eleven Benefits of Outsourcing Your Content Creation

In order to dip your toes in content marketing but have no the time or expertise to create your own content, outsourcing your content creation is an easy and effective way to reap the benefits with no all the work.

Actually content marketing can be significantly profitable: CMI reports that over 70% of brand names now hire someone to take care of their content creation and distribution to make sure it’ s skillfully executed.

Not convinced? Let’s take a a lot more in-depth look at why it makes sense to outsource your content marketing.

1 . You’ll have more time to work on strategy and other business activities

One of the main reasons for freelancing content creation is simply that you have no time to do it yourself. Researching, writing, and publishing content to get regular blogs can be a full-time job in itself. And that is before you even consider other necessary tasks in content marketing such as promoting upon social media and search engine optimization.

We all have a restricted number of hours a day plus it’s important for you to focus on your core activities to make the most of them. This might mean focusing on strategy if you’re a online marketer, or dealing with other important tasks if you’re a business owner.

The point is that you can outsource the writing or even creating of content whilst still having as much insight as you wish. You’re after that free to work on other areas from the business.

While it may seem an easier or less expensive option to produce content your self, this strategy is rarely the one which makes the most business feeling. Stick to the business activities exactly where your strengths are the strongest and leave content production to a professional. You’ll not just end up with higher quality content yet you’ll gain back way more compared to your initial investment.

2 . You can release more content on a more frequent schedule

Even if you were working full-time on content marketing, there are a limit to just how much one person can write in one day, week, or month.

Putting together high-quality content takes time. Sure if you’re going to throw up the 500-word post off the best of your head, you can possibly carve enough time out of your daily schedule to do so.

But this type of content will be unlikely to have any effect on your audience or provide you with any benefit as part of your content marketing strategy.

In fact , Google is even beginning to penalize superficial content.

Good content takes time to research, create, and publicize. If you want to put out blog posts which are well-researched and comprehensive, it might not be practical to expect even a full-time writer to manage more than one submit a week. Zazzle Media’ t State of Content Marketing and advertising survey, 60% of companies find it a challenge to produce content regularly .

If you want to publish content more frequently without dropping the level of quality, you’ll need more writers. This is where outsourcing can really help you to level up as you can simply outsource just as much content as you need, or even that your budget will allow.

3. Freelancing your content creation is less expensive than hiring a full-time author

If you outsource content creation, you have more time to focus on strategy, ideation, marketing, and experimentation. It also netting you a higher content marketing ROI !

Outsourcing can be a very cost-effective way of producing content. If you employ a full-time writer, this will cost your business tens of thousands of dollars each year.

The average salary to get a full-time content writer in the united states is around $65, 000. Issue writer is an on-site member of staff you also have to factor in IT and other equipment costs, instruction, and all the overheads that are included with an extra employee.

When you outsource, you’re merely paying for the content you order and nothing else. You don’t have to consider providing medical insurance or changing your writer’s laptop if this breaks.

Outsourced content is written by self-employed individuals or agencies that will factor these costs to their overall rates, making it a lot more affordable option for most businesses.

four. Outsourcing is a more flexible option

Having a full-time writer as part of your marketing team has specific advantages. On the other hand, it means you’re stuck with this writer and can’t adapt to your changing content needs over time.

Outsourcing is a much a lot more flexible option as you can employ more writers when you want to create more content. If you feel such as the quality has dipped from a particular writer, or you just want to try a different tone of voice, you are able to outsource to a different one.

With seasonal variations in your industry, there may be instances of the year when it does not make sense to invest in content, as well as other times when you want to go all out and produce as much as you can. Outsourcing offers you this versatility so you can scale back when you need to and also scale up your manufacturing smoothly and easily otherwise you business grows.

5. You can benefit from fresh ideas and diverse viewpoints

You’ve probably got your own stories to tell and want to get your own viewpoint across in your content, and there’s absolutely nothing to stop you from accomplishing this.

However , it could be extremely beneficial for your overall content marketing plan to bring in new talent and tips with writers who can communicate concepts in a way you may have in no way considered.

Authors and other content producers will probably have worked for several different clients and can bring the experience and knowledge they have gained from each to the table. Also, they are well aware of emerging content marketing developments or might be able to forecast trends in your sector, and come up with new content material ideas when you’re stuck for topics.

It’s also easy to get rid of enthusiasm for your subject when you’re writing about it day in and day out, and this will come through in your creating. Using a pool of additional writers means that you never reduce this spark and you have the constantly refreshing source of brand new ideas and inspiration.

6. You are able to produce and publish articles faster and more efficiently

Part of the beauty of outsourcing is how fast and efficient it is compared to trying to do everything yourself.

Good content marketing agencies are really on the ball and will possess a team of qualified articles producers at their disposal to produce articles for you to even the tightest of deadlines.

So say there’s something topical and time-sensitive in your sector that you want to produce some commentary on. Instead of rushing to try and put something together in house while juggling with other essential business tasks, you can delegate the job and have it back in just a few hours.

Because freelance writers are paid per word or per article, it’s in their passions to work as quickly and effectively as possible. A full-term salaried writer, on the other hand, has no true incentive to improve their efficiency as they’ll receive the same pay no matter how much articles they produce.

7. You can employ industry experts on different subjects

When you may be an expert in certain locations, you certainly can’t be an expert in everything.

Unless your content strategy entails writing about a very narrow selection of topics, you’ll almost certainly take advantage of outsourcing to other individuals with specific expertise.

Most content marketing agencies employ a number of content producers with a wide range of experience and specialties, so you’ll be able to identify an individual with expertise within the subject you need.

For example , let’s say that your company sells toys and you wish to write a blog post about the importance of play for kid development. You could request an author with a psychology qualification or specific experience working in child education. This means that you’ll have the ability to explore the subject in a deeper way and present better information than if you had been writing based only for the information you’d found by searching on the internet.

8. You can achieve a wider audience

When you outsource your content to professional writers, they can publicize the released piece on their own blog plus networks too. This means you’ll reach a whole new target audience that might have never discovered your brand otherwise.

If you outsource content with a specialist marketing agency, you could also be able to have them share content on their own social networks or even possess a client feature or interview on the company blog.

Even if you’re employing on a ghostwriting basis and publishing content under your personal name, freelance content advertising professionals will be able to help you get your content in front of more eyes. They could research other blogs to guest post on and may generally come up with other brand new ways to publicize your content.

9. You can experiment with different types of content

When we consider content marketing, blog posts immediately spring to mind. Of course , there is a much more to it than that and you are able to outsource all different types of content material including social media posts, e-books, emails, and even videos.

Infographics can be a highly effective method at boosting your SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION as others use them plus link back to your site. Have no the graphic skills to generate one? They’re very easy plus affordable to outsource to some professional.

Wish to publish an e-book but find the idea of putting a single together overwhelming? Hiring a writer can help you to pull your ideas with each other and come up with the completed product on a very short timescale.

With regards to content creation, over 80 percent of marketing professionals say that video is the hardest to produce. And yet video provides amazing promise and results. Short videos are one of the many highly shared forms of content on social media and are great engagement and conversions.

Producing video content marketing can seem like an overwhelming task but it’s some thing easy to outsource. So if you’ve got a handle on making your own written content but you’ve not experimented with video however, it’s well worth exploring the field of outsourcing so you can start to experience its benefits for yourself.

10. You can prove the ROI of outsourcing

Not sure whether you’re obtaining enough out of your outsourced happy to make it worth your investment? This is easy to track plus measure. In most cases, you’ll discover that outsourcing content production can boost your ROI. Some of the things you can measure include:

  • The number of views and following conversions on a particular part of content
  • Embrace your social media following, gives, and engagement .
  • Increase in your own sales and/or business income following the implementation of your content material marketing plan.

If you outsource to a content marketing agency, they are experts in helping you generate content that will help you to meet your business goals. If you’re publishing top quality optimized and targeted content material on a regular basis, then increased prospective customers, conversions, and engagement are sure to follow.

11. You can execute your own marketing strategy and meet targets faster

Work with a content marketing agency or strategist and you are not only ensuring you have a continuous supply of content to publish, yet you’re also benefiting from advertising expertise and experience which may be way beyond your own set of skills.

When it comes to marketing, it’s usually the case the fact that more you put in, the more you’ll get out. So you can employ a standard content writer who will follow the instructions you supply or you are able to invest more into partnering with a content marketing expert, who will work with you to make sure your content marketing strategy aligns with your business goals.

There’s a lot more to successful content marketing than just writing. A content material marketing agency will help you to define what exactly you want to achieve from content marketing and can offer the tools and experience to make sure you obtain there.

They’ll also make sure that your content manufacturing aligns with the rest of your own marketing plan so you are publishing content at the right time to boost your other promotions and increasing engagement across the board.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Content Abound

Content marketing offers too many benefits to be ignored, but not everyone has the time or resources to be able to write and produce their own content in-house.

While there are some downsides to outsourcing, the advantages surpass the disadvantages. Hiring a author or the services of a articles marketing agency like our bait help you to produce higher quality articles, save you time and money, and put a person in a better position to achieve your business goals.

If you’re thinking about getting more traffic plus leads for your website, or even documenting your content marketing strategy, check out our Content Contractor Service . Setup a brief appointment and Ill send you a free PDF version of my books!

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