Greatest Cyber Monday and Dark Friday Advertising Tips for e-commerce

We are super close to the start of the vacation shopping season, which means it is time to start planning digital marketing campaign strategies.  

Simply by thinking about your needs now, you can help have the best Dark Friday and Cyber Monday sales volume yet.

Not sure where to start? That’s okay.  

Our Rock Articles experts have compiled a listing of the best Black Friday marketing tips.

Of course , these ideas won’t implement by themselves, which is why you’ll want to take notice and start planning or executing them as soon as possible.

Let’s get started.

#1: Understand Your Audience’s Needs

The very first key step in creating the best advertising for the holiday buying season really starts with knowing your audience’s needs.

If you haven’t yet created a few purchaser personas that describe your target clients, then now is the time to do so.

Not only does this assist you to adjust your Black Fri and Cyber Monday marketing message , but it also provides you with a good idea of how to engage with them during other parts of the yr.

And don’t be afraid to get creative here. Give your own imaginary buyer a name, descriptors, a list of likes and dislikes, etc .

#2: Think About Gift Giving Strategies

While it is important to know your primary customer, it is a good idea to also remember that they won’t always be the ones shopping during the holidays.

Instead, have options for people who want to give your service or product to your ideal buyer.  

For example , a husband buying his wife the girl favorite beauty products or a mom buying a toy for her child.

This is where a lot of online brands go wrong with their ads. These people don’t take into account their marketing needs to attract friends and family of the target audience.  

So , do not miss out on seeing other perspectives like this when crafting your campaigns.

#3: Know Whenever to Take on the Big Guys

The holiday shopping season is a madhouse when it comes to retail — each online and offline.

While you might become tempted to run some main campaigns to try to take on the best guy corporations, it is not always a good idea.

Instead, you may consider cutting through the noise and offering incentives straight tailored to current clients.  

Not only are they familiar with your brand and much more likely to make a purchase , however they likely won’t skip in the chance to stock up on their most favorite during a good sale.

#4: Focus on Those Looking to Pamper Themselves

Another excellent Internet Monday and Black Friday advertising tip is to concentrate on those looking to pamper themselves.

If your product is some thing of a luxury item, high-ticket, or involves personal treatment , this is a great strategy to follow.

When it comes to these main sales days, a lot of shoppers are looking for things they can purchase themselves instead of just as presents.  

This gives eCommerce manufacturers an angle to take along with campaigns that center about why it is important to treat yourself occasionally.

Of course , you would want to utilize this in conjunction with other front-facing approaches centered around holiday gift buying, too.

#5: Use Word-of-Mouth

Testimonials and word-of-mouth strategies are super popular throughout the holidays.  

To help make this particular possible, you could run paid search or social media ads that outline the benefits of expressing a favorite small business retailer using a friend or family member.

If you have a client incentive or bonus program, offer extra points or coupons regarding sharing posts via social media, email, and on other stations.  

For those with a tight advertising budget and a comprehensive number of existing customers, it’s rather a great way to see growth.

Plan your marketing budget.

#6: Adding Pop-Ups in order to Attract Attention

When it comes to on-site advertising for your eCommerce brand, consider adding pop-ups for your page for just the day or maybe the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

It is really an excellent way to attract attention for significant savings or specials that you have going.  

It can also be a great driver for asking visitors to sign up for your email list for additional savings in order to join your customer gratitude program.

Likewise, you can also use pop-ups to alert buyers to special clearance or even Black Friday deals on the special squeeze page on your website .

#7: Create a Sense of Emergency

One of the best Black Friday advertising tips we have doesn’t think about the type of message, but rather the particular tone.  

After all, the way you say something is just as important as what you’re saying.

The more you can create a sense associated with urgency with your advertising, the more likely shoppers are to take action.  

For example , use timers to show that special offers be depleted at a specific time.  

Some brands actually offer a different deal every hour on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which will keep buyers coming back every hour to see what they could score.

#8: Advertise Buying Instructions

Another really amazing holiday shopping campaign idea would be to run advertisements for buying manuals on your website.  

Place be a mix of products from the brand and others that you have worked deals with ahead of time.  

Consider themes like the best gifts for sports fans or even what mom really wants meant for Christmas.

In some cases, retailers may even create specific landing webpages for the guides and drive traffic to them through paid advertising.  

This is a great way to showcase great deals and much more effectively push products that you need out of your stockroom, too.

#9: Retarget Past Customers

When it comes to running paid ads within the holiday buying season, consider retargeting past customers .  

After all, they know and love your brand name, right?

By setting your own Facebook ads or lookup ads settings to attempt to reach those who’ve previously made a purchase, you’ll have the ability to remind them of exactly why they became fans of the company in the first place.

Plus, by alerting them to a Black Friday sale, they will be even more apt to buy based on their particular previous experience.

It’s the win-win for you and your current customers.

#10: Remember Brand name Consistency

If you’re running multiple ads with an omnichannel approach for Black Friday, make sure you remember brand consistency throughout all of them.

What does this suggest?  

By having an similar or similar visual aesthetic throughout all campaigns , it makes it easier for customers to spot your ads.  

When they finally get to a point where they’re ready to check out your offer, they’ll already have spotted your previous advertisements and know exactly what to anticipate.

While this is a tip designed at Black Friday marketing, it is really something you should be doing all year long for better brand name recognition.

#11: Work with Micro-Influencers

To help spread the word regarding your specific Black Friday plus Cyber Monday deals, consider working with social media micro-influencers.

While some digital marketers forget that will influencer advertising is a type of paid advertising, others have been capable to use it to their advantage previously.

Micro-influencers typically have a following under 10K on a specific social media platform with a reasonable to high level of write-up engagement.  

These audiences are known to work for conversions , as they already trust the influencer they’re following.

Usually, the only real cost is a gifted product sample or a small stipend for creating a post.  

You can also be as hands-on with the content by asking for proofs ahead of time or just letting the influencer do their very own creatives.

#12: Redefine Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Another tip to keep in mind is to redefine the conditions Black Friday and Cyber Monday with your advertising.

As much of the big corporations discovered in the last few years, expanding their particular special offers outside the Thanksgiving weekend and offering so-called Dark Friday incentives for the entire 30 days of November works well.

Actually it elicited such a massive response from consumers that several are even opening individuals offers up in the 30 days of October.

By giving customers deals earlier and earlier , you can often encourage them to make a purchase sooner than afterwards.  

This means scoring their sale for your brand before your competition is able to even begin advertising theirs.

#13: Capture Last-Minute Shoppers

There are always those people last-minute shoppers that wished to score a big deal, but for unkown reasons couldn’t make it to your website over time.  

You can use this to your advantage by using paid ads after the holiday weekend.

Make use of special coupon codes or pack offers on products that maybe weren’t as crazy big retailers during the actual days, but nonetheless are what your focus on customer is looking for.

While the old saying that the early bird gets the worm is still true, you are able to cater to the latecomers as a way to increase sales after the major deals are gone.

#14: Promote Gift Card Specials

If you’ve paid any attention to a global shipping crisis happening now, then you probably have at least some concern as to if the products you’re selling on the website will actually make this to your warehouse in time.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of eCommerce retailers that are making a huge push just for gift card sales within their Black Friday advertising.  

When the clogged supply string clears up at the beginning of the entire year, there’s likely going to become a surplus of items accessible.

Gift cards are a good way to move items quicker in the coming months and allocate spending with your brand.

#15: Use Humor in Your Marketing

While 2021 has been a much better yr for most people, there is still a lot of chaos going on in the world.  

One thing that always settles throughout the uncertainty is humor — especially if it surrounds some thing relatable.

When it comes to Black Fri advertising, don’t be afraid to show off a little humor within your message.

For example , maybe the particular husband bought the spouse a horrible gift last year so you want to stop him through making the same mistake this year.  

Or a laugh pertaining to parents who spent lockdown trying to teach their kids in your own home and now need to find a really good gift for this year’s teacher.

How this works for your industry and what’s deemed humorous will probably vary.  

However just remember that a good laugh is definitely an excellent way to catch the attention of your own ideal buyer.

#16: Support a Cause

Most consumers these days will readily tell you that they prefer buying from brand names that work to do good on the planet.  

From a marketing viewpoint, adding support for a result in to your Black Friday marketing is a good idea.

As an example, maybe your company is donating a meal to some local food bank for each purchase made on Dark Friday or Cyber Monday.  

Or you could go with dollar-for-dollar to a specific charity for purchase of a certain amount.

From a business perspective, this may a couple of things:

  • Initial, it can create a situation where customers relate and trust your brand name for giving back.  
  • And, second, it enables you to spread joy throughout the holiday season.  

A great dual combination, right?

Wrap Up: Dark Friday Advertising Tips for 2021

If you’re planning your Cyber Monday and Black Fri advertising campaigns, this list is a good resource to ensure your message gets noticed by buyers.  

The bottom line? Become creative with your messaging and provide value.  

Whenever you can accomplish these two things, your sales for the upcoming vacation shopping season will certainly show it.

While we’re from it, here are a few extra guidelines from our Rock Content team on how to improve ad performance !

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