Improvement of the Scoop. it Incorporation: More Options for Better Wedding

The ability to embed one or more Scoop. it topics in a web site is one of the most popular features of Scoop. it. Available for the Plus and Business plans , this allows the particular scooped content to be distributed in real time on the Scoop. it topic pages into a third-party platform such as a website or even a blog.

Your audience may benefit from your selection of content directly on your platform, while energizing your site and bringing your specific angle on the news and styles that interest your visitors.

Along with building your brand’ s opinion leadership, this news feed allows you to inform plus enlighten by offering different formats (articles, presentations, infographics, videos, … ) in the synthetic and commented way.

Multiply media types

Integration on a site can complement the sharing of information on a Scoop. it topic, via a personalized publication or social media . It can also be the main distribution medium for content monitoring.

The advantage of Details. it for this type of device? A single point of entrance. An all-in-one solution, which will allow you to distribute your checking of all these media with out accumulating the work related to distribution on each channel.

It is with this in mind that the integration from the Scoop. it window continues to be developed. Today, we’ re taking it a step more by giving you greater flexibility and even more advanced customization.

This requires, for example , the possibility of using different predefined templates, here is the same content in 3 various formats:

The “ responsive grid ”:

The particular “ minimalist listing ”:

The “ Carousel ”:

Easy to setup

Integrating the Scoop. this window into a site is very easy. This partly describes why it is widely used. You just have to configure the screen options from the integration menu of your topic (templates, colors, elements to display, … ), a preview area allows you to check the rendering directly.

Then a simple copy / paste of the integration code allows it to be displayed on your site. No need to maintain this particular code, new content will be directly published on the page without any action on your component.

Beyond distribution in order to external audiences

Beyond websites, many companies, organizations and communities use the Scoop. it on-board window to provide internal news feeds. Indeed, it could be installed just as easily with an intranet, tools such as Sharepoint, a Learning Management System or other internal collaborative platforms.

The content is directly propelled to the readers to feed the third-party option and boost its engagement!

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