Exactly what does “You don’t have this emoji” Mean on TikTok?

As of Apr 1st, 2022, the “ You don’ t have this emoji ” comment has taken over TikTok.

Almost every video on the “ For You” page provides this comment.

The remark includes a grinning face emoji and a triangle.

Here’ s the particular comment, “ You don’t have this particular emoji 😅 ⃤”.

Yet what exactly does the comment mean?

Whether you’ re a new or old TikTok user, you might be taken aback simply by this annoying comment.

In this post, you’ ll learn exactly what does “ You don’ t have this emoji” mean upon TikTok, where it originated from, and some copypastas.

What does “ You don’ t have this emoji” mean on TikTok?

The particular “ You don’ to have this emoji” comment is really a self-explanatory and meaningless trend.

It provides a grinning face with a triangle emoji which is regarded an uncommon emoji.

It is because the emoji does not appear on the emoji keyboard.

To produce that emoji, you need to mix the smiling widely emoji with a triangle image.

When they are mixed, the emoji will look like this “ 😅 ⃤”.

The particular comment is simply a copypasta that has been repeatedly posted on each TikTok video.

It conveys a phrase that will go something like this, “ You don’ t have this, yet I do! ”.

The irony is that the comment can be replicated and pasted by anybody.

In other words, everyone is now conscious of the emoji and has the opportunity to save it.

Where did “ You don’ t have this emoji” come from?

The “ A person don’ t have this emoji” trend comes from a copypasta.

It’ s not known who started publishing the comment on TikTok, however it recently snowballed into a craze.

Many users have indicated their annoyance over the recent TikTok comments on Twitter .

Feedback like the “ You don’t have this particular emoji 😅 ⃤” opinion have been on TikTok given that its early days.

A copypasta is basically a block of text that has been copied plus pasted multiple times.

There is a subreddit for it (r/copypasta) with over 960, 000 people.

The notion is that if somebody notices an interesting chunk associated with text, they will start replicating and pasting it.

Copypastas were originally popularized upon Twitch before they produced their way to TikTok.

Regrettably, annoying comments like the “ You don’ t get this emoji” comment will remain superior on TikTok because of how easily influenced its users are usually.

You don’ t get this emoji copy and paste

  • You don’t have this emoji 😅
  • You don’ t get this emoji 🧿
  • 🔥🦆😈😅🧲🧿
  • 🧪🧸🥟🥮🦧🦕
  • 🎅🏿🦟🦚🧉🥡🥄


Arguably, comments such as the “ You don’t have this emoji 😅 ⃤” comment are one of the worst parts of TikTok.

It’ s repetitive, senseless, plus it ruins every comment section.

Other comments include, “ crop”, “ storytime? ”, and “ chupagetti “.

Nevertheless, there isn’ t a way to stop TikTok users through copying and pasting irritating comments.

You’ re not really a “ boomer” from not understanding these comments either because most of them are meaningless.

For now, we’ ll have to wait until the trend dies down.

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