five Reasons Why You Should Connect with Supporters During the World Cup

Designed for billions of people around the world, football is much more than a game. Each four years, football enthusiasts are more engaged than ever as they tune in to the one-and-only FIFA World Cup ™ , the international world championship. And this year during a time such as never before.  

In 2022, the World Cup will take place within Qatar, the first ever in the Arab world. Thanks to the extreme hot climate, the video games are scheduled much afterwards in the year, during the much cooler November to December time period. It’s definitely a year of “firsts” for the World Glass, and we’re talking audience size too: FIFA chief executive Gianni Infantino predicts that will 5 billion people will watch the particular Qatar 2022 games , the highest ever viewership in history.

For marketers, the World Mug sport event is an possibility too good to let go. And smart marketers is going to take advantage. Here’s what you need to learn about audience behaviors and trends among football fans, and exactly how they can connect to your brand name:

1 . Football viewers is surely an engaged audience 

With the tournament taking place in Qatar during wintertime, studies suggest football fans are more than twice as likely to watch the games in the comfort of their homes.

This particular translates to more time spent on the internet for football enthusiasts, as they search for and discover content regarding the most recent team lineups, comments, trends, interviews and gossip relating to the World Cup – often while they are viewing the games. And when considering choosing their online resources, our soccer consumption study with CensusWide shows that reputable and reliable sources, like premium news sites, are most likely to be chosen. The rise in audience traffic on information, sports and entertainment websites on the open web throughout the World Cup tournament helps it be a fantastic opportunity for your brand to engage with fans.  

2 . Football fans want to multi-task

While the biggest soccer enthusiasts may be glued for their TV screen or gadget watching the game, others are positively multi-tasking. According to Nielsen’s world football record , 69% of soccer fans are likely to order foods delivery while watching; 67% may also check their email; and 60% are interested in actively playing online games. Moreover, 42% are interested in live-betting, and in countries like Australia, France, as well as the United States, that percentage increases closer to 50%.  

This kind of insights present a great chance for brands to seize their moment by connecting with these different fan profiles, and generate app downloads or home delivery orders.

several. The World Cup audience is really a global audience 

Perhaps with the exception of the Olympic Games or perhaps a royal wedding, no event can claim audience attention at the level of the World Cup. A Worldwide Web Index report concentrating on sports around the world revealed impressive numbers just for online or TV viewership of football games: 55% in Europe, 52% within Asia, 72% in Latina America and 72% in the centre East and Africa.  

Those audiences consume additional sports content that may be associated or unrelated to the occasion itself. For example , the UEFA finals  – Europe’s best football championship event – saw 33% growth in the Football category on the Outbrain platform, beginning 9 several weeks before the event and reaching its peak two weeks prior to the finals and took 14 days to get back to normal. This is an excellent indicator of what is ahead this November.    

4. Football audiences are usually big consumers 

Football enthusiasts love to shop, and the timing of the World Cup this year could not be more perfect for marketing experts. With the championship taking place in November, it’s closely timed around Dark Friday, Cyber Monday, Internet Week and Thanksgiving, along with Christmas following shortly after .    

Engaged fans shop for themselves and for their family members and friends. A global fan survey from the Football Collective shows that 1 in 3 fans plan to purchase additional tech to enhance their home viewing experience and 69% are likely to order food while you’re watching. Meanwhile, 40% of football fans plan to purchase Birthday gifts early this year. Football fans are known for how excited they will get, and this definitely extends to their enthusiasm for purchasing. Marketers, take note!

5. Football audiences are approachable   

Football fans are available to new experiences. So what’s the real challenge for manufacturers? Getting in front of those followers. Our study with Censuswide shows that users spend 2 . 5x the time on indie websites for sports information compared to social media. Since soccer fans will be consuming lots of content on the open web during the championship, native ad networks like Outbrain offer a great solution to connect these consumers with your brand in the sites they visit along with non-intrusive recommendations.

Matching memorable moments from the World Mug with those of your brand will drive conversation and sales, while making your own brand a part of the great football story of 2022. Devoted fans of the game become loyal fans of the brand name that celebrated with them.

Commemorate Your Football-themed Campaign Results 

The holiday season is the cherry on the cake when it comes to your Q4 advertising strategy as well as the year-end’s game. Your holiday season marketing strategy is not complete without taking the biggest international football event into account. Let Outbrain native advertising kick the majority of the goals in your brand’s success this golden quarter!

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