Exactly how Content Marketing Helps To Get The Customers Attention

How Content Marketing Helps To Grab The Customers Attention

Are you looking forward to the best tactic that thoroughly helps you in attracting new clients? If the answer is yes, then the most preferred solution for it is content marketing and advertising. No wonder if your mind questions the previous statement. But keep in mind that, in the next few minutes, as you read the entire article, you will happily agree with it.

In this online and digitally growing era, it is much more back-breaking  to acquire new customers. Starting from gaining their focus on converting them into your future customers is a tough work. That’s why the right as well as the most suitable way to let them know about your organization is through your innovative content. The more you enhance your content , the more a person rank up on the search engine outcomes. The figure below shows the entire funnel of articles marketing.

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Let’s take the instance associated with you reading this article. Just how did you come across it? Possibly by asking Google or even by typing particular words and phrases. Isn’t it? By doing so, you opened the blog and began reading. If you enjoy it, you are going to surely prefer to look for this in the future. This way, the whole concept of content marketing revolves. The particular preference level rises when the need for any product or services increases. Supporting this time, about 78% of the customers prefer to know about the company via articles rather than ads.

But what are the potent methods to add new clients to your customer base continuously? You do not need in order to ponder about it as the content will thoroughly show the very best approaches for doing it.

Let’s begin this the majority of pleasing marketing journey!  

Usability of Content material Marketing For Attracting Customers

Based on Hubspot , nearly 70% of internet marketers are focussing on content material marketing. B lace may fail to get anticipated results in the form of appealing to new customers. Due to this reason, “Content Marketing Strategy” is the most searched query related to content marketing.    

The following points sum it up the top five ploys your organization can use to grab customers’ attention.  

Create Captivating Headings

Headings act as a game-changer element in the beginning as well as the end of the brand new customer’s journey. That’s precisely why it is pretty important to pay out adequate attention to it.   Robert Bly   shows the effectiveness of a great title by saying- ‘Stop! This is something you want. ’ This is actually the foremost requirement your content should reflect to let the customer’s eye be enthralled by it.  

By effectively framing the content’s title, you can improve your customer bottom and, as a result, the transformation rate. But , what are the possible ways to do so? You might want to find out question. Then do not be concerned as you will find answers for the same in the following points.

The foremost aspect you should keep in mind when you sit just for writing a title is that you should give preference to numbering in the headings. Without doubt you can frame the title in any of the following formats-

  • Question form
  • Listing form
  • Resource form
  • Regular form
  • Reader addressing form, etc .

But the usability of the number format is more prominent than others. The figure below clearly shows the worthiness of numbering compared to other formats by delivering the same title in multiple formats.  


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Let us look at an example of a great title, “ 44 Social media marketing Tools Recommended By The Pros . ” Due to the catchy heading, this post receives more than 22K stocks . Here everything revolves around the psychological aspects that show that human nature captures numbers quicker. Using such formatting can help you transform the matter of doubt into practicality regarding your post in the customer’s view.  

In the example, the number displays the quality of your blog, as ‘ 44 ’ is a considerable number. The following catchy part of the title may be the ‘ social media tool . ’ This is a trending topic that has the utmost possibility to be searched. Lastly, the end portion of the name shows your expertise as it mentions the usability from the tools by the top specialists. All these together will bring customers’ attention towards you.

Attractive headings bring many rewards for you, as shown in the figure below-


Image ( Resource )

Curate Compelling Content

Much out-of-this-world content already exists on the web, so why not use them to draw in customers. Surely it would help in adding authenticity to your articles as a well-researched piece. The information that you desire to share with your targeted audience can be anything. It could be a great blog, expert advice, a viral post, or other things that you think can talk about its hands in obtaining customers’ attention.

It would be best to undertake content material curation   as it undoubtedly plays a significant role in your business’s content marketing strategy. When asked in a survey about the period by which they share the curated content with their customers, they found the following answer-

Picture ( Source )

It is a ideal way to add your own flavor and then present it within the most organized way that grabs future customers’ attention in one go. It contributes to both time-saving and lead generation for your business as you do not need to start from scratch. Curating content brings more usefulness to you because the audiences will know that you regard other’s perspectives too.  

By telling you to focus on content curation, I am not at all taking you away from content creation . Rather, you have to include this aspect in your content marketing strategies to keep your target audience engaged.

The usability of articles curation is spread just about everywhere. As per a survey, regarding 95% of the marketers possess curated content in the last six months, and this trend will keep on endlessly.  

For sharing the content on social media platforms, you can consider the 5-3-2 rule. Wondering what it is?   It is a basic development which you should follow using the sharing of every ten content.

  • Five curated content created by a third party which you find relevant to your audience.
  • Three original pieces of articles which you created.
  • Your two personal pieces of content that include funny, entertaining, as well as personal comments which make the audience more connected.  

You can consider this strategy as one of the best ways to keep your calendar occupied and your customer involved.

Showcase Your Valuable Content

Why exactly should I consider you? This is actually the most fundamental question of every customer while looking towards your business. Ensure them rightly that fulfilling their requirements concerning content is your ultimate objective.

This is where your whole concept centers, i. e., by controlling the quality and quantity of your written piece. The more your work sticks to its major goal, the more it gets accepted and appreciated by customers. To support this point, factoHR. com   rightly mentioned that customer experience value is everything an organization has to drive its business.  

For doing so, you can consider one formula:

Authentic articles + Customer attention sama dengan Great Response

Yes, you have rightly heard the term authentic content . The primary focus of this kind of content remains on showing the value of your content. Once you master this art and get the pat on the back from the customers for such work, you are indeed at the top of the competitor’s list. But   57% of clients declare only a few companies prioritize authenticity.  

Your approaches can take the shape of e-books, blogs, testimonials, case studies, infographics, and so forth, but firstly, it should concentrate on forming connectivity with the readers. The better you understand their needs or problems and address them in your content, the greater will be their response. It will help in retaining and motivating them to work with you.                

Use AIDA Model

AIDA stands for:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Wish
  • Action

The AIDA model is the well-known Lewis principle used in the field of marketing, and its usefulness within content marketing has been over the high rise from   a long time. This model is all about the whole journey of the customer with your business. Beginning with getting their attention to making them perform certain actions, each one is covered under this model. Its motive is to create your content more engaging, effective, informative, and pursuable. It allows you to perform content marketing and advertising at all four stages within the most appropriate manner.  

By going through all the stages, the consumers will come to know about your brand, develop connectivity from it, which in the end allows these to take certain actions which you wish for.

Now let us get an overview of all the 4 stages of this model.

Attention- Mainly, all the businesses suffer from numerous difficulties in this phase. As soon as you successfully cross it, associated with improving the customer base raises. You can call this stage the ‘ brand name awareness ’ phase. To properly undertake this process, you have to think solely in regards to the topics that deeply connect your clients with their customers. You can segment this process within the following simplified form-

  • Who is going to read it?
  • Which problems do they majorly come across?
  • What remedy will this content give?
  • Which sort of concepts will bring their own attention immediately?

Jotting out answers for this will make your work even simpler.

Interest-   The best way to gain the interest of the customers is to let them know you understand their particular problems. If your product is one of the health sector, you can display your content in such a way that they really feel engaged with it. Combining emotional connectivity   with all the possible techniques at this phase will help in retaining their particular interest.

Desire-   This stage is recognized as as the shifting movement stage from the liking phase towards the wanting phase. Rightly showing that your product or service can resolve their issue will make their wish to get it even more powerful.

Action-   This is the closing stage of your deal. The particular action can relate to purchasing a product, signing in a newsletter, or any other action. It is all about accomplishing your purpose behind content creation.

A huge congratulations to you when the market successfully goes through all the procedures, and you add them to your own customer base by using this design.      

Properly Utilize Different Multimedia Sources

Varieties of multimedia sources can be found in the market. You just need to use it properly to make your content more appealing. Content with proper visuals   will be better the chances of getting it to read. Human brains are attracted to visuals more than written content, and its quickness is about 60, 000 moments faster   compared to text. Podcasts, videos, pictures, infographics, presentations are some of the top multimedia you must accept in your content.

One good method to understand the usefulness of multimedia is the case study of Slideshare, using which Anna Hoffman created presentations. Within a month, the posts experienced a sudden rise from 0 in order to 243, 00 with the use of good presentation mediums . That’s the reason why never miss utilizing such multimedia sources in your content marketing.  


Hey, we reached the conclusion of the article. Yet, it could be the beginning of your attempts to seize the clients’ attention by utilizing an evergreen tactic known as content marketing. It works as a most effective and supportive resource to welcome your new customers. Hence, use content marketing and advertising by following the best approaches because discussed to form a magnetic field-like atmosphere to attract clients to keep your business growing.


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