How to Fix “D3D_Feature_Level 11_1” within God of War

Are you obtaining a “ D3D_Feature_Level 11_1” mistake in God of War?

The error message also says “ Version not supported”.

First of all, you need to check if your computer meets the minimum requirements to run God of Battle.

If your PC does not satisfy the minimum requirements, you won’ t be able to run the overall game.

To fix “ D3D_Feature_Level 11_1” in God of Battle, you need to download the “ dxvk-1. 9. 4. tar. gz” file on Github.

After you’ ve down loaded the file, you need to extract it, copy the application plug-ins, and paste them in to the God of War document.

Here’ s how to fix “ D3D_Feature_Level 11_1” in God of War:

  1. Download “ dxvk-1. nine. 4. tar. gz”
  2. Get the files
  3. Open the extracted file
  4. Click on the body type
  5. Copy all of the program extensions
  6. Open the Our god of War file place
  7. Paste the copied application extensions

1 . Download “ dxvk-1. 9. 4. tar. gz”

D3D_Feature_Level 11_1 God of War

The first step would be to download “ DXVK” on GitHub.

DXVK gives a Vulkan-based translation layer for D3D9, D3D10, and D3D11.

It offers support for D3D11, feature level 11_1, D3D10, and feature level 10_1.

To begin with, navigate to the DXVK download page: .

Once you’ re on the download page, click on “ dxvk-1. 9. four. tar. gz” to download it.

Finally, click on the arrow icon followed by “ Show in folder”.

2 . Extract the data files

God of War D3D Error

Right after you’ ve clicked on “ Show in folder”, you’ ll see the “ dxvk-1. 9. 4. tar” file.

Now, you need to extract the data files.

To do so, right-click the particular “ dxvk-1. 9. four. tar” file.

Click on “ Extract files” or “ Extract Here” to get the files.

3. Open up the extracted file

Directx Feature Level 11_1 God of War

After you’ ve extracted the documents, you’ ll see the “ dxvk-1. 9. 3” document.

The file might be in a newer version (e. gary the gadget guy. 1 . 9. 4).

Today, you need to open the extracted file.

To do so, double-click the file twice.

4. Click on your system type

God of War x64

Right after you’ ve opened the extracted file, you’ ll see 3 files.

This consists of “ x32”, “ x64”, and “ setup_dxvk. sh”.

Now, you need to open the file which has your system type.

To check your system type, you need to search for “ System Information” making use of Windows Search.

After you’ ve searched for “ System Information”, click on the “ Program Information” app to open this.

In the app, you should be in a position to see your system type close to “ System Type”.

In case your system type is “ x64-based PC”, open the “ x64” file.

On the other hand, in case your system type is “ x32-based PC”, open the “ x32” file.

five. Copy all of the application plug-ins

God of War dll application extensions

Right after you’ ve opened the file containing your system type, you’ ll see multiple application extensions.

This includes “ d3d9″, d3d10”, “ d3d11”, and more.

Now, you need to copy all of the program extensions.

To do so, choose all of the application extensions, right-click, and click on “ Copy”.

Alternatively, you can press “ CTRL + A” followed by “ CTRL + C”.

6. Open the Lord of War file area

Open God of War file location

Right after you’ ve copied all the application extensions, you need to open the God of War file location.

To do so, navigate to the “ God of War” application and right-click it.

After you’ ve right-clicked the application, you’ ll see several options.

Click on “ Open file location” to open the The almighty of War file place.

If you’ re making use of Windows 11, click on “ Show more options” followed by “ Open file location”.

7. Paste the replicated application extensions

You Need At Least D3D Feature Level 11_1 Version Not Supported

After you’ ve clicked on “ Open up file location”, you’ lmost all land in the God associated with War file.

In the document, you’ ll see multiple files and applications.

This includes “. crashdata”, “ exec”, “ bink2w64. dll”, and much more.

Now, you need to paste the application extensions that you’ ve copied into the file.

To do this, right-click the file and click on “ Paste”.

Alternatively, you are able to press “ CTRL + V” to paste the particular copied extensions into the document.

One of the extensions is the “ d3d11” extension.

Lastly, try running God of War to see if the “ D3D_Feature_Level 11_1” error is set.

This time, you shouldn’ capital t get the “ D3D_Feature_Level 11_1” error!


The “ D3D_Feature_Level 11_1” is a typical error in God associated with War.

It happens in the event that you’ re using an old graphics card.

To run God associated with War, you need to have “ DirectX feature level 11_1”.

Or else, the game will either accident or you won’ t be able to start it.

Fortunately, including “ DirectX feature level 11_1” to God of War is simple—you have to manually install the feature and add it towards the God of War document using the guide above.

In the event that there are issues with the newest version of DXVK, you can try installing the particular older versions of it.

A user on Reddit reported that the newest version of DXVK caused The almighty of War to lag and that 1 . 9 works more effectively.

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