How RFPIO celebrated the 2021 holiday season

It’ s that time associated with year again. Cold weather. Comfortable beverages. Hot fires. Plus, of course , holiday parties. Since last year’ s vacation party our US-based group has grown from 70 in order to almost 150—and our team has also spread out all across the United States.

For us, a growing group means more even more happy times! Keep reading to see how we blew last year’ s vacation party out of the water along with even more fun activities like trivia, terrarium-making, cocktail-making, and a killing mystery.

(P. S. We’ re still hiring ).

Kicking off the party

We started the celebration with a few silly snow breakers. We asked everyone one word to describe your vibe for 2021–and a word to describe what you hope your vibe will be just for 2022. The results were all over the board, although “ bacon” played a big role.

Right after our ice breakers, we split into 3 breakout areas: A crafty one, a booze-y one, and an interactive one.

Activity 1: Terrariums

The craftier in our midst broke off from the main group to pour themselves a glass of wine and set on their creative hats. Tips from Artemisa, Inc offered everyone live remote guidelines on how to create their ideal terrariums. In just under one hour, the terrarium-makers had finished and wow-ed us with their masterpieces.

Activity 2: Beverage Making

Our booze-y group made 2 delicious cocktails: Colleti Royale and Spanish Coffee (this involved lighting things upon fire).

Here are the particular recipes in case you’ m like to make them yourself!

Colletti Royal

1 1/2 oz Resosado Tequila

1/2 oz Cointreau

1/2 oz Blood Orange colored Juice (Fresh if possible)

1/2 oz Lime juice (or if you have to lemon juice) (Fresh if possible)

2 Dashes of Orange Bitters

3 ounce Sparking Rose

Blood Orange Wheel (for garnish)

Spanish Coffee

3/4 oz 151 Rum

1/4 oz Triple Sec

1 1/2 ounce Kahlua Coffee Liquor

3 oz Freshly Brewed Coffee

1 Lemon for Zesting (optional)

Super Fine Sugar

Favorite Whipped Topping

Grated Cinnamon/Nutmeg (for garnish)

Activity a few: Murder Mystery

The more adventurous among us divided away to solve the Manor House Mystery, one of the many murder mysteries offered by Wildly Various. After arriving on the picture, they were split into four different groups, each racing towards another (and the clock) to solve the mystery over time.

They were met with many challenges along the way, including:

Creating a chef’ s hat through random household objects

Showing off your very best “ power pose”

Making a quick and foolproof disguise

But our adventurers were up to the challenge and wow-ed everyone with their cunning and resourcefulness.

Activity 4: Holiday Trivia

After everyone finished their activities and reconvened in the main room (those who had attended the drink class were a bit giddier than usual), and we proceeded to the next activity. We used sli. do to help our 30-question holiday trivia activity.

We asked questions like, “In what country are Christmas trees decorated with bots? ” (Ukraine) and “According to Insider. com, exactly what toy was the 1998 holiday season must-have? ” (Firby—not Beanie Babies, as 30% associated with respondents guessed).

Activity 5: Giving Back again

While this wasn’ t technically part of our holiday party, a big part of the holidays at RFPIO is giving back to our community. This year, our teams adopted two families, one within Portland, OR and one in Leawood, KS. Together, we were able to provide gifts and much more for both families. It’ s safe to say you will see some very happy children this holiday season.

And on in order to 2022!

Whom said virtual parties needed to be lame? Certainly not us.

While the activities were fun, they wouldn’ t have been nearly as enjoyable without such a great group. I think I speak for everybody when I say I’ m thankful to work alongside so many encouraging, helpful, kind, and hilarious people.

With this, the team at RFPIO wishes all of you a wonderful holiday season and smooth slide in to the new year.

P. S. If beverage making and murder mysteries sound like your cup of tea, we’re hiring !

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