Get away Simulator The Office Walkthrough

The Office is the first get away room in Escape Sim in Edgewood Mansion.

With this quick guide, you’ll learn the answers for The Office within Omega Corporation in Escape Simulator.

This includes the Smart phone Pattern, Computer Code, The particular Lock, Food Passcode, USB Puzzle, and Flash Drive.

  1. Smartphone Pattern
  2. Computer Code
  3. The Secure
  4. Food Passcode
  6. Flash Drive

1 . Smartphone Design

Escape Simulator The Office Smartphone

Turn the whiteboard behind.

Use the eraser and erase the whiteboard to reveal a pattern.

Collect the smartphone from the desk.

Attract the pattern (in the screenshot above) from the whiteboard on the smart phone to unlock it.

second . Computer Code

Escape Simulator The Office Computer Code

Open the drawer next to the lock plus collect the particular RAM Module.

Open the last drawer under the papers shredder and collect the particular screwdriver.

Click on the computer plus unscrew it using the screwdriver.

Place the RAM Module inside your inventory inside the computer.

Click on the power button at the front of the pc to turn it on.

The orange sticky note alongside the computer screen says, “ Login Pass Use TQ Code”.

Open the paper shredder and collect the first and second TQ program code parts.

Combine the components together to form a TQ program code.

Collect the other orange notice on the desk that says, “ This one means *6*”.

Now, you need to use the TQ Unlocker app on the mobile phone to find out the TQ code that is shown on the document.

First triangular code:

  1. The completely shaded triangle = 9.
  2. One shaded triangle within the left = 3.
  3. The triangle with no shades = 0.

Second triangular code:

  1. One shaded triangle to the left = 3.
  2. One shaded diamond on the left = seven.
  3. One shaded diamond on the right = 8.

Hence, the computer code is 930378 .

a few. The Lock

Escape Simulator The Office Lock

Collect the red-colored, gray, and blue files.

Collect the ASCII Table on the ledge.

There are several notes next to the locking mechanism.

This includes the gray notice, the blue note, as well as the red note.

You need to refer to the number on the folders and examine the alphabet which is associated with it on the ASCII Table.

  1. Gray notice = Gray folder sama dengan 72 = H.
  2. Blue note = Blue folder = 66 = B.
  3. Red note = Red folder = 70 sama dengan F.

Hence, the combination for the lock is usually H, B, F.

Collect the particular Chinese Food.

4. Meals Passcode

Escape Simulator The Office Food Keypad

You need to find out the total cost from the Chinese Food by looking in the menu.

Gather the watering can on the floor and gather the key inside it.

Use the important to unlock the first cabinet and collect the menu.

Examine the Chinese Food and take note of its ingridients.

The particular Chinese Food contains brocollis, mushrooms, shrimps, and fried rice.

The code for the keypad is the total cost of the Chinese Food.

Brocolli + mushroom + shrimp + fried rice sama dengan 1 . 20 + two + 7 + 2 = 12. 20 sama dengan 1220.

Hence, the program code for the passcode with the meals symbol is 1220.

Collect the Flash Drive.


Escape Simulator The Office USB puzzle

Inspect the Flash Drive and solve it like a Rubik’ s Cube.

Insert the Flash Drive into the computer.

Open the pc screen and click on the USB App.

The solution to the puzzle is: Upward, right, down, right, up, up, up, down.

6. Flash Drive

Escape Simulator The Office Flash Drive

Collect the Flash Generate from the computer.

Place the Display Drive in to the door.

After you have placed the Flash Generate into the door, you’ll be able to escape The Office in Omega Corporation!

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