to customers and bringing them back to be return companies.  

Your customer support teams can help improve the encounter along the way and make customers know that they will matter to your brand.

10. Run Review and Referral Programs

Customers who are happy with your products and services often want to tell others about what your own brand offers.  

Benefiting from that goodwill with review and referral programs helps to spread the work and allow your leads and potential clients know that your brand is certainly recommended by others .  

It also helps you create cyclical patterns with your customers and refill your own top of funnel with new leads.

11. Create Your Strategy Flexible

Consumer acquisition tactics can change regularly.  

A channel that was successful last year might not pull in the same number of leads since it did last year, and a new tactic on a different route might be more successful.  

By causing your customer acquisition online marketing strategy flexible, you can adapt and alter so that you don’t waste time or even money on tactics that will no longer work for your brand name.  

It also can help you meet your goals when you are tactile and finding workarounds for issues.


Your acquisition marketing strategy could be the core behind your top-of-funnel marketing efforts. Knowing the best strategies to add to your exchange marketing efforts is an important step.  

When you apply the suitable strategies in the right stations, you can cut down on your client acquisition costs and bring more of your considering leads into the marketing and sales procedure.  

In addition , by including different departments and groups, you can ensure that the entire journey is worth it for customers.  

This means that your customers will be pleased with your products and services, pleased with your entire organization, and more likely to come back as a customer.  

All of this helps you lower your customer order costs to grow without spending over you need.

To learn more about customer acquisition, have a look at our blog on Calculating Consumer Acquisition Costs .  

There you’ll learn exactly what your customer acquisition value is, how to calculate your costs, and suggestions on how to reduce your costs. Click the link now to learn more!

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