Electronic Marketing – What Are The Best Goals And Challenges?

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Digital marketing goals and challenges – each business has them. Meeting those goals and beating those challenges is critical to achieving ROI from your efforts.

The goals we’ ve set for our Digital Marketing programs furthermore change constantly, depending on external and internal factors. Flexibility around these is critical to navigating your path and driving results.

Key Takeaways

  • Digital marketing and advertising goals often focus on new customer acquisition, better prospects, and brand awareness.
  • Defining goals depends on your company’s objectives.
  • For goals to become achievable, they should be specific and measurable.
  • Digital marketing challenges are both external and internal.
  • Digital internet marketers have the most concern over talent, technology, scaling, plus innovating.

Digital Marketing Goals: What Should They Be, and How Are you able to Meet Them?

Setting goals for your electronic marketing efforts is a crucial part of your strategy. They are going to change as your overall company’s objectives do. You want to straighten up the two.

Therefore , which goals are the right ones for your organization? And how can you drive a route toward realizing them?

What Are Digital Online marketers Saying?

Within the 2021 Digital Marketing Survey from Gartner , CMOs and marketing commanders shared their thoughts.

The top goals were to improve lead quality, generate increased sales among recognized leads, increase general brand name awareness, and acquire new customers.

Image: Gartner

As you can see, the focus is on new client acquisition, and there’s already been little change in importance among organizations.

You’ll notice that retaining existing customers is at the bottom, which usually seems counterintuitive. First, it could cost 5x a lot more to acquire new customers versus keeping them. Second, the particular success rate of selling to existing customers is much higher than new ones.

Another survey published on MarketingCharts. com from Prophet shows similar results. The priorities integrated acquiring new customers, increasing the particular share of spend and revenues, launching new products, building brand reputation, and raising brand awareness.

Image: MarketingCharts. com

In this survey, businesses prioritize acquisition and upselling, indicating their understanding of the revenue possibilities through retention.

What About More Granular Digital Advertising Goals?

The particular Gartner survey focuses on big picture goals across the marketing organization. However , you might find this easier to attain goals if they are more specific.

Again, those goals need to straighten up with your company’s overall plans and objectives. If you’re not really launching new products, then that doesn’t matter. But you could be trying to move into other markets.

You’ll discover that much of your objectives middle around content marketing goals because you require content to achieve just about anything!

Defining goals directly into very actionable items could include:

  • Improving SEO rankings, which can lead to more website traffic plus conversions
  • Increasing your followers on social media, which might introduce your brand to others that don’t know about it
  • Generating thought leadership content to claim your company as credible, trustworthy, and an expert
  • Producing more content within multiple formats, which is essential for ranking higher and for extending content marketing reach
  • Improving customer satisfaction (i. e., improving your net promoter score) to ensure long-term viability

Whatever you want to accomplish, you need to define it plus measure it.

Achieving Digital Marketing Targets

To carve out the path to achievement, you’ ll need to define your own goals further. Many make use of the SMART method, and that’s always the helpful concept.

Once you have your list of priorities (the what), the work starts on realizing them. That must include:


Determine who is accountable for each goal. It won’t be just one person. It’s the team.

For example , if you want to improve SEO search positions by creating more articles and optimizing your website, a good SEO specialist, content inventor, and webmaster are critical roles.


What are the steps to reach the goal? Is it long-term or even short-term?

To the example of SEO rankings, the process may look like this:

  • Determining keyword opportunities
  • Producing a certain throughput of new content
  • Auditing your website for optimization gaps
  • Distributing content material through multiple channels


Just how long should it take?

At what intervals will you check the pulse and pivot as necessary?

Measuring Your Objectives

If you don’t determine it, you’ll never know if you’re successful. Luckily, digital advertising goals are all measurable.

Digital advertising KPIs are commonplace. As long as you have all the right plug-ins and codes, you can see all you need to about SEO, content material performance, website traffic, social media wedding, and much more.

See the video below that gives a quick primer on calculating.

How Frequently Should You Revisit Digital Advertising Goals?

There is no perfect time windowpane for goal resets. Most do it during annual marketing planning , yet there may be times you need to do this more often.

If something major happens in your company or industry, you’ll want to revisit those targets.

For example , in case your competitor releases a new item that mimics yours, that’s a time to reevaluate. They’ll be going after your customers or prospects. So , you may need to change course to ensure this encroachment on market share doesn’t take place.

The Other Side: Electronic Marketing Challenges

So , now that we’ve talked about goals, it’s time to frame out what may a person from meeting them – challenges.

What Are Digital Marketers Saying?

Challenges are both special to every organization and somewhat universal. The Gartner survey revealed that digital advertising leaders believe internal problems about building and sustaining cross-functional teams will be the biggest challenge.

That’s an interesting perspective. Your team is your most valuable asset, therefore the challenge to achieve goals might be having the right people and retaining them.

Looking at the Prophet survey data, the top challenges determined were:

  • Purchasing or integrating the correct technology
  • Hiring the right marketing talent
  • Scaling marketing best practices
  • Continuing in order to innovate

What’s the Best Path to Curtail These Internal Challenges?

Tech Stack

Technology is more important now in digital marketing than ever. Most digital marketing and advertising teams have various equipment, such as a content marketing platform, software system, CRM, and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION solution.

Integrating these and effectively using them drive insights and provide efficiency data. It can be cumbersome when you have too many, or you can’t incorporate them. Plan your marketing and advertising stack to be nimble plus meet your needs.


Finding the right people that have the skills and fit your own culture is never a simple endeavor. First, you should concentrate on retaining your top performers – it will cost much more to replace them. Second, work on strategic recruiting, which may include to truly that could become permanent roles.

Another option is to outsource some aspects if you don’t have internal experts. The CMI (Content Marketing and advertising Institute) Content Marketing Study found that 49% of companies outsource . Content creation is at the top of the list.

That might be a route you get, as it’s really competing to land the best individuals right now.


Whether you are a large enterprise or an SMB, scaling is tricky. It’s dependent not only on technologies but also on the adoption of this by the team. You want to be in a position to replicate campaigns across your own products or channels.

Beyond technology, you have to make sure you have a documented technique and processes. For example , layouts for campaigns ensure persistence.


Innovating is hard to quantify and can mean a variety of things. For you, it could mean moving to new stations your brand hasn’t performed in before. It could furthermore mean focusing on personalization to engage prospects better.

These challenges again represent internal processes. Digital entrepreneurs seem to be less concerned about issues outside their control.

However , there are pending external factors that signify change.

Exterior Challenges

Google will move forward with blocking 3rd party cookies in 2023. If you’re determined by this for data capture, you’ll need to focus on 1st celebration data collection.

Check out the video below upon 3rd party vs . 1st party data.

One more big challenge will be executing an omnichannel digital marketing strategy. No matter your industry, your buyers are using many products and platforms to engage with your brand. To overcome this particular, you will need a technology system that addresses this.

Google’s algorithm modifications and the drive toward the E-A-T principle are yet another challenge that digital marketers face. Google likes to keep us on this toes and rarely reveals what’s behind the curtain.

Stay on best of this by continuing in order to your SEO performance and what Google is doing.

Digital Marketing Challenges Recap

  • Purchasing and integrating technology
  • Hiring the right skill
  • Scaling best practices across digital marketing endeavours
  • Continuing to innovate
  • Third-party cookie elimination
  • Creating an omnichannel digital marketing strategy
  • Staying on top of Google SEO changes

Ready to Achieve Digital Marketing Targets and Overcome Digital Marketing Challenges?

Digital marketing goals and problems sit on two sides from the equation. To reach goals, you likely have to resolve issues. That’s never an easy barrier, but we can help!

If you are ready to get more traffic to your site with quality content published consistently, take a look at our Content Contractor Service .

Set up a fast consultation , and I’ ll send you a free PDF version of my textbooks. Get started today and create more traffic and leads for your business.

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