Google Launches Helpful Content Revise To Show Us That: SEO Is About People, Not Robots

Recently, Google started rolling away new recommendations for creators and website owners . These new practices are oriented to give users original and really useful content. The Helpful Content Update aims to get creators to put more effort into creating good articles.  

The update has been compared to survey algorithms updates like Panda and Penguin , which made SEO experts replace the way they design their strategies.  

Although it appears pretty nice in theory, exactly what does it actually change used for marketers and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION professionals? Basically, as Search engines said, content creators should focus on individuals first plus avoid developing content for search engines. Let’s dive within!

What does Google mean simply by “people first”?

With these recommendations, Google is placing priority on content written by people for people, rather than just publishing pieces for search engines. People-first content is all about answering questions and satisfying your reader.  

The Helpful Content Revise also avoids unoriginal parts that only summarize what exactly is being said by various other creators without really adding value or something new.      

Some SEO professionals might be familiar with this strategy: the content creator identifies the keyword that they want to reach the top of search opportunities. Then, they take the content from the first three ranked websites and “ mix” all of them in an unoriginal text as a sort of rewriting, designed only to catch the attention of Google’s algorithm — often , adding no extra value to the reader.

That’s one strategy that Google and yahoo to avoid, in order to offer good content to searchers.

So , to create better content for your visitors and reevaluate your content, Google advises the following questions:

  • Do you have an existing or even intended audience for your business or site that would discover the content useful if it came directly from you?
  • Does your content clearly demonstrate first-hand experience and a depth of knowledge (for example, expertise that comes from getting actually used a product or even service, or visiting a place)?
  • Does your site possess a primary purpose or concentrate?
  • After reading your content, will certainly someone leave feeling they’ ve learned enough in regards to a topic to help achieve their own goal?
  • Will someone reading through your content leave feeling like they’ ve had a fulfilling experience?
  • Are you keeping in mind our own guidance for core up-dates and for product reviews?

Likewise, it is not the first time that Google released an up-date focused on content. If we check the Google Formula History we can find some major illustrations like Panda and Penguin.  

Source: Yoast SEO

In theory, all websites must always be written for their users. So those who have this in mind even before the Helpful Content Update, are in the right location.

Google will also evaluate all of your content

An old SEO exercise was publishing high quantities of content using the approach of rewriting content I actually explained above and endeavoring to rank for just some of them. If you still rely on that, you have problems comings.

In this new update, Google is not only likely to analyze every single post to rank each piece of content material in isolation. It will evaluate all of your content as a whole to give a “signal” related to all of your domains saying whether your articles is of quality or not as a whole.

If the majority of your content is certainly low quality and is made just for search engine tools, you have a higher probability of losing several precious positions on SERP even if some pieces might be considered as high quality.

How can you recuperate them? You’ll need to clean all of this lower-quality content out from your site plus wait some months until Google realizes that your domain changed the tactics – this is an additional characteristic of the Google Helpful Content Update: it’ll constantly run analysis in real-time from now on to determine the quality of the content, not just at the launch of the update.  

How you can strategize your content from now on?

Let’s now get to the technical part. I’ve got a few tips to help you improve the quality of your content, always having the user as a priority.

Get back to the “basis”

Any Online marketing strategy needs a deep analysis from the target. That is something that will never change. Researching about your own personas is a common task in our workflow.  

The particular Helpful Content Update is extremely useful if we double-check our buyer identity .  

So , if you haven’t done so already: inspect empathy chart and try to understand if your content is truly coordinating the needs of your persona right now.

Avoid relying a lot of on AI

Generating content with AI is a brand-new practice to publish a high volume of parts in less time. However , you should reevaluate if an AI can write the content for you . If they are really useful to improve your content, human editing is vital to making the difference.

When creating a piece of content, try to depend on other tools, like real data, your competitors, or interpersonal listening. You can also use tools, like Answer The Public or the SERP functions that show the common queries and needs about any topic.    

Add the value just you could add

As I said prior to, Google is prioritizing content that is clearly written first-hand, and that conveys a deeply knowledge of the creator.

Not just Google. Your readers furthermore prioritize this. Here’ s the mindset: when people visit your site or blog, they wish to know what a person (or your own brand) have to say about a particular topic.

There is too much information on the same topic online. How can your website stand out from the rest?

Put real examples, cases, data, studies, your opinion, as well as your expertise. I will leave three examples of content that we produced here, at Rock Content , that will followed this premise:

Don’t publish mass universal content

Focus on publishing better content that satisfies plus brings important answers and insights to your reader. This particular takes time to make plus needs planning.

Before looking for the keyword positions you should love to achieve on SERP, ask yourself: how can I add value to this topic? This will definitely help you avoid the temptation to generate a high volume of low-quality, unexpected and generic content.

Exactly what Google is saying to all of us is: “ Ignore me; satisfy users.

Every time we create a post, let’ s keep in mind that there is another human reading us. The Helpful Content Update aims to teach all of us to remember our main purpose: helping our audience through our content.  

And, if you want to continue to be updated with SEO best practices, I strongly suggest that you subscribe to The Beat, Rock Content ’s interactive newsletter . Right now there, you’ll find all the trends that matter in the Electronic Marketing landscape. See you presently there!

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