Greatest new product features for 2022

All of us knew that 2021 was going to be a major upgrade to 2020. There was nowhere to visit but up. But , incredible, it ended up being a large leap forward for RFPIO and our customers. Here are the particular 2021 RFPIO new product function highlights that will make 2022 the banner year for all RFPIO users.

RFPIO® LookUp activated knowledge administration

Solution Libraries all over the place came alive when RFPIO® LookUp released in early 2021. The ability to search your Solution Library without leaving some of these applications…

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Chromium Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Google Hangouts

…put curated, response-ready knowledge at the fingertips of every RFPIO consumer with the integration.

“We were able to retire a Business Applications chatbot we built for your field. RFPIO® LookUp can be obtained right from Microsoft Teams plus surfaces content from all of our content collections without the upkeep overhead. ”

-Vicki Griesinger, Director of Business Strategy, Worldwide Public Field at Microsoft

Autograph accelerated response and increased control

Autograph is a brand new standalone e-signature module, very easily accessed from your RFPIO user interface. With Autograph, any RFPIO user can upload and sign documents themselves or prepare and send documents for signature to colleagues or external non-RFPIO user contacts.

The particular RFPIO dashboard allows you to keep track of document status at a glance and maintain a record of signed documents.

Our unlimited user model means that folks elsewhere at your organization can take benefit of this. For example , contract groups and legal teams could acquire signatures on NDAs and other agreements with Autograph.

I recommend you give Autograph a spin in 2022 if you didn’t get a chance to give it a try in 2021!

Step 1: Open the document for signing

Brand new Projects experience improved functionality

We snuck this one in just under the cable in December 2021. The New Projects encounter provides major upgrades to usability, which includes:

  • A Recent Projects bar that shows what you’ve been focusing on most recently.
  • New functionality to sort and filter the projects listing.
  • Freedom to customize the columns displayed on the projects list.
  • The ability to customize the amount of items on the page and click the left and right arrows to relocate through the list.
  • The new My Work choice allows subject matter experts to see questions assigned for them and move through questionnaires more quickly.
  • Customization options allow for a Projects desk view that makes the most feeling for you.

New Projects makes experienced users more productive plus helps new users stand up to speed faster.

RFPIO University launched, providing expansive online user schooling

With every single product upgrade comes brand new best practices on how to get the most out of it without compromising your current encounter. RFPIO College is our own new platform for communicating those best practices so experienced users can easily stay up to date and new users may target what they need to learn 1st.

RFPIO University offers Content Management and Project Management learning pathways where users can create knowledge incrementally through short online video sessions. Additionally, it includes microlearning videos for quick tips on features for example answering questions or determining authors. The training platform will be free to all RFPIO users.

RFP360 obtain brought RFP management full circle

RFPIO closed the loop at the response management lifecycle with its acquisition of RFP360 . The proceed strengthened RFPIO’s position because the leading provider of response management software, while expanding RFPIO’s offering to include a strategic sourcing solution, bringing to market one of the most efficient and proactive request proposal (RFP) solution.

For companies that both issue and respond to RFPs, unifying purchasing plus response functionality through a single provider offers many efficiencies.

More item update highlights from 2021

Many other up-dates resulted from your feedback, with the “SUBMIT IDEAS” button within the bottom left of your RFPIO UI. In fact , more than 900 updates came from you! Thank you so much! This process really emphasizes the worth we place on community, plus RFPIO wouldn’t be the G2 leader three-years running without our customer support.

Submit Ideas

To learn more about the following 2021 updates, check out the webinar . Some are actually application defaults, some can be turned on or off, and several are available for an additional fee. Get in touch with your account manager if you have any kind of questions.

  • Guest Response Portal: Simplified consumer experience for external SMEs who need to respond to a query but don’t have an RFPIO account.
  • Microsoft Word Import/Export Format: Table design and list formatting at this point imports. Checkboxes import plus export, too.
  • Answer Library Custom Field: Tag as mandatory or optional to quickly categorize plus organize content.
  • Answer Library Merge Tags: Enhanced to display the value name instead of the name of the tag. By way of example: [ClientName] would certainly now display the client’s actual name.
  • Rich Text Styles Toolbar: Discover and apply styles easier and quicker.
  • Teams as Content Owners and Moderators: Teams can be assigned to content in the Answer Library and Document Library with content owner and moderator privileges. There’s an alternative to indicate if content needs to be reviewed by any group member or all team members.
  • Transliteration and Grammar Check: Scan for spelling plus grammar errors.
  • Stop Words Cleaning: We modified the list of stop words to reduce false positives and increase accuracy of suggestions.
  • Highspot Integration Update: As an expansion to the Highspot integration, users can now foreign trade response packages from RFPIO into Highspot.
  • Export Response Bundle to Cloud Storage: Responses from a task can now be saved to impair storage services, allowing you to keep content in folders on Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.
  • Whistic Integration: If you respond to a lot of security questionnaires…from their Whistic user interface an RFPIO user can select the RFPIO Create Task button to create a mirror set of questions in RFPIO. Then, users can complete the questionnaire in RFPIO (where they could access all the curated content material in their Answer Library) so when done, sync the finished questionnaire back to Whistic using the click of a button.

To learn more regarding all of these updates, please visit the particular Help Center or contact your account manager. Be sure to visit RFPIO University for on demand video sessions on implementing best practices around these features, including for importing , exporting , Merge Tags , plus much more!

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