Electronic Accessibility: Why You (And Your own Brand) Should Start Thinking About It Nowadays!

Maybe you have imagined yourself trying to accessibility important information online but having problems finding it because of a impairment? This is what happens frequently with more than one billion people around the world .

15% of the world’s populace experience some type of disability plus although in the last few years availability has been a priority for many companies, when it comes to digital accessibility, manufacturers still have a long path forward.

A survey by the English company Click-Away Pound demonstrated that 69% of respondents have already abandoned websites because of lack of accessibility. In addition , 86% said that if online stores had been affordable, they would spend more.

Therefore , if your platform is not available, you are not just impeding individuals from having free entry to information and services on the web, you are also losing money!

Have you been still wondering if it is important to start thinking about digital convenience right now? Check out why this particular so important!

What is digital convenience?

Digital accessibility means breaking down barriers on the internet for people with disabilities . It really is about making websites, applications or any other online tools accessible for everyone.

The Web Content Accessibility Recommendations (WCAG) may be the world’s standard reference for many website accessibility-related legislation and it has established four principles which should serve as a guide for site content production.


Elements plus information must be perceived by one’s senses and nothing can be undetectable or unseen.


Interactive elements — buttons, controls, etc — must be physically operated (clicking, swiping, scrolling). Voice instructions or other assistive products must be available.


Details must be presented clearly plus consistently so that the end user fully understands the content.


The content must be compatible with various ‌technologies, ‌ including‌ ‌assistive ‌devices.

If a page or web site does not follow these 4 principles, it will not be accessible to all users.

Why is it important to think about (and practice) electronic accessibility?

The data we’ ve seen shows that it’ h not just the audience of individuals with disabilities that benefits when brands invest in electronic accessibility. It is, moreover, a way to differentiate your brand through most competitors, taking your message, products and services to everyone.

Along with reaching a huge range of potential customers, the business will be seen even more being a promoter of diversity, addition and accessibility, being recognized as a more humanized brand. And we know that fortunately this has already been a highly valued topic by consumers.

Digital accessibility nevertheless has an impact on your site’ s performance when it comes to SEO. You know that Core Web Vitals methods from Google are all about user experience , right? It means you have to provide a great navigation for all.

For users without disabilities, it means a better experience on your site. So the removal of barriers, added to the improvement of the user encounter and a greater reach of your content will certainly contribute to your pages ranking better.

In the US, the People in america with Disabilities Act (ADA) establishes electronic accessibility requirements for several sectors. There are already lawsuits with allegations of violation of this law in which companies are actually ordered to pay large funds.

So above all, following WCAG guidelines will help your company remain ADA compliant and avoid lawful fees.

And how do you begin?

WCAG has a list of practices to apply to web content, but to start, there are some simple improvements that you must implement and put being a standard from now on.

  • Include subtitles in all videos
  • Include alt text in all images
  • Have text and/or sound options for all non-text content material
  • Use content that can be presented in different methods without losing context;
  • Have all functionalities obtainable by keyboard;
  • Don’t include elements/shapes proven to cause seizures.
  • Offer ways to help users navigate
  • Enable screen readers to review a website for a visually impaired user.

Investing in digital availability is not just a good SEO practice or an user encounter improvement, but it is a method to position your company as a brand name that genuinely cares regarding, supports, encourages and puts diversity and inclusion in to practice.

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