Finding a Marketing Consultant? Here’s 6 Things You Must Know

Are you looking to hire a marketing consultant? You came towards the right place!

Employing an outside consultant is a large investment. Not only are you getting someone new (and external) into the company, but you do it understanding that big strategy changes take the horizon.

There are many considerations to keep in mind:

  • How do you understand if your company needs a advertising consultant?
  • What should you do to prepare?
  • How will you gain buy-in from your management team and employees?
  • What will the schedule be for seeing results?

In this article, we’ll answer the above queries and more. When you’re performed reading, you’ll know what the marketing consultant does, the reason why companies hire them, plus 6 important things to know before you decide to hire one yourself.

Quick Takeaways

  • Some marketing and advertising consultants offer a range of solutions, while others specialize in a few particular areas.

  • Some companies hire a marketing consultant whenever their marketing efforts are struggling, but many others get it done simply to optimize their attempts or to launch a new effort.

  • Your company needs a strong worth proposition and product in order for your marketing strategy to succeed.

  • Advertising tactics such as email marketing and content marketing take time to show real results.

  • To succeed using a marketing consultant, you need buy-in from your company leaders and execution team.

  • Marketing companies (like Marketing Insider Group) can handle both the strategy and the execution of your content marketing strategy.

Just what marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant is definitely an external advisor who helps companies develop and implement the right marketing and advertising strategies to assist them achieve their objectives.

They are experts at critical components of an effective marketing strategy, such as:

  • Identifying target audiences
  • Uncovering spaces and opportunities
  • Prioritizing tactics and initiatives
  • Developing KPIs and success metrics
  • Creating execution programs

Advertising consultants have extensive marketing experience themselves. They may work with a marketing consultancy firm or as an independent advisor. Companies choose which to hire depending on their specific choices and needs.

As for specific specialties — it varies. Some marketing consultants may have experience plus expertise in a number of areas. Others may specialize in one or two. Beneath is a list of common abilities and areas of expertise marketing consultants typically offer.

List of marketing consultant skills.

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Companies may choose a specialist marketing advisor if they have one very specific area they want to execute or improve. Those looking for a extensive marketing strategy need a marketing consultant who offers more general services.

Precisely why do companies need a marketing consultant?

It’s easy to assume that any company finding a marketing consultant must be in dire straits when it comes to their particular marketing strategy. This is not actually the situation.

Sure, it is true that some companies hire a marketing consultant when their marketing performance is in trouble. And they’re right to do so! But it isn’t really the only reason companies wish or need to hire one particular.

In many cases, companies hire a marketing specialist because they’re proactively planning to improve a specific area of their own strategy, or even launch a new one altogether. For example , a company might have a successful SEO and content marketing strategy in place, yet choose to hire a consultant who can help them release their first email marketing strategy.

In this case, this doesn’t mean they’re in trouble — it just means they want to do things right the first time.

Some companies may be earning decent results but recognize that they should be getting higher ROI . Other companies may just want another perspective to help them improve and identify opportunities they might be missing. New companies may be building their first advertising team and want a professional to help launch their inaugural strategy.

The takeaway: marketing consultants are usually hired for a wide range of reasons. Doing so does not automatically reveal your company is struggling. It might simply mean you’re looking to improve, optimize, or start something new.

6 things to know before you hire a marketing consultant

There are no magic solutions

You will need a great product and worth proposition for any marketing strategy to work. If there is a lack of demand for the solutions because customers do not want or need them, hiring a marketing consultant won’t change it. If your company can be struggling to grow due to problems that extend beyond marketing, it’s a good idea to explore them before you decide to hire a consultant.

Strategyzer offers some great resources like the Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas, and guidance mapping assumptions. These tools will help you identify if and how your solutions are resonating along with your target audience, and find opportunities to revolves and improve.

Results take time

New marketing strategies take time to show results. This is accurate no matter what tactics and initiatives you’re using. Generating a new lead, for example , takes about 8 touches with a new potential customer. That means your new email marketing campaign will need to be in place for some time before you start to see growing conversion rates.

Content marketing earns higher ROI than some other digital marketing method — it costs 62% less and earns 3x the amount of leads compared to traditional marketing techniques. But it also takes up to 6-9 months to start showing real results. In fact , the first several months can be a rollercoaster as you discover an initial spike in development, then experience a dip before seeing consistently top rated.

Here’s the reason:

Trajectory of content marketing during the first few months of implementation.

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It is important to know that whatever methods and tactics your marketing consultant suggests will take time for you to perform. You’ll need to spend some time in the beginning providing background plus planning strategies, too.

In other words: you’ll find ROI from working with a good marketing consultant over time, yet it’s not an overnight fix-it solution.

You still need an internal champion

A marketing consultant is just that: a consultant. They’re there to help you succeed, but they are not an internal member of your team. They won’t be there every day to be sure your plan is being executed, and they don’t have the same direct knowledge you do about your business or your customer.

To get the most from your work with a marketing consultant, you will need an internal champion (or several) who will commit to executing the plans your consultant can help you develop. Your consultant will be your guide, but ultimately you are your own execution team. Make sure to have it in place before you make the investment.

You will need to welcome constructive opinions

Are you ready to know real, honest feedback regarding your current marketing plans and strategy? If you’re hiring a advertising consultant, you’ll need to get ready for it.

Remember — it’s a marketing consultant’s job to help you improve and optimize your efforts. To do that, they also need to point out where things are not working plus why. A quality marketing specialist will also offer suggested solutions alongside this constructive opinions.

It’s not consistently easy to hear constructive suggestions about your efforts when you have been putting your time plus energy into them for a long period. But keep in mind that you can’t enhance without first recognizing the gaps and issues that reside within your current strategies. Prepare yourself to welcome constructive feedback as an opportunity to get better plus grow your business.

Leadership buy-in is necessary for success

Hiring a marketing consultant is an investment by itself. More investment comes later on, and it can vary in size according to the tools, resources, and strategies you already have in place or need to implement later.

Financial investment typically requires buy-in from your company’s leadership. Your best bet is to get that buy-in before you hire a marketing consultant. Not what you want to do is hire a marketing consultant only to satisfy an approval roadblock later on!

Do your research, describe why a consultant is the best option for your marketing strategy, and prepare leaders for the purchases you’ll likely make later on.

You can do this most successfully by focusing on results. How will this investment straight impact your company in a good way? How will it assist your company grow? What specific results can your management team expect to see improvements on?

Information that communicates tangible results is most likely to gain the important leadership buy-in you need.

You need an execution group

We know that already marketing consultants help you work on strategy — they do not come to your office every day to deal with the ins and outs of execution. That responsibility is going to drop on your internal team.

So — who may be that team? If you don’t understand, you should find out before you hire a marketing consultant.

Part of succeeding in your marketing efforts is having the proper people on the bus. Make sure that you’re confident in your team’s ability to work with a consultant plus execute new plans. Communicate effectively and often about how the consultancy will work, what responsibilities each team member ought to expect to handle, and what new responsibilities may arise.

Just like with your organization leadership, the more you focus on value and include your team in the planning, the more likely you might be to gain buy-in and wedding from your team. And you will need it to be successful!

Agency services as an alternative choice

One of the principal must-knows before you hire the marketing consultant is that they are outside advisors. They aren’t an execution team, as well as a single consultant can’t carry out a company-wide marketing strategy.

But what if that is what you need?

In many cases, companies know what the right strategy is, but they don’t have the particular bandwidth to execute it. Sometimes their internal marketing and advertising teams don’t have the right experience to carry out newer marketing techniques or navigate new technology equipment without guidance. Other times, it doesn’t make sense to carry the particular financial weight of an inner marketing team, so businesses need an alternative solution.

In these cases and more, the solution is really a marketing agency.

Marketing agencies can not only help you plan your online marketing strategy, they have writers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, digital marketing experts (and more! ) on the teams so that you can leverage the suitable human resources without having to hire them yourself.

On top of that, marketing agencies are just as invested in your results when you are, because it’s the number one indication of their effectiveness. They execute your plan and consistently share your performance results therefore you’ll be confident in their services and want to continue the business relationship.

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