Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming providers in the world.

You can watch Netflix on the variety of devices—all for a fixed monthly fee.

However , their own subscription plans are quite costly to some people.

Their plans range from $9. 99 in order to $19. 99 USD a month but with no extra costs and contracts.

As a result, you could be looking to get your hands on a free Netflix accounts so that you can watch your favorite shows.

In this instruction, you’ ll learn how to obtain a free Netflix account, whether they offer free trials, plus try a list of free Netflix accounts.

How to get a free Netflix accounts

To get a free Netflix account, you can get a T-Mobile Magenta plan or a Comcast Xfinity Package.

You can also connect to a Vietnam VPN and start a free trial on Netflix (valid for Android phones).

Alternatively, you can ask your friends or family to share their Netflix accounts with you.

The majority of Magenta and Magenta MAXIMUM plans on T-Mobile include a free Netflix subscription at no additional cost.

After you’ ve purchased one of the programs, you need to select the “ Netflix” add-on and link your T-Mobile account to your Netflix account.

If you don’ big t want to pay for Netflix, you may also ask your friends or household to share their accounts along with you.

You can sign in to Netflix using their email address and security password.

1 . Get a T-Mobile Magenta plan

Free Netflix account

If you’ re living in the United States, you can sign up for the T-Mobile package that has a Netflix subscription.

Most Magenta and Magenta MAXIMUM plans upon T-Mobile include a free Netflix subscription.

After you’ ve purchased a Magenta strategy, you need to link your T mobile account to your Netflix account.

  1. Log in to your T mobile account to start redeeming the free Netflix subscription.
  2. Select Account > Add-Ons (next to the primary account holder’ s line).
  3. Select Control Data & Add-Ons > Services > Netflix accessory.
  4. Link your T-Mobile account to your Netflix account.

After you’ ve linked your T mobile account to your Netflix account, you’ ll be able to watch Netflix for free!

Simply register to Netflix using the exact same account that you’ ve linked to T-Mobile.

2 . Get a Comcast Xfinity Package

Customers living in the United States can also sign up for the Comcast Xfinity Package that has a Netflix subscription.

Some Xfinity packages include a free Netflix subscription.

You can contact your provider if you want to know if your package includes this.

  1. Open the Netflix app on your X1 TV Box.
  2. Follow the prompts to link a new or even existing Netflix account to your Xfinity package.

Keep in mind that if you link an existing Netflix account, your payment technique will be transferred to Comcast.

Quite simply, you won’ t be charged a different fee simply by Netflix.

3. Use a Vietnam VPN and start a Netflix free trial

As of 2022, Netflix offers a free trial for Vietnam customers.

The particular free trial is available to Vietnam customers using an Android cell phone.

If you’ re not really living in Vietnam, you need to connect to a Vietnam VPN.

Keep in mind that the free trial is unavailable for iOS devices.

  1. Down load a VPN app (ProtonVPN, Nord VPN, etc . ) that has a Vietnam VPN.
  2. Connect to a Vietnam VPN.
  3. Do away with and reinstall the Netflix app before opening it.
  4. Enter your own email address and tap upon “ Start a Free Plan”.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new Netflix account.
  6. Start watching Netflix for free.

Keep in mind that you need to uninstall plus reinstall Netflix for this to operate.

In addition , you need to create a brand new Netflix account as you’ re using a Vietnam VPN.

You can watch this video for more information: .

4. Share a Netflix account

The second way to get a free Netflix account is to ask your friends or even family to share their accounts with you.

Simply log in to your friends or family’ s accounts using their current email address and password (if they have an active subscription) to watch Netflix.

However , the number of screens which are allowed to watch at the same time is limited.

The basic plan only enables one screen to watch Netflix.

Hence, only one person can use the account at any given time.

The normal plan allows 2 screens to watch at the same time while the high quality plan allows 4 screens.

You can also create up to five separate single profiles if you’ re watching Netflix on a TV.

This will prevent contributed recommendations that you’ re not interested in.

Does Netflix have a free trial?

Netflix Free Trial

Currently, Netflix just offers free trials in Vietnam for Android mobile phones.

Netflix does not offer free of charge trials in most countries (e. g., the US, UK, Canada).

However , you can change or cancel your plan at any time if you no longer want to watch Netflix.

When you subscribe to an idea, there are no contracts, cancellation fees, and commitments.

In early 2020, Netflix offered free trials to new customers in the US.

However , they removed the free trial in late 2020.

A spokesperson mentioned that Netflix is trying new marketing promotions to attract new customers.

Put simply, they are trying to minimize their losses and maximize their subscription revenue.

Free Netflix accounts

Email address Password
eliwood83@yahoo. com dale8329
alfonsoguerra55@gmail. com Hernandez201426
prathapb1994@gmail. com vijiPTP94
abrammer1973@gmail. com Slate2007
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linmoore65@gmail. com pirate65
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mnftemple@gmail. com Orange89
moreira. romi@gmail. com teotylerkolin
pk5150@yahoo. com Summer12
kingrageface@outlook. com Kingof516
kroes-modelive@t-online. de Viktoria111
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marianavillar89@hotmail. possuindo Lasalle89
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kiaralehua@yahoo. com kipoplol
laurent. kas@hotmail. fr Ninamyers123
morfeusz98@op. pl Morfeusz20
khlogan2002@yahoo. com pot389
gcolucci@arterrabio. this 19cincin
agha. maisam@gmail. com 12Nov1985
ailenei. cezar13@gmail. possuindo Trentingrana1
nursefromtwu@gmail. com Kameron19
ashleysia@yahoo. com. sg swift9642

Keep in mind that checklist of free Netflix accounts over is on a first-come-first-serve base.

If an account does not work, it means that someone has possibly taken it already or even they changed the security password for it.


It’ h highly recommended that you pay for the Netflix subscription instead of trying to find a free account.

If you can’ t afford the standard program, you can pick the basic plan instead.

The basic plan costs $9. 99 USD each month which is a great deal.

If you actually can’ t afford the paid plan, you can talk about a Netflix account along with someone else instead.

To do so, you can log in to Netflix utilizing the person’ s email address plus password.

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